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PolarClock. Random tec. Beer gadget for sports fanatics. Catapult Crazy! Everything about Catapults! Catapult Crazy! You want to make a catapult? I have them all right here! Torsion, rubber bands, popsicle stick, mousetrap, even multiple fire catapults! Everything you want to know about catapults. Because you are Catapult Crazy! Catapults were engineering feats of the Middle Ages and maybe you can't build an actual catapult that can take down the walls of a castle but you can build a miniature just for fun and to show your friends. Here is your ultimate resource to learning everything about catapults. I also have a whole bunch of pictures of catapults made by web visitors.

Note From Will: If you are looking to buy a Siege Engine kit that you can make yourself you should check out my siege engine store. Make a Ballista It's an ancient Roman and Greek siege engine and you can make one out of foamboard. Catapult Kit - The Goblin (Will's Catapult kit) The Underpult - Upside down firing Catapult The Black Widow Catapult - This is a terrific little catapult built by a web visitor. Catapult Kit.


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