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Parenting Tips Provided By Child Psychologists. Life Advices From Psychologists. We all know that life is not a bed of roses.

Life Advices From Psychologists

All of us go through hardships at some point of life or the other. Be it in the workplace, or in our relationships, or with our own personal lives. To get rid of all these or to cope up with the problems, all we need is a simple piece of advice from the top psychologist in Kolkata. However, here are some advices that psychologists approve of.

They are as follows: This one piece of advice can be helpful to people suffering from all kinds of psychological disorders as well as people who are bogged down with regular life problems. Sometimes we take the bad behavior of our partner or friend too personally. We get swayed by a rat race of life and forget to pay attention to stop and relax. Take Care Of Your Child’s Emotional Changes in This Lockdown Period. 2020 has been a year which everyone is stressed about it.

Take Care Of Your Child’s Emotional Changes in This Lockdown Period

And kids are not exception from that part too. They are also having different thoughts which they cannot share or express. The first change which they experienced is the entire change of the academic calendar. Though, it may be interesting to enjoy the days at home, but that became boring when it was more than 1 months. The children of age group 4-7 years are the most problems ones. Check out these symptoms As a parent, it is your responsibility that you must keep an eye on these things. Irregular sleep pattern whether more or less sleep, it is not good Increased or decreased food cravings Sudden mood swings More conscious about health and all those that are being instructed these days can be harmful. The final words If you notice these common things and see them exists, then you must immediately consult with the child psychologist in Kolkata. Consequences of being overweight- psychological impact on your health - imhckol2000. 2020-11-19By: imhckol2000Posted in: Health Obesity has been a great health issue which has reached the level of epidemic and we don’t realize this.

consequences of being overweight- psychological impact on your health - imhckol2000

All throughout the world, 11th October is followed as the World’s obesity day. Being overweight, it brings various health risks and also even death risks too. Along with this, you will also get emotionally affected due to the excessive weight in your body. Which issue matters a lot? The process don’t initiate in one day. Well, to be very frank people are well concerned about these facts. It has been seen that the gender is a great factor where the women are more prone to such emotional illness compared to the males. Common problems you may observe Now what types of problems you may seen when you are emotional affected due to overweight Lack of energy which may lead to inadequate physical activity. Finally, OCD And Its Types That Needs Medical Help - Have you heard of OCD?

OCD And Its Types That Needs Medical Help -

Well, most of you have and it is a serious matter that needs to be discussed and taken care of. The basic problem lies in the fact that most of you do not know what OCD exactly is. In this article, you will read about OCD and its types and symptoms. What Is OCD? OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental illness that causes repeated unwanted sensations or thoughts or the urge to do something again and again. An obsessive thought can be calling some particular colors ‘good’ or ‘bad’. People with OCD have thoughts or actions that are similar to these: Take up at least an hour a day Are beyond your control Are not enjoyable Interfere with work, social life, or another part of life Types