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Where are your Drivers taking you? – Look within; Become aware! Mass Retail in India – opportunity to harness the untapped potential. India has the world’s largest number of retailers, over 15 million.

Mass Retail in India – opportunity to harness the untapped potential

Is that a surprise? Not really, if you see the number of new shops that come up every day in your neighbourhood, while the old ones don’t ever seem to shut down! Those which do shut down, are immediately replaced with new ones in the same location. India has had a tradition of retail being the first step into a small business when a person moves out of the family’s agriculture work. The mass retail industry probably employs close to 50 million people and is the direct source of livelihood of over 100 million people. Behind these retailers are distributors and sub-distributors as well as a large number of sales personnel of various companies who are busy delivering goods and collecting payments from these retailers.

World’s largest mass retail base Compared to India’s 15 million, China is reportedly at 4 million and the USA at less than a million shops. Standing up to Large Format Retail Reasons for local retailer’s success. What is being Spiritual? – Finding God inside us. We live in a country, which prides itself on its spiritual heritage.

What is being Spiritual? – Finding God inside us.

Experiments with ways of connecting with ‘God’ have culminated in various approaches originating from India, as pathways of connecting or being one with ‘God’. Several Yogis, Buddha, Mahaveer, Guru Nanak and others shared their wisdom, gained from their experiments with truth and self-realisation. Business Development Motivational Articles. Motivational and Inspirational Article & Films for Personal Growth. Find your direction - Look within for your bucket of happiness. When Corporate Jobs get boring – Tune up employee involvement. Corporate Jobs, typically in the middle and lower levels, in Operational roles, often become mundane, as routine sets in.

When Corporate Jobs get boring – Tune up employee involvement

We start getting used to repetitive tasks and the tasks slowly stop being interesting. Soon lethargy creeps in and our efficiency levels on the job start dropping as we stop applying our mind to tasks on hand. Typical issues in Large Organisations In large organisations, the problem gets compounded because of hierarchical issues. I, Me, Myself – our latest Value system. Wondering what this is about?

I, Me, Myself – our latest Value system

It is about what we see around us everywhere- on the streets, at work, in relationships, in politics, in governance…everywhere! People seem to be on this trip of constantly proving something to others around – in thought, tweet, speech or deed. So if, on the road, this 2-wheeler guy wants to take a right turn- he will. Pricing Strategy of Individual Business Products - Infinumgrowth. Fifteen years back, I, along with some friends, ran a garment business under license from Walt Disney, making and selling knitted and woven garments for babies between 0 to 3 years age.

Pricing Strategy of Individual Business Products - Infinumgrowth

It was an exciting business and we saw it as a huge opportunity. Disney was a multinational and probably the world’s most loved brand for kids. We were a small business, run by “smart, experienced managers” with low operating costs. Perfect setting – How could we ever go wrong in such a business, I thought? Yet, within two years we were struggling; with serious cash flow issues. The reality Our product was becoming popular, season after season, due to some lovely designs and fabrics we were putting together; backed by a global brand name! Our orders from large format national retailers were growing very fast. Revolutionizing Merchant Payments - Infinum Growth Insights. The traditional system Traditionally electronic payments have meant Debit and Credit card payments at shops; and the global norm is for the card issuing bank to charge the merchant a percentage for the transaction.

Revolutionizing Merchant Payments - Infinum Growth Insights

In India, the charges are 0.75% and above for debit cards and 1.5% and above for credit cards. Despite the presence of cards and card payment acceptance in the country for at least 40 years, the reality is that till recently hardly 300,000 merchants out about 15 million merchants were equipped to accept card payments. The reason was two fold – 1) the merchants did not like the idea of paying the transaction fee and a monthly fee for the device when cash was so easily coming in from the customer. 2) Banks did not venture beyond large and medium merchants to offer the card devices since they did not expect too many transactions from the others.

The conservative approach of banks. “Lighthouse in the Storm” Poem: Infinumgrowth. Startups! - Invest early in Human Resource Management to avoid execution problems. Self Accepting - the first step towards personal development. Discover your personal development. "Give me a hug - I need some Strokes!" "Thanks Partner!" - Forging relationships at the workplace. How often have you come across colleagues who clearly must have the same objectives as you, but seem to have no interest whatsoever in cooperating?

"Thanks Partner!" - Forging relationships at the workplace

We surely see this displayed every day in the public sphere, with opposing political parties refusing to work together for the common good of the people who elected them to do just that! Partnerships at the workplace ensure alignment in thought and action and become the key to great execution of plans and strategies. As a professional, I am constantly looking for creative ways to engage and align with, not just other teams, but also my own team members. Public Relations - Six Key steps in the fine art of a brand's storytelling. Public relations, through mass communication across various media channels, gives a significant edge towards building an admirable brand.

Public Relations - Six Key steps in the fine art of a brand's storytelling

Recent studies have proved that stories and storytelling are also immensely effective in a business context for establishing trust and rapport and helping the audience make sense of complex information to take decisions and inspire action. What defines the fine art of storytelling is the craftsmanship of the public relations team that works on the brand along with the brand managers and brand custodians. The public relations team has to carefully study the brand story as explained by the brand managers/custodians and help the custodian tell the story in the most compelling way to suit all forms of media.

So how does a brand manager help the communication team understand a brand story better, to ensure they craft a compelling story line? 1. Define your core message well to ensure it has interest value for the target audience. Customer Service Readiness-Designing for the worst situation. At a cinema multiplex, one day, I noticed a huge amount of commotion at the food stall.

Customer Service Readiness-Designing for the worst situation