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Indshine is a technology company that provides enterprise drone software and solutions for infrastructure, mining, forestry and other industries.

GIS MAPPING SOFTWARE AND ITS APPLICATIONS. A Geographic Information System (GIS Mapping Software) is a software which store, retrieve, display, and manage all type of geographical data.


It let the developers produce maps and other geographic information for different analysis and presentation. It is also a valuable tool to visualize the spatial data and build support systems in any organization. Geographic Information Systems store information using the latest spatial indices technique to identify various features located in an arbitrary region of a map. GIS Software in Right-of-Way Management of Power Transmission. Right of way mapping is the process of conducting land surveys and determining existing land boundaries.

GIS Software in Right-of-Way Management of Power Transmission

It involves acquiring easement rights by overlaying the proposed design limits over the existing land boundaries. So, for even temporary construction easements both private and public sector gets involved. Therefore, the right of way projects involve the collection and employment of a large amount of data. The data includes survey images, deeds, construction plans, aerial graphics, and other types of land data. The project data comprises multiple formats including CAD, databases, spreadsheets, etc. The ROW analysis requires a three-step approach: Know your data.Gather your dataAnalyse the data in GIS.

GIS Software in Asset Management of Road Infrastructure. Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks, and performance attributes).

GIS Software in Asset Management of Road Infrastructure

Asset management systems offer the prospect of significantly improving road management outcomes. The way in which road organizations collect, store, and analyze data has evolved along with advances in technology, such as mobile computing and spatial technologies such as GPS and GIS. The three fundamental steps in improving your asset management outcomes using GIS involves : Safejob — Career Personality Test 2020: How to Choose the... Essential Applications of GIS Software. Indshine- GIS software in Others in Newark. Indshine- Aerial Maps - New Castle. Aerial Photogrammetry and Aerial Maps - Indshine. Here is a brief prologue to Photogrammetry and Aerial Maps is presented for those who are unaware of the technology.

Aerial Photogrammetry and Aerial Maps - Indshine

Know About Aerial Photogrammetry Photogrammetry is the science of obtaining measurements from images and photos. The input to Photogrammetry is a photograph, and the product is ordinarily a map, a drawing, a measure, or a 3D representation of a real-world article or view. Numerous maps that we utilize today crafted with the help of Photogrammetry and photographs taken with the help of an aircraft or drones Photogrammetry types Photogrammetry can be divided in numerous ways, but one standard approach is to break the field depending on camera position at the time of photography. . · Terrestrial or Close-range Photogrammetry The recording device, camera, is placed on the ground surface, and handheld using a tripod or pole mounted.

. · Aerial Photogrammetry It is a technique used to take photographs of the earth's surface with cameras attached to an aircraft or a flying object. GIS - Use Cases and Applications. What is GIS?

GIS - Use Cases and Applications

Geographic Information System, also known as GIS is a system created to achieve, preserve, shape, interpret, maintain, and present all kinds of geographic data. The most crucial keyword of this technology is Geography - this implies that a few pieces of the data are spatial. In other words - it includes information or data that is in some way associated with the location on the earth. It is the combination of these two data standards - raster and vector along with their attributes that facilitates GIS to be an efficient and effective problem-solving mechanism by spatial analysis.

Forest Encroachment Studies using Aerial Maps. Drones and GIS software in Forestry Recently, drones have gained popularity in diverse fields, from agriculture to delivery to defence.

Forest Encroachment Studies using Aerial Maps

Forestry is another area where drone application is bringing stupendous results leading to solid decisions in the favour of flora and fauna. Drone technology is becoming increasingly popular in forestry mainly due to the high-resolution data that can be collected flexibly in a short time and at a relatively low price. Due to the benefits of reduced costs, flexibility in time and space, high accuracy of data and the advantage of no human risks, Drones are getting largely used in forest mapping, forest management planning, canopy height model creation or mapping forest gaps. Predictive Maintenance in Solar PV Industry. Table of Contents Need for predictive O&M in solar photovoltaic industryTechnology currently used for O&MCauses for reduced production in solar power plantClassification of defects observed through Thermal ImagingProcess followed for Aerial Thermal InspectionMinimum requirements for Aerial Thermal ImagingInteractive RGB and Thermal maps of solar power plantHow will the Aerial Thermal Imaging help?

Predictive Maintenance in Solar PV Industry

Commonly available sensors for Aerial Thermal Imaging Conclusion Need for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) in Solar PV industry In the wake of the current environmental concerns, it is necessary to focus on renewable energy resources. Solar energy is becoming a favorite choice among many industries and thus there is a rise in the installation of solar plants across the country. With a rise in demand for any commodity, begins a race for manufacturing and offering the same at the lowest possible prices for gaining business share.

ABC of Aerial Mapping and Surveying!! Table of Contents: IntroductionAerial MappingRGB and LIDAR SensorsOrthomosaicDigital Elevation ModelsPoint Clouds3D MeshHyperspectral and Multispectral SensorsThermal Imaging SensorsReferences Introduction The usage of airborne mapping is rising day by day, be it in the Government or the industrial sector.

ABC of Aerial Mapping and Surveying!!

Aerial maps are becoming more relevant day by day. Many Countries are using aerial imagery to help monitor and manage environmental change or to improve town planning. But there exists a big question as to. Aerial maps enabling Social Distancing for COVID Hotspot Management. The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak 'A Pandemic' after its spread across six continents and more than 100 countries.

Aerial maps enabling Social Distancing for COVID Hotspot Management

The world shows that quarantine, social distancing, and isolation of infected populations can contain the epidemic. Harvard researchers have released a report that Social Distancing might have to be implanted well as this may continue till 2022. People across the world have been taking innovative measures to follow the principles of Social Distancing. Drones backed by advanced analytics can play a vital role in the containment of the virus in India. This article summarizes a live case study of Gautam Budh Nagar police enabling social distancing for COVID hotspots management through drone and satellite maps. Maps overlayed with population data becomes an effective tool for police workforce planning.By IPS Officer, Gautam Budh Nagar Police Department, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Indshine New Mexico - Review and Rating. How Drones Are Changing The Landscape for Topographic and Aerial Maps? Drones or Drone technology is turning into a typical apparatus in any surveyor or site manager's toolbox.

How Drones Are Changing The Landscape for Topographic and Aerial Maps?

It's introducing another period for topographic surveying by empowering the capture of definite site maps, aerial maps and topographic maps that includes contours and terrain, for a fraction of the time and cost of customary techniques. Surveying through drones is now easily accessible. Governments have made it easier to get permission to fly a drone for capturing aerial maps. With the help of drones, it’s possible to complete a survey within an hour with data turnaround in 24 hours. Widely used in many land development projects, Drone data is effective for creating topographic maps too.

The earliest adopters of drones are Civil Contractors. ABC of Aerial Mapping and Surveying!! Indshine- Aerial Maps in Haryana - Gurgaon. Indshinedrones. Indshine. Indshine- Aerial Photogrammetry. Indshine- GIS Software, Gurgaon - 122018, Haryana, India. Indshine.