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IndyLogix Solutions is a digital marketing, Mobile App Development & web design agency that provides result-driven strategies to expand your business and enhance your bottom line.

How Google's Core Web Vitals Affecting Website Ranking - Indylogix. Top 10 Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2021. Your Website Cannot Breathe Without Illustrations. Are you having a hard time finding phenomenal photos for your website design?

Your Website Cannot Breathe Without Illustrations

There is a creative way to solve this problem. Use illustrations for the web design. The importance of illustrations in a website design is in trend now. Illustrations serve as an easy solution for many designing problems you might be encountering. This blog will take you through the meaning of illustrations along with the importance of illustrations and other significant details. I will take you to the main content shortly, meanwhile, if you are not a designer and an individual in search of the best designing team to create outstanding web design illustrations, you are almost there. So, what are these illustrations? What are Illustrations? “The illustrations are nothing but the visual representation of your message presented to the viewer.”

They are a flexible and creative means of conveying a message that makes the communication more clear and efficient. 4 Scenarios in Which Illustrations is Your Best Choice 1. 2. Agile Software Development Life Cycle, A Complete Guideline - Indylogix. Top 8 Practices to Build a Secure Mobile Applications. Google Sets Out December 2020 Core Algorithm Update. The Who, Why & What of Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 11 Blunders to Avoid While Building a Mobile Application.

Dear Technocrats, If you are busy developing a mobile application, I must tell you that you are making mistakes that you should not.

11 Blunders to Avoid While Building a Mobile Application

Committing mistakes is a tendency of human beings but who doesn’t like perfection? Developing a successful mobile application is not as easy as you think. It requires a myriad of planning and beforehand preparation to create a successful mobile application. I am here to tell you what aspects you must not ignore for the smooth running and success of your mobile application.

How to Do SWOT Analysis Efficiently to Achieve Success in PPC Marketing? Top 5 Recommendations By Expert AngularJS Team, You Must Know. 9 Excellent Tips to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy. Essential WordPress Theme Security Guidelines for Your Website. Creating a website - A Requisite for Local Businesses. What is Neos? Features of Neos CMS & Who Can Help Build a Site in it? What is Neos? Features of Neos CMS & Who Can Help Build a Site in it? 5 Effective Tips To Audit Your Google Ads Account - Indylogix Solutions. PPC(Pay per click) advertising is one of the most effective and trending ways to reach the maximum number of customers willing to buy your products or service.

5 Effective Tips To Audit Your Google Ads Account - Indylogix Solutions

When you are new to PPC advertising, the most recommended platform to start with is always none other than Google. However, just creating a Google ads account does not bring in the desired outcomes. In fact, a thorough audit of your Google ads account is also crucial to enhance your PPC efforts and convert them into a success. Below given details will aid you to discover why auditing your Google ads account is important. Benefits of auditing your Google ads account. Top Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Afford To Avoid In 2020 - Indylogix Solutions. Digital marketing is a term that needs no introduction.

Top Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Afford To Avoid In 2020 - Indylogix Solutions

It has become an indispensable part of almost all kinds of businesses in the last few years. It is hard for any business to survive in today’s competitive market without utilizing the tools and tactics of digital marketing. Google’s Core Web Vitals - Three Things To Enhance The User Experience. A high-quality user experience is vital for the elongated success of any website over the web and Google is constantly updating its algorithms in order to ensure an enhanced user experience.

Google’s Core Web Vitals - Three Things To Enhance The User Experience

In fact, it has already established nearly 200 ranking factors to secure good quality results. The Google search console is recently updated with Core Web Vitals report with the same aim to raise the quality of the results and assure an improved user experience. This article is aimed at introducing you with a new program named Web Vitals, announced by Google in May 2020, which is an initiative to proffer a united direction for quality flags that are crucial for producing an excellent user experience over the web.

