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10 Checkpoints: Pricing Transparency- Software Development Companies. Pharma adopting digitization: Top 5 Insights from digital pharma experts. Back Oh!

Pharma adopting digitization: Top 5 Insights from digital pharma experts

What a year 2020 was! The outburst of the pandemic has not only altered our routine plans but has also altered the way businesses have operated. Redrawing the lines: FinTech is driving the Financial Services. Back We are living in an era of disruptions and FinTech is the face of this disruption!

Redrawing the lines: FinTech is driving the Financial Services

After almost a century the world faced one of the greatest pandemics ever to occur on the face of planet earth, when economies collapsed and the industries were at a halt, the situation shone like a golden opportunity for FinTech to rise in the financial service segment and acquire 35% of the market share. FinTech came in with one basic motive, that is, to make the complex financial activities simpler! In every segment, FinTech gave users a sea of opportunities to trade, lend, borrow, store, pay, etc easily. It is not rocket science anymore! For a broader insight on the topic, in another interesting episode of #DigitalSuccess Dialogue in association with The Economic Times, we have invited five experts to share their views on the topic, Deena Mehta (Managing Director, Asit C. Regulators and the Government are also the major contributors to the growth of FinTech in the Indian financial ecosystem.

Fintech re-establish the lost trust of customers in banks. Back Robinhood, a noun that was synonymous with valor, courage, and unconditional financial support to the backward class.

fintech re-establish the lost trust of customers in banks

However, times have changed and so has its usage. Let me tell you Robinhood is a trading app developed by two Stanford Aluminis. When we came across this, we decided to deeply understand why this name was chosen. Factors that affect the price charged by software developers. Back How to configure, identify and reach the right price for a software product?

Factors that affect the price charged by software developers

Aren’t we all confused about it? In fact, a number of times, when we receive a quote from various software partners with a huge pricing difference, we are super confused. AWS vs Azure- Which platform will shape the industry in 2021? Back Before we understand these two cloud infrastructure providers, let us first know a little about these giants.

AWS vs Azure- Which platform will shape the industry in 2021?

AWS: Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon providing cloud computing platforms and infrastructure to companies, governments, and personal users based on various plans like pay as you go, etc. It was founded in 2006. Azure: Microsoft owned cloud infrastructure and managed services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. It’s users also vary from companies, governments to personal users, and come with various payment schemes. The next-level customer experience is here- gamification in fintech. Back As technology evolves rapidly, we can observe a shift to live and work better than yesterday.

The next-level customer experience is here- gamification in fintech

High customer experience and interactive user engagement are prioritized heavily. Anything complicated has become arduous. Phygitalization: Increasing productivity for open banking & fintechs. Back Digital evolution has increased digital engagement.

Phygitalization: Increasing productivity for open banking & fintechs

People will demand more advanced services across various sectors, and banking is also not an exception. INT Buzz — When should you unplug software development... Companies aligning customer's digital needs with digital transformation. Back Global companies are heading towards building digital capabilities.

Companies aligning customer's digital needs with digital transformation

To thrive in today’s world, digital transformation is a must-have approach; not only that, the pandemic is an eye-opener for many companies irrespective of their sizes. Companies need to act fast to become resilient cause technologies also create jobs, and companies need to know how! In one of our recent #DigitalSuccess DIALOGUE episodes, we brought two of the most astute business leaders from Eastern India to share their experiences with our audience about the Digital Transformation stories that they have encountered.

Mr. Analytics is helping insurance companies in detecting claim frauds. Back “Global Incidence of Insurance frauds sums up to 3.58% annually”– Global Claims Fraud Survey.

Analytics is helping insurance companies in detecting claim frauds

In many countries, it takes up to 8% of its revenue annually. Now, that is a huge concern for the Insurance Companies. Re-Define And Re-Imagine Your Golden Age: Senior Living Community - Back When isolation and boredom are two common issues of the ageing population, Columbia Pacific Communities transforms the old system into a warm and lively ecosystem where senior-living is re-imagined.

