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IndusGuru consultants help you bridge your business gap with quality solutions and expertise. Choose from a database of over 350 qualified experts across management domains and ensure consistent growth of your critical projects and assignments. #businessgap #solution #managementexpert #consultant #freelancing

Marketing, Operations Consultant in Mumbai, India. Infotech, Technology Consultant in Mumbai, India. IndusGuru has the following Empanelled Experts for InfoTech & Digital: Blockchain Business Intelligence/ Analytics Cyber Crime / Security Advisor Digital Strategy Creation ERP-SAP/Oracle IT Project Management IT Security/ Compliance/ Governance Mobile Applications and Device Management Web Development.

Infotech, Technology Consultant in Mumbai, India

Human Resource, HR, Organization Management consultants in Mumbai, India. Marketing, Operations Consultant in Mumbai, India. In an increasingly competitive and changing business world, IndusGuru Marketing Consultants help companies develop unique marketing strategies to meet their business objectives.

Marketing, Operations Consultant in Mumbai, India

They provide inputs to develop the right marketing strategy covering the 4P’s of marketing – namely Product (how to develop the product or service value proposition for the customer, how to brand), Price (how to price and position the product vs competition), Place (what channels to use to reach the customer) and Promotion (how to promote and advertise the product). Business Development Digital Marketing Strategy Marketing & Brand Management New product development PR & Media Sales Strategy and Effectiveness Market Research Go-To-Market Strategy. Strategy Consultants in Mumbai, India. Strategy Development is fundamental to creating, growing and running a Business.

Strategy Consultants in Mumbai, India

Where do you want your company to be in 3 year or 5 years ? What are your objectives – in terms of products and markets growth and sales, revenue and profit goals ? IndusGuru Strategy Consultants help you prepare for the Future by helping you define your Business Strategy covering the following expertise areas: Finance, Strategy Consultant in Mumbai, India.

The control and planning of Financial Resources is essential to the smooth operations and growth or your business.

Finance, Strategy Consultant in Mumbai, India

IndusGuru Financial Consultants help strengthen your Finance function and processes, institute strong Financial controls and provide you specialised Financial advice across a range of domains including. Finance, Independent, Strategy, Freelance Consultants in Mumbai, India. Independent Consultants – IndusGuru Resources. What is an Independent Consultant/Contractor?

Independent Consultants – IndusGuru Resources

In 2016. around 40% of the U.S. private workforce is an independent consultant, or has worked as an independent at some point in their career. Infotech Consultants – IndusGuru Resources. Why Should Your Company Need An Infotech Consultants?

Infotech Consultants – IndusGuru Resources

Information Technology Consultants helps organizations to identify on how best to use information technology to achieve their business objectives.Information Technology has been the fastest growing industry in India and helped put Indian expertise on the world map. IT pervades every part of our life and workplace. Finance Consultants – IndusGuru Resources. Financial Consulting Services And Financial Consultants In India Financial consulting has been a major requirement of an organization whether it’s small or big.

Finance Consultants – IndusGuru Resources

In today’s competitive world, organizations are needed to have solid, effective business plans and ideas to stay ahead in the race. Consulting Industry – Matching Strides with India’s Growth – IndusGuru Blog. The Future of Consulting.

Consulting Industry – Matching Strides with India’s Growth – IndusGuru Blog

Human Resource Consultants – IndusGuru Resources. Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Services to Human Resource Consultants in India While some companies become vary of outsourcing their HR needs to an external source, there are many organizations including some major MNCs which prefer hiring an HR on a contractual basis for a specific project.

Human Resource Consultants – IndusGuru Resources

One of the most common project being the recruitment process when companies find it more useful to hire contractual HR consultants for assisting them in large scale recruitments and lessening their burden. Other areas of assistance where such temporary consultants come of use include administration of pension benefits, payroll management, employee benefits and relocation administration, and so on. Thus, hiring such a HR consultant on contract provided the following benefits to an organization: 1. By outsourcing the HR duties, the company can focus on their core business and other important projects. 2. HUL GSK – A Strategic Merger – IndusGuru Blog. The Why and How of Gender Diversity – IndusGuru Blog. RBI – Government Tussle! – IndusGuru Blog. By Jill Mehta – Freelance Consultant @IndusGuru It is not the first time when the RBI & Government are having a hiccup in their long standing marriage.

