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1. Fundamentos RDA

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Documentos de aproximación a la norma RDA

RDA: Descripción y Acceso de Recursos - JSC (2005) RDA: antecedentes y aspectos de su implementación - Barbara Tillet (2009) Transición a RDA: preguntas frecuentes - LC (2011) De RCAA2 a RDA - Chris Oliver (2012) RDA: un código de catalogación para el entorno digital - Erika Castillo Sáez. RDA: preguntas frecuentes - JSC [Inglés] Understandably, many of you have asked questions about the new standard for resource description and access, RDA: Resource Description and Access.

RDA: preguntas frecuentes - JSC [Inglés]

We have attempted to capture a number of these questions and respond to them in the following FAQ. Given that RDA is a work in progress, we know there will be additional questions as it is developed. Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA [Inglés] Background RDA: Resource Description and Access was developed by JSC as part of its strategic plan (2005-2009) to replace the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Edition Revised, which were first published in 1978.

Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA [Inglés]

RDA provides a set of guidelines and instructions on formulating data to support resource discovery. RDA provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and instructions covering all types of content and media. Details of how to subscribe to the RDA Toolkit can be found on the publisher’s website.