Although the quality of user experience over the web depends upon a number of factors of which few are purely site and content-specific, a primary set of signals called ‘Core Web Vitals’ is crucial for all web experiences. 7 Best Social Media Tools Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of - Indylogix Solutions. Walking to the doorsteps and doing face to face meetings with the customers to develop a business is all a past now.

7 Best Social Media Tools Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of - Indylogix Solutions

It is ok to utilize television advertisements, printing ads, and commercials to win the public’s attention but today’s age is the age of social media and if you are not utilizing social media platforms to market your business, you are not living in the 2000s. Being in 2020, if you are not employing social media marketing then you are failing to generate very good opportunities for growing your business significantly. Hence, if you have still not adopted social media marketing to promote your business, adopt it today and get in touch with us immediately to hire the best social media marketers in the industry. Meanwhile, let us discuss how to transform a slow social media marketing into a unicorn.

Well, this can be accomplished by making use of different social media tools available in the market at the present date. 1. 2. Effective Ways To Keep Marketing Consistent And Pull Clients During Covid-19. COVID-19, the most spoken subject at the present date, has ruined the life of humans on a very large scale.

Effective Ways To Keep Marketing Consistent And Pull Clients During Covid-19

It has also affected the global economy on a frightful scale and the duration of the pandemic is still not known. The circumstances do play an important role in everything business owners do as a brand. Accordingly, COVID-19 has significantly impacted the businesses of all sizes. The situation has made numerous business owners worrying about matching the lead generation targets. Laravel V/S Ready Made CMS - What Should Be Chosen To Develop An Online Store? Planning to develop an online store?

Laravel V/S Ready Made CMS - What Should Be Chosen To Develop An Online Store?

You must be thinking whether you should hire a laravel developer or opt for a ready-made CMS like WordPress to achieve the goal. Whenever you plan to develop a new eCommerce platform or want to improve the existing one, the biggest question you always come across is which framework or language should be used due to the availability of a number of options. 7 Prominent Digital Marketing Strategies To Enhance Lead Generation - Indylogix Solutions. Lead generation is an important pillar for running a business successfully.

7 Prominent Digital Marketing Strategies To Enhance Lead Generation - Indylogix Solutions

Leads are an essential element of the process of transforming visitors of a website into customers. Hence, strong lead generation ideas are crucial for a business to grow significantly. Appropriate digital marketing strategies play an important role in your lead generation activities. As a number of digital marketing strategies are available at the present date, picking the right ones to achieve the desired results can be a challenging chore for digital marketers. Having a clear understanding of the business and the products is also essential for choosing an appropriate strategy. This article is aimed at providing you with a few important digital marketing strategies that you can follow in order to ensure positive results.

The Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand. Are you running an online store?

The Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand

If yes then it is crucial for you to have some eCommerce marketing strategies as it is going to aid you in heightening the number of your customers as well as bounding already existing customers reverting to your store again and again. eCommerce marketing is something that aids you to raise the number of visitors to your online store so that you can convert them into customers and enhance your sales and revenues. To accomplish this, an effective and properly organized eCommerce digital marketing plan is required that will ultimately raise brand awareness and boost sales. In fact, most of the business owners opt to hire professional digital marketers to get an effective marketing plan so that they can leverage them to their fullest and have a significant rise in their customers, sales as well as their revenues. 1.

The layout of the website is crucial for attracting more and more customers to any kind of website so with an online eCommerce store. 2. 3. 7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Every Digital Marketer Should Be Aware Of. Facebook has been one of the most excessively used social media platforms for a long time now and getting even stronger with each passing day.

It provides limitless options to digital marketers to enhance their brand visibility. From driving traffic to running context and generating engagements, you can leverage the platform in a number of ways. However, most digital marketers are unaware of the real powers of Facebook and focus only on posting as many updates as they can to get the maximum number of likes and shares. Ways To Find Long-Tail Keywords That Ensure Extensive Search Traffic To Your Website. Are you a business owner interested in growing your business through online marketing? Meet our experienced digital marketers today and get the job done in a qualitative as well as cost-effective manner. Digital marketing is the backbone of today’s business world and websites are one of the most effective ways to generate more business at the present date.

