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TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux. How To Make Encrypted Folders Others Can’t View with Truecrypt 7. Truecrypt is a practical implementation of paranoia for your PC, and Version 7 has an even bigger stash of goodies to ease your worries, along with better performance.

How To Make Encrypted Folders Others Can’t View with Truecrypt 7

We’ll use that app today to illustrate how to create an encrypted folder that others can’t explore. Before we begin though, a couple of references. Mark has talked about Truecrypt a couple of versions back, and he also wrote a great article specifically about using Truecrypt on a USB stick. Saikat gave a broader outline on how to hide folders.

What Is It? So is Truecrypt all about hiding folders? Truecrypt is also cross-platform, as well as being open source freeware to encrypt folders. Why Do I Need It? Unfortunately we live in a world where people don’t behave the way you might wish they did. Even if you never do anything you would like to keep private, if you have an online life of any sort, your identity and your information are valuable items, and you need to look after them. How Do I Get It? What Can I Do With It? Yeah. View Forum - General. Accidently restored incorrect header backup! Thanks Dan!

Accidently restored incorrect header backup!

This pretty much answers my question - I'm screwed. The only backup of the (correct) header for this drive is on a disk that was recently nuked with DBAN before selling it as part of complete machine, so recovery is not an option. ;( My parting question would have to be: Why is it even possible to restore a backup header file to "any" volume, regardless of whether or not that backup originated from that volume and thus destroying it's header and any hope of recovery in the process should it be wrong? Is there no way some sort of check could be in place to determine whether or not this is the likely valid header for this volume, and if not prompt the user to override if they're certain? Plea to TC Developers: Please consider a backup header validity check as a possible option to protect idiot users like myself from themselves. ;) Even if a quick volume SIZE comparison could be made, it would help prevent a scenario like this.

Anyway, thanks to all who responded in this thread! GMail Drive Shell Extension and TC? Cascading Aes-Twofish-Serphent question. Let's see.

Cascading Aes-Twofish-Serphent question

If you read the docs you will find that each cipher in the cascade uses its own key, independent of the other keys. For three cascades of 256-bit keys that makes a total of 768 bits of key material. The effective key length might be somewhat less according to things I have read, but it's not the case that the three cascades only add 2 bits of key length. As far as your "3 lots of 4-bit only give you 5-bit", I think you were trying to say that the key lengths don't add - but they do.

Each cipher uses a separate key. Your logic about bits adding up is not correct. To use your example of 4 bits, if there was a cascade each cipher would have its own 4 bit key so there would be 12 bits total. In the case of a 256 bit key, the additional 512 bits adds about 10^154 values. Password strength will 43 characters or more give 256 bits entropy? Run a command after mounting encrypted volume (windows)

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