Re-Define And Re-Imagine Your Golden Age: Senior Living Community -

Resonating the Banyan tree’s philosophy, Columbia Pacific Communities stands on the pillars of wellness, real estate, and hospitality. We had an in-depth conversation with Mr. Mohit Nirula, CEO, Columbia Pacific Communities. Always think beyond cost optimization when you are looking tech partners. Back This morning I had a very interesting conversation with one of my clients regarding rebuilding their web platform ground up. Out of curiosity, I asked him, “Is there any problem with the existing one in terms of performance and design?” And the reply astounded me, “We are happy with the design but yet I had to reinvest on the web platform with a similar design”

Augmented reality can drives customer engagement revenue. Back The world is going through a seismic shift. Covid 19 has accelerated the process of digital disruption. Now, businesses are more inclined towards revamping its legacy modules by increasing utilisation of digital tools. PWA vs. AMP- Which is better and what to choose. Back. Challenges and oportunities for new age pharma. Back While the seismic impact of the CoronaVirus pandemic has shaken the world to the core, incremental and breakthrough innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry is providing a ray of hope.

Tweets 2015. Digital marketing agencies must have deep technical capabilities. How to negotiate for an Information technology service. Software development partner with excellence can boost your business. Back With technology driving everything from how a business runs to the products and services it sells, developing technical capabilities has become a business imperative. Ranging from retail to manufacturing to banking, at every industry, businesses are making relentless efforts to bolster their technical expertise. Software Solutions Reshaping The Digital Landscape Of Pharma - How Can Performance Agencies Ensure Higher Engagement & Lower Churn During COVID-19? - Emerging Digital Transformation Being Witnessed By The BFSI Sector. How Banks Can Tackle the New Wave Of Digital Disruption With Managed Remote Teams? Back Following the outbreak of Covid-19, financial institutions across the world are navigating through a volatile economic and regulatory landscape. Will Banks Live Up To Customer Convenience With A Remote Workforce In Future.

Is Offshoring The Need Of The Hour? Will PM Modi’s Stimulus Package For MSMEs Do The Trick? India Inc. Seems To Think So. API Driven Digital Transformation Can Be A Great Answer For The World Post COVID. Will Indian NBFCs Survive The Ongoing Liquidity Crisis? After Covid-19, Telemedicine Will Never Be The Same Again! The Effect Of Covid-19 On The Global Insurance Sector. Migrating 600+ team members to Work-From-Home in three days! For Enterprises, what does it mean to be AI ready? Evolution Of Augmented Analytics. Actuality Or Just Another Hoax? Alessandro Hatami sur Twitter : "The easiest thing to fix in #banking is #UX. Why you need UX Designer @Mondo_agents #FinTech. Virtual Banking: From A Global Hype To A Norm. It’s A Voice-Led Future: What FinTech Marketers Need To Know.

Climate Change Is Real And So Are The Technology Tweaks Necessary For P&C Insurers. Big Plans For Small Payment Banks & Wallets With e-KYC. API-fication Of Businesses: Must For Customer Centric Omni-channel Experience. Agile and outsourcing product development. Get it? Else, forget it! Insurance Gamification And Millennials Go Hand In Hand. Is ‘Sachet Insurance’ the right model to target the mass customer base? Banks of The Future: A Study of UK’s Evolving Landscape. “INTians is a 5 Star Team!” says our Happy Clients. Why Cloud Based Innovation Is the New Norm for Insurers Globally? Here’s to welcome desktop PWAs. Future Sneak Peak: Insurance Will Be About Prevention Not Claims. 3 Powerful Tactics of Managing a Remote Team. How Disruptive FinTechs are Solving MSME Credit Crunch? –An Indian Perspective.

Conversational AI in Insurance: Nullifying false positives.