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The Impact of COVID – 19 in Influencer Marketing. On the onset of COVID – 19, the Indian market scenario very much affected like many other parts of the world.

The Impact of COVID – 19 in Influencer Marketing

The pandemic not only causes severe economic loss but also pushes everyone to be at home to harness the chances of cross-infection. Every social media platform is now flooded with awareness and information regarding COVID – 19. Brands are taking extra precautions while delivering their products to the customers. All the lifestyle bloggers and influencers are spreading awareness according to their capacity since it's a global crisis. Brands are taking down the advertisements where hugs and kisses were involved just to remind the viewers about social distancing.

Moreover, big brands like Hershey's are taking down the commercials that include social contacting like hugging, handshaking, kissing, etc. to stop stimulating people about the same so that the chances of cross-infection can be reduced. What Are The Difference Between VIP Influencers And Micro-Influencers. If you are a brand, want to try your hands in the hustle and bustle of influencer marketing, this question can likely hit you at any time.

What Are The Difference Between VIP Influencers And Micro-Influencers

As a leading influencer marketing platform, we have come across such questions many a time. From our years of expertise, we understood the main reason behind this question is a strict budget. But it is not that simple as it may look. In this article, we will put special emphasis on the comparison between VIP influencers and Micro-influencers and which profile will suit the best for your venture. Who are VIP Influencers? Influencers During COVID – 19: Dos and Don’ts To Keep Your Followers Engaged.

Are you an influencer or blogger, struggles to engage your audience in the COVID – 19 locked down situation?

Influencers During COVID – 19: Dos and Don’ts To Keep Your Followers Engaged

We can understand your struggle as being at home your activities will be restricted. But have you explored the other side of the coin yet? Yes, dear reader, you heard that right. There is a lot you can do while staying at home. With smart thinking, you don’t have to compromise with productivity and engagement. What Will Be The Best Marketing Strategy For Online Businesses To Come Back After Lockdown? As of March 27, 2020, there are 661 active coronavirus cases in India among which 20 are already dead.

What Will Be The Best Marketing Strategy For Online Businesses To Come Back After Lockdown?

Overall the globe the picture is more or less the same as everything is lockdown to minimize the effect of the COVID – 19. Various businesses, especially online ventures, are facing serious threats to earn their revenue. Apparently, the situation is horrible. How COVID – 19 Will Change Influencer Marketing: Don't Panic! Many countries of the world are now in the quarantine situation since this is the only rational way to fight the pandemic novel coronavirus.

How COVID – 19 Will Change Influencer Marketing: Don't Panic!

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we got various questions from a number of online brands asking what will be the impact of COVID – 19 on their business, how they can still promote their business, what will be the best come back strategy to resume the revenue, etc. We know this is a fluid situation, not only for India but the scenario is more or less the same for the entire world. Still, we are doing our best to keep all the brands at their top in this critical condition. With more than a week of social distancing and quarantine, one thing is true than things will be changed forever. After researching the market data, our influencer marketers and content creators find a few recent trends that will flourish even during the quarantine situation.

The Effectiveness of Giveaways: Expectation Vs. Reality. If your venture already has the online presence and if you are looking for a compelling idea to strengthen that very presence, Giveaway can be your thing.

The Effectiveness of Giveaways: Expectation Vs. Reality

The core idea of Giveaway is promotional, so naturally, your brand will get the exposure that you are looking for through the giveaways. Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020 [PPT] Do You Know YouTube Shows Up In Search Results More Than Websites And Wikipedia: How It Will Be Beneficial For Your Brand. According to the latest market report, YouTube’s organic visibility has been increased within just one year.

Do You Know YouTube Shows Up In Search Results More Than Websites And Wikipedia: How It Will Be Beneficial For Your Brand

Now it has superseded Wikipedia and Google SERPs and got #1 position in the search engines. Under this situation, it is essential to optimize your video as the new trend will follow video more than high-resolution pictures. According to a famous search engine journal, your YouTube is among the fastest to adopt early changes and new trends, because they love to try new products and always be updated with the upcoming changes. Another surprising fact, most people watch these video before making their final purchase decisions. Why Influencer Marketing is Unmatchable For Indian Brands?

In today’s scenario, influencer marketing is one of the highly effective methods of endorsing a product or service.

Why Influencer Marketing is Unmatchable For Indian Brands?

According to influencer marketing reports, around 70% of millennial customers are influenced by the recommendations of their surroundings. Due to its various effectivity, more and more brands are adopting the technique to increase their sales and enhance their brand value. In the digital space, influencer marketing may emerge as a new concept, but it is one of the most trusted methods to reach your target audience.

Top 5 Nutrition Bloggers Of India You Must Follow In 2020. Food is our first love, isn’t it?

