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Many times with a growing family or lifestyle changes a home addition becomes necessary to meet the needs of the owners.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver. We always strive to create the best kitchen for your family, while working with your budget and listening to your kitchen needs.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

Let’s make your kitchen renovation Vancouver dreams come true! More than just kitchens, The Indoor Outdoor Guy and his team of renovation experts have the hands-on experience to re-design your house in such a way as to provide more open, comfortable and relaxing living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We specialize in making your kitchen a place so inviting that you not only enjoy cooking but look forward to it. “Kitchens are places where happiness is cooked and served, the entire family eats, life’s events are shared and memories of quality time are cherished.” Author unknown. What Are The Questions To Ask The Renovation... How To Choose A Renovations Contractor. 4 Kitchen Remodelling Tips By The Indoor Outdoor...

How To Choose A Renovations Contractor  How To Choose A Renovations Contractor  ~ Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc. There are so many changes that you can bring about in your living and working spaces.

How To Choose A Renovations Contractor  ~ Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc

All the transformations you bring about change the look and usefulness of your property. Hire the expertise of a Renovations contractor in Vancouver and give way to beautiful transformations. Your house or your office should always wear a look of comfort and aesthetics. Whenever homeowners go in for improvements, they ignore so many corners. Each nook and cranny deserves equal attention from every angle. The renovation edge It is easy to assume that little changes here, and there will work. When you decide to get a new look, you benefit a lot in the years. The other benefits include: 1 - A personal touch. 4 Kitchen Remodelling Tips By The Indoor Outdoor Guy ~ Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc. We at The Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc. have been into making custom kitchens in Vancouver since 2004.

4 Kitchen Remodelling Tips By The Indoor Outdoor Guy ~ Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc

We are known for choosing high-quality materials, setting high standards, respecting our clients' opinions, and letting your kitchen define your style. Today, we will share 4 tips we keep in mind before beginning any custom kitchen in Vancouver. 1- Worker must leave space for a bigger fridge While designing a new kitchen, we keep in mind that the owner might sell the old furniture and appliances. So to avoid redecorating again, few inches are left. 2- Save space for small office You don't need your entire workstation in the kitchen. 3- An island can be used for extra storage If the place permits, then try adding an island. 4- Owner can use unused storage space for a backsplash. Things To Consider While Designing Your Kitchen. Things To Consider While Designing Your Kitchen.

Five Things To Keep In Mind While Designing The Modern Kitchen. How To Do The Right Planning For A Kitchen Renovation? Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc. The following options will allow you to finance one or several renovations.

Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc

You can finance both your kitchen and your outdoor living space at the same time and have them built simultaneously, in short order. Two of the most widely used options are: Refinance your House You may borrow up to eighty percent of your home’s value. What is your home’s current value? Take 80% of that. Our business experience with Geoff and his unbelievable response time and commitment to getting every application processed in a timely manner gives us the utmost confidence to recommend Mr.

Mr. Outdoor Living Spaces. West Side Outdoor Living Space This outdoor living space was part of a larger project which involved redesigning the entire backyard and adding a detached garage.. 2017 Best of Show Award – Vancouver Home & Garden Show The Team Joseph with his management team at the spring BC Home and Garden Show after winning the Best of Show 2017 award.

Outdoor Living Spaces

From le.. Character House Restoration. One of the specialties of the Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations is restoring character homes to their original craftsman styles.

Character House Restoration

This includes using Vancouver’s heritage colors or a different color scheme if the client desires, restoring exposed beam work, including post and beam and cedar arches and knee braces. Adding decorative wooden or fiber cement shakes to the gables and removing existing vinyl siding to reveal the original bevel cedar siding or replacing the existing cedar siding if damaged with new bevel cedar siding, or Hardi fibre-cement siding. We also address existing structural concerns in character homes by installing new drain tile systems, adding additional concrete to strengthen weaknesses in the old foundations and in some cases adding structural items and concrete where they should have been in the first place.

Many porches on the front of early 1900 character homes have sunk because they did not have the correct concrete footings installed when they were built. Kitchen Organization for Next Level Neatness. 1.

Kitchen Organization for Next Level Neatness

Tight Space Kitchen Pantry. You’ve renovated your kitchen or perhaps the house you moved into has a small space between the refrigerator and the cabinetry. Either way, you have a gap to fill, which is the perfect opportunity to install a slim-line spice rack. This pull out pantry is absolutely perfect for spices or slim container storage.

Depending on the width, it could be perfect for canned soup, cupcake/muffin liners or salt and pepper mills. Tight Space Kitchen Pantry Digital image. Mobile Ironing Board Laundry Station.Digital image. Outdoor Living Space Essentials. 1.Design When making a financial investment into your backyard, one must first consider the design of the outdoor living spaces that will comprise the backyard.

Outdoor Living Space Essentials

Many lovely couples build a patio or deck only to discover three or four years later that the patio location, shape or size does not work with their desired landscaping or the dream swimming pool or hot tub they always wanted to add to their backyard. Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc. Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc. To Whom It May Concern: In September 2006 we engaged the services of Joseph and his two-man crew to build a large cedar deck behind our home (a rancher in Westwind).

Indoor Outdoor Guy Inc

We had seen his advertisement in one of the Richmond local papers, and decided to give him a try. We had little pre-conceived notion of what this deck would look like, so initially we had to undergo an intense planning phase. There were some complications… .for example, an already existing concrete two-step pad the length of the house, an odd-shaped narrow backyard, our grandiose expectations, etc. Much to our delight, Joseph stuck with us through this process. Once the details were ironed out (whew!) When the actual work was being done, I think we all enjoyed the process. Our low deck does not have railing. Kitchen Organization for Next Level Neatness. Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Essentials in Vancouver. Home Additions in Vancouver. Many times with a growing family or lifestyle changes a home addition becomes necessary to meet the needs of the owners.

Home Additions in Vancouver

The purpose of an addition may be to allow for a larger kitchen, add another bathroom, expand the master bedroom, create a new entryway, or add an additional family room for the kids and family to play in. Furthermore, adding a second floor often allows more bedrooms for a growing family or for an in-law suite for an elderly parent. If you have any questions about home additions in Vancouver and Richmond, please contact the Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations. We are happy to consult with you in your home for an initial design and budget consultation without charge. Technically, home additions in the Vancouver area involve several steps.