Search engine optimization, the most common term in the world of digital marketing, plays a significant role in driving more traffic towards your website. Long-tail keyword is a common term associated with search engine optimization. Long-tail keywords are the ones that actually contribute 70% of your total search traffic.

Digital Marketing - A Helping Hand For Small Businesses During COVID - 19 Pandemic. We have been living with this terrifying name COVID – 19 for more than six months now. Everyone is praying to get rid of the situation but no one knows when the day will come. The impacts of the pandemic can be seen everywhere around us. It is not just limited to one state, or country, in fact, it is the entire globe that is struggling to get relieved from the deadly virus. COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions of people not just physically but also financially.

What Makes Laravel The Best PHP Framework For Enterprise Solutions? - Indylogix Solutions. Choosing the right development framework is extremely crucial for the successful development and delivery of a high-quality application. If we talk about startups, they generally need to develop small projects with a minimal number of functionalities so they can afford to experiment with the frameworks but when it comes to enterprise-level projects, the scalability and durability of the framework are something that needs assurance prior to choosing a framework and proceeding with the project. Laravel is a well-known name in the world of application development frameworks. It not just fits for small projects having simple functionalities but also bigger, enterprise-level projects having a number of complicated functionalities. The framework has gained a lot of attraction in recent years and many organizations are seen hiring experienced laravel developers to create their next application.

Laravel provides support to perform unit and integration testing effectively. Looking To Create A Blog Logo For WordPress and Add It To Your Site - Find The Comprehensive Guide Here - Indylogix Solutions. A logo comprises the corporate identity for a company. It aids in enhancing the brand recognition among present and future clients. For an online business industry, a logo is a critical design element that indicates the ideas and values of any corporate website. Logo – The Introduction and Importance. Estimated Costs for WordPress Websites Development of Different Categories. The Most Recommended Laravel Ecommerce Packages For 2020 - Indylogix Solutions. Laravel is a term that needs no introduction today. Looking To Create A Custom WordPress Widget - Find The Best Way Here - Indylogix Solutions. WordPress is probably the most convenient and popular means of developing a website at the present date. In fact, one in every four websites are built using WordPress today. It is an open-source Content Management Software that can be utilized by everyone that too without the need to pay anything.

Oracle Cloud@Customer v/s Amazon Web Services Outposts Duel? Who will emerge as the victor? - Indylogix Solutions. The cloud computing market has grown at an accelerated rate in the last few years. It is nothing but on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet. Want To Block Irritating Contact Form Spam In Your WordPress Website - Find The Best Ways Here. The Important Points to Think While Developing Mobile Apps for your Business.

Mobile phones have turned out to be an important tool for our lives as well as almost all kinds of businesses be it transportation, hospitality, healthcare, marketing, education, and so on. Topmost Reasons To Opt Laravel Framework For Your Next Project - Indylogix Solutions. The selection of the right development framework is vital to deliver a quality application. When we think about the right development framework, the name that triggers in the mind at first is Laravel. Laravel and Vue.js : Here Is Everything You Need To Know - Indylogix Solutions. Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress - Find the Ways to Fix it Here. The ‘error establishing a database connection’ is the most common type of error seen in a WordPress website. A Comprehensive Guide To Display Recent Posts On Any WordPress Post Or Page - Indylogix Solutions.

Showing the recent posts on your website aid users to effortlessly find out your latest content and invest more time on your website. How does the shift in Content Delivery Models Affect the Advertisers? Will They Sink or Swim? - Indylogix Solutions. On-Page SEO Activity - A Comprehensive Guide is Here - Indylogix Solutions. Node JS v/s Laravel - Which One To Choose For Your Next Project - Indylogix Solutions. Why Laravel Is The Most Preferable Framework For Website Development? - Indylogix Solutions.