RBI – Government Tussle! – IndusGuru Blog

Though the rift between RBI & Government this time has escalated sharply due to multiple economic and political circumstances in the country. Public Sector Bank’s NPA laden balance sheet, IL&FS crisis, Liquidity crunch in the economy, the after effects of demonetisation and adaptability issues of GST norms for corporations have all led to the initiation of the blame game between the government and the RBI. RBI is protecting its Monetary Policy, while the government wants to spur growth in the economy.

Traditionally both these goals are extremes and achieving one would mean compromising the other. Three main issues were raised in the recent meetings between RBI & the government: 1. 2. The Platform Wars – 3 Intellectual Property strikes back – Sharing vs Creating – IndusGuru Blog. Project SASHAKT – Blog IndusGuru. By Jill Mehta The Non-performing Asset (NPA) problem in Indian Banks has been surging since a few years and no efforts, until Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’s (IBC) launch, have helped to lessen the burden of NPAs on banks’ balance sheets. In February this year, the Reserve Bank Of India scrapped all the mechanisms like Credit Debt Restructuring (CDR), Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A), Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) etc. which further urged banks to develop a better solution.

No doubt, the IBC is active and is on the pathway to solve the problems, but it is still a new framework, which in turn means that it will take some time in settling down with a robust execution plan. Hence, arising out of this need was a proposal suggested by Sunil Mehta (Non-executive Chairman Of Punjab National Bank) Committee which will be an inter-bank framework to manage banks’ NPAs with a resolution plan developed by the consortium of Banks themselves. [Source: Bloomberg] Project SASHAKT – Blog IndusGuru. A New look @ Jobs for New India – Blog IndusGuru. Security or Flexibility Job Creation is acknowledged to be one of India’s foremost challenges. Even while we are the fastest growing large economy, the spectre of “jobless growth” haunts all discussions and positive sentiment about India’s GDP trajectory and economic future A lot of focus of the job creation debate is around the formal, industrial / corporate sector.

It is typically believed that “formal jobs” ie. Full time employment in organized firms, is preferable to “informal jobs’ where the job is “project based” or temporary and only based on demand.. This is due in large parts to the fact that formal full time employment typically offers long term benefits and security and predictability. IKEA in India – Blog IndusGuru. By Disha Dembla So, what’s the whole buzz about?

Just another furniture shop entering the Indian market, I feel it’s definitely more than the best collection of Swedish furniture. A 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art concept that wanted to mark its presence in India and was struggling for almost 28 years bounded by the retail foreign ownership restriction finally launched in Hyderabad – the city of pearls, on 19th July 2018, with a layout that attracted thousands of people and was overcrowded on the inauguration day. Say hello to IKEA!. Having a global presence in 24 countries, the IKEA chain faces no language barrier. This Company that offers the best furniture along with delicious food, is also sensitive to environment sustainability.

IKEA team has spent more than two years visiting Indian families to understand how they shop, what they want [Source: interview with CNN Money]. With all the perks at hand, IKEA still has some major challenges to face. • Making an online presence. InfoTech, Digital, Technology Consultant, Consulting Services in Mumbai India. Top Human Resource, Management, Consulting Firms, Services in Mumbai India. Empanelled Experts IndusGuru has the following Empanelled Experts for Human Resource & Organisation: IndusGuru: Independent Freelance Business Management Consultants. IndusGuru: Independent Freelance Business Management Consultants. IndusGuru: Independent Freelance Business Management Consultants.

Empanelled Experts. Finance, Strategy Consultant, Consulting Services in Mumbai, India. IndusGuru Network Partners LLP - Business Consultant in Mumbai.