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Recommendations. My Harry Potter Fan Fiction Rec I like HP, I read fanfics.… Danielle's slash recommendations. Undefined Last updated April 19, 2005 = hard R/NC-17.

danielle's slash recommendations

Be warned. ** = most recent additions. Time and Time Again Chapter 11: Over and Over, a Harry Potter fanfic. Time and Time AgainBy Mottlemoth Chapter Eleven – Over and Over It was the fifteenth morning.

Time and Time Again Chapter 11: Over and Over, a Harry Potter fanfic

A dawn breeze skittered along the shore of the Dead Sea, coaxing breaths of sand across the hotel fronts. Over night, a cool had come in from the sea. It calmed the air, softening the encroach of dawn. Between The Lines. Growing Pains. Author's Note: Sequel to A Nick in Time Disclaimer: All characters owned by JK Rowling.

Growing Pains

No profit made on use of characters. The Great Hall sounded as though it were full to bursting. There were the usual childish laughter and shouts, the unceasing susurration of dozens of subdued conversations, the background clatter of utensils and plates being moved, all contained in what amounted to an echoing stone box. It was way too much noise for anyone to have to deal with first thing on a Monday morning. Severus Snape paused outside the hall entrance, ready to bolt. Into the Storm by Spirit. Into The Storm The announcement had been made in the Great Hall at midday.

Into the Storm by Spirit

There was a thunderstorm setting and all outdoor classes were to be kept inside the castle. Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met. We're just that sick. Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Works. Slash & Fan Fiction Archive. Summary: Harry is queer, angry and horny.

Slash & Fan Fiction Archive

Due to his recent losses and the strain of the task ahead of him, he is becoming more and more unstable.    Harry/Draco Slash Fanfiction Fanlisting. Harry Potter. Next generation characters [ Date 2008-08-30 ] [ ID 232 ] [ Tien Riu ] As per the request at the forums, we have added in the following next generation characters Albus Severus Potter James Sirius Potter Lily Potter Scorpius Malfoy Teddy Lupin Rose Weasley New character [ Date 2006-03-13 ] [ ID 186 ] [ Tien Riu ] As per Slytherincess's request, Zacharias Smith has been added as a character in the Harry Potter fandom. cheers TR New characters!

Harry Potter

I've added a few more characters. Kay. Know it Alls. Welcome to Know it Alls, the very best of Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs.

Know it Alls

We want to point you to the best stories in Harry Potter in all pairings and ratings, both Het and Slash, as well as Gen centered on all the different characters, but we have our own preferences that draw us to certain kinds of stories. You can help us diversify by giving us suggestions for stories in the underrepresented pairings on our Suggestions page and a Know-it-All will check them out. And who knows, if we like your recommendations and come to trust your judgement, we may not just include them among our recs but ask you to become a Know-it-All. Potter Heads Anonymous. Astronomy Tower - Riddikulus - Schnoogle - The Dark Arts - SnitchFiction.Net. A Harry Potter Fiction Archive.; Fanfiction. A general Harry Potter archive. Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met. The Ink And Quill. Two New Stories for your weekend enjoyment. 9th April, 2004/Headmistress Laura Two new stories have been posted - "On A Level" by Redknight38, and "Daddy" by Gaineewop.

The Ink And Quill

Be sure to stop by the forums to read and review and partake in the general madness (click the "Great Hall" link to the left.) Happy Weekend! New Story Posted 7th April, 2004/Headmistress Laura One new story today, Memory Burn by Landman, and there's one more in the pipeline which should be posted within the next day or two. 6th April, 2004/Headmistress Laura Seems that we've got a fix for the font sizes, so the fonts should be larger but the layout should be unaffected. 3rd April, 2004/Headmistress Laura In response to some feedback about font sizes being a little small, I whipped out my trusty wand (holly, eleven inches) and put an enlargement spell on the site. The Great Hall Forums, New and Improved. 30th March, 2004/Headmistress Laura p.s. Over 80,000 Harry potter stories and podcasts. Relectum Infinitas. Phoenix_archive. A Site for Quality Harry Potter fiction.

Obscurus Fiction Drive Criteria: Any couple (or non-couple) Any rating Harry Potter with or without any crossover fandom I also thought to make this interesting and give you the option of participating in a challenge too (just in case inspiration is taking its time in hitting).

A Site for Quality Harry Potter fiction.

The challenge: Let Your ImaginationTake Flight. A Harry/Ginny Fanfic and Fanart Archive. Dark Chocolate by Dianann. Slytherin, as a rule, was a very stylish house.

Dark Chocolate by Dianann

Those who resided deep under the ground in their cavernous, damp rooms, were the epitome of class and prestige. Most, if not all, were from respectable families with dark pasts, and there were rarely any Muggles placed in Slytherin. If there were, they knew better than to say anything. That’s not to say they were an unfavorable house.

No, of course not. That’s not to say they were a strange house. That’s not to say they were a bad house. The three hundredth and sixty third generation of Slytherins to come through Hogwarts was no different. The Petulant Poetess. Harmony Bites. Author has written 27 stories for Harry Potter, Star Trek: 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. Believe it or not, it was The Half Blood Prince that made Snape's character intriguing to me and sent me in search of the fandom and its fan fiction. I saw plenty in the novel to make me believe the reader was being set up, and not all was what it seemed--so I went looking and found that others saw the same things I did.

Then I stumbled upon Snape/Hermione fan fiction, and I was lost. Some very fine writers not only convinced me the ship worked better than I could have imagined, but made me fall in love with their vision of Snape. And if that Severus Snape, devious rather than evil, is ultimately not canon come Book Seven, so be it. I'm not a Brit but trying to write like one in HPfic, so any pointers on that (or any other crit) would be appreciated. Pet Project Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic. Disclaimer: Neither Severus nor Hermione belong to me.

Everything belongs to the JK Rowling. I only get to play in the sandbox she's provided. Thanks to raven gr, Liz, Peri and queenp for making the story presentable. Chapter 1 – Revelations and Eavesdropping Severus knew better than to smirk in the face of his colleague's rage. Ink Stained Fingers - Main Page.

Hawthorn and Vine. Accio Quote!, the Largest Archive of J.K. Rowling quotes on the web. To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. Potions and Snitches. Blood Magic. Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive. Home - Sycophant Hex. A Severus Snape archive. Interactive - Harry Potter FanFiction Archive. Pottermore: Gateway. The Harry Potter Lexicon. Click above for detailed menus, click below for special sections. Reading the Harry Potter Books - Home.

Harry Potter Wiki. 77,000 Harry Potter fanfiction stories and podcasts. The World's #1 Harry Potter Site - Deathly Hallows Movie, The Wizarding World, JK Rowling, and much more. Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive. Harry Potter Reading Club. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Only at Universal Orlando.

Schnoogle - Dumbledore's Army - Harry Potter. Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met. Harry Potter of Baker Street. Jan's list of Harry Potter Fanfiction - Home. HOL Virtual Hogwarts - Entrance Hall. FictionHunt. James Potter and the Morrigan Web. HP Story Idea Generator. Hogwarts > About. HP/Twilight Crossovers. FanficRecs/Harry Potter Crossover. Crossover Recs. Crossover fanfic recs. Crossovers. Crossover Fic Recs. Harry Potter selon ses fans. Walking the Plank. The Hex Files: Draco and Harry Slash. Walking the Plank. To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. La Société des Femmes Dangereuses. Fearless fiction. Fearless fiction. FictionPress. Das Fanfiction Archiv. Fan Fiction Archive. FanFicWeb. Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.

Jane Austen Informationen der Jane Austen Freunde. Port of the Snape/Harry Ship. ! Любовник из прошлого главе 20: Return, фанфик Гарри Поттер. L'AMANT VENU DU PASSE d'Elehyn Disclaimer : Pas à moi. Tout à J. K. Rowling. Cette histoire est dédiée à Caro à qui je fais d'énormes poutouxes et ce chapitre est tout spécialement posté pour son anniversaire. Chapitre 20 : Reviens ! Severus sentit sa respiration se couper tandis qu'une vague glacée se répandait en lui à une vitesse folle, le maintenant au cœur de l'engourdissement.

Harry était parti. . « Est-ce que ça va ? Draco s'était rapproché de lui, le regard rempli d'inquiétude devant la pâleur soudaine de son ex-professeur. Severus ne se donna pas la peine de répondre et fit rapidement volte face avant de s'enfuir. Il venait de perdre ce qui lui était le plus cher au monde mais le reste de dignité qu'il lui restait lui interdisait de laisser montrer les larmes qui lui brûlaient les yeux. . « Severus ! « Pas maintenant, Monsieur le directeur » répondit Snape, la voix étranglée, en passant devant le vieil homme sans stopper sa course. « Severus, il va revenir ! Harry-Potter-Fanfiction-Archiv. Severus Snape. HomeCommunityBooksHarry Potter Severus Snape For a Reindeer by CeliaEquusreviews The one-shot sequel to "You're the One". Snape always. Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive.

Detention Served by Amanuensis. Ink Stained Fingers - a Harry Potter Slash Archive. Harry Potter Fanfiction List. The Bunny Farm - Harry Potter Fic. Fearless fiction.