Top 5 Nutrition Bloggers Of India You Must Follow In 2020

Whether we are happy, sad or depressed, we cannot stop thinking about food at every point of our lives. No doubt, a delicious meal can add an extra oomph to your day. If you want to get some great food goals to read this article where we have highlighted some of the famous food bloggers of India. This article is especially helpful for those who are looking to start their own blogs or looking to promote their food venture through influencer marketing. They share a common interest, cooking and food styling is their passion which is clearly reflected within their personal blogs. COVID-19 Alert - Here's What You Should Do [Infographic] Who Are Anti-Influencers? How Do You Spot them? At this time, every brand knows about the power of social media influencers.

Who Are Anti-Influencers? How Do You Spot them?

From your neighbor girl to celebrities, anyone can be an influencer in today's trend. It is very common that a teen who started teaching how to draw perfect contour, then stat spreading words about a big beauty brand. A housewife who started her YouTube channel by sharing her recipes ended up opening a restaurant; similarly, a travel blogger initially starts his/her Instagram profile by writing travel stories that landed up opening a Travel and Tourism company. Adidas’s Success Story of Influencer Marketing: It’s Time For Other Brands To Learn. Along with the onset of various social media platforms like Instagram, various brands came forward to promote their brands in order to reach new heights. How to Turn Negative Reviews Into A Part Of The Solution [PPT] Mar 05, 2020 Consumers often rely on the opinions of others when making a purchase. That is why positive reviews play a massive role in the revenue generation of your e-commerce store. While no one wants to get negative reviews, they sometimes happen.

Here are a few ways to deal with them promptly and honestly. Tanaya Tanaya is the Senior Content Developer at InfluGlue, who helped to build the content of the site along with several other sites with her compassionate SEO driven content. Check Whether Your Influencer Has These Must-Have Qualities For Marketing Outreach? Are you struggling to get a proper result out of your influencer marketing campaign? Instead of involving hundreds of influencers and reaching millions of people if you are not getting the desired result, then this article is a must-read for you.

Influencer marketing is not only confined to selecting influencers who have huge followers. How To Promote Your Books With Influencer Marketing. Promoting a book is not as easy as launching a new beauty product or other things. You will face an extra challenge if you are a first-time author. When it comes to promoting your book, your publisher can only help you a little; you have to handle the marketing part on your own.

The process can be daunting if you don’t know how to do it. How To Get Honest Online Review Using Influencer Marketing. If you own an online business, you must be aware of the importance of getting online reviews. It not only improves the face of your brand but also attract various other customers who are looking to buy similar products. The word of mouth marketing has a huge potential to increase your sales from your target location. If you don’t know how to approach your customers, it might be daunting to get honest online reviews. When you sell products online, you must maintain a good relationship with your customers as it improves the brand value of your venture.

Building long term relations is unmatchable when it comes to a sustainable business plan. Nowadays, influencer marketing is opening a new opportunity for various business modules; it is one of the most effective for start-ups and mid-sized businesses. Influencer Marketing Campaign: A Case Study by InfluGlue. 25 Frequently Asked Questions about Influencer Marketing. Factors To Consider When Developing The Ideal Influencer Profile. Feb 20, 2020. Powerful Tips to Market Your Brand Using Influencer Reviews [PPT]

Top Influential Travel Bloggers In India to follow in 2020. Looking To Invest? Read Out These Finance Blogs Now. Being An Influencer – Why You Must Experience Barter Collaboration At least Once In Your Lifetime. Do's & Don'ts- Pest Control Service [Infographic] 5 Of The Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Fashion Brand Promotion. Brand’s Face or Influencer’s Face: Which is More Important For Brand Promotion. As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we faced this tricky question often. The concept of collaborating is nothing but leveraging each other’s influence to trigger sales, where influencers get their share by enhancing their fan base, and brands get their share by increasing sales.

The 5 DON'Ts For A Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy [PPT] Jan 15, 2020 Within the ever-changing world of social media, brands are embracing influencer marketing as the latest and greatest tactic to building brand awareness and promoting social media engagement. Top 10 Important Influencer Marketing Trends of 2020: Expectations Vs. Realty. Top 10 Bloggers of 2020: Discover These Glittering Personalities. The decade gone by saw major transformations in many spheres, be it technology or creativity or just in the way we live our lives. One profession which has fast gained momentum aided by the increased usage of social media is ‘Blogging.’ What has never considered a mainstream career is now a hot vocation, with the advent of many online platforms? More people are reading online from their smart devices such as phones, tablets, kindle, etc. as it is handy and accessible, which is why more writers are coming upfront.

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Experienced Parenting Bloggers & Influencers on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube. Travel Bloggers and Influencers in India - Find Top Travel Influencers on Instagram and Facebook. Tech Bloggers and Influencers in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore - Top Tech Instagram and Facebook Influencers. Is Your Influencer Really Influential? Famous Food Bloggers & Influencers - Food Influencers on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube. Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid As An Influencer or Blogger. Top Fashion Bloggers & Fashion Influencers in India. Expert Auto Bloggers and Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube - InfluGlue. India's Top Beauty Bloggers and Beauty Products Instagram and Facebook Influencers. Why use Influencer Marketing in Your Social Strategy. How To Create Brand Centric Content And Increase Your Followers? Why Influencer Marketing Is The Need Of The Hour For Small Businesses?