Creating A Landing Page With WordPress - A Comprehensive Guide - Indylogix Solutions. Looking To Prevent WordPress Plugins From Breaking The Website? Find The Ways Here - Indylogix Solutions. On-Page and Off-Page SEO - A Comprehensive Guide - Indylogix Solutions. Implications of Wordpress' Banning of Commercial Links from Official Documentation: End of Outbound Era? - Indylogix Solutions. A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Page Activity in SEO - Indylogix Solutions. 5 Reasons Why Not To Underestimate the Power of a Landing Page. 7 Practical Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website In 2020.

What are the 5 main differences between Shopify and Magento? Is Kotlin Bringing Native Mobile Development Into A New Era? How are Social Media Marketers adopting a different approach to a New Normal? A Branding Review - Indylogix Solutions. 7 Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Launching A Digital Marketing Strategy - Indylogix Solutions. The Modern Business Dilemma: Freelancer VS Digital Agency. 7 Most Common Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided By Graphic Designers. Progressive Web Apps – a Quality Mix of Web and Mobile. Major Impacts of COVID 19 on Digital Marketing World - Indylogix Solutions.

Progressive Web Apps Vs Responsive Web Apps Vs Native Apps - What should be the next preference? - Indylogix Solutions. The Most Prominent Features Of WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin - Indylogix Solutions. The Best And The Easiest Ways To Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Data In Wordpress Themes - Indylogix Solutions. What is a 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress and How To Fix It? - Indylogix Solutions. The Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion. Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020. A Definitive Guide to Build an Online Store for Small Businesses. Prepare Your WordPress Website for Google Mobile-First Index Before It's Too Late.

The Best WordPress Hosting Deals. The Major Challenges That Can Make Cloud Computing a Tough Chore - Indylogix Solutions. LearnDash - A Comprehensive Guide To Know Everything - Indylogix Solutions. The 8 Most Essential Frontend Web Development Tools Free. IndyLogix Solutions. The 8 biggest web design trends 2020 - CodeHabitude.

Top 10 WordPress Development Agencies in India - Blogging Ideas. Swift Vs Flutter: Which One is at the Forefront of Mobile App Development? Top 10 Common Mistakes That Angular Developers Commit. Quality Assurance (QA) - A must factor which you can not avoid. Why is Flutter leading the cross-platform technology race? Flutter 1.5.4 - Find The List Of Advanced Features Here - Indylogix Solutions. 12+ Best Remote Working Tools To Manage Work From Home - Indylogix Solutions. Features Of Node.js That Make It A Perfect Enterprise App Development Platform. The Easiest and Most Effective Ways to Validate a Mobile App Idea - Indylogix Solutions.

Call To Action Button - The Meaning, Significance, And The Best Practices. 8 Most Expected Mobile App Development Trends for the Year 2020 - Indylogix Solutions. The Most Effective Tools To Manage Various WordPress Websites From A Single Place. How to Ensure Security Of Your eCommerce Site Created In WordPress? - Indylogix Solutions. WordPress Multisite - Find The Most Important Things You Need To Know Here. A Comprehensive Guide To Open A WordPress Popup Form On Click Of Link Or Image. Probable Impacts Of 5G On Mobile App Development - Indylogix Solutions. Web App vs Cloud App – Find Out The Differences and Benefits Here? - Indylogix Solutions. Auto-Update Feature for Themes and Plugins – WordPress 5.5 - Indylogix Solutions. WordPress V/S Laravel - When To Choose The One Over the Other And Why? Web App vs Cloud App – Find Out The Differences and Benefits Here? 10 Best And The Easiest Ways To Customize A WordPress Website - Indylogix Solutions.

How to Set Up Google Search Console Effectively on Your Website/Blog - Indylogix Solutions. Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018. Why Do You Need a CDN for your WordPress Website? Is the Age of Apps Over? - IndyLogix Solutions. 12 WordPress Benefits you Should Definitely Know About. Hanuman Chalisa. Magento ecommerce website Development Company - IndyLogix. PHP Development Agency – Custom PHP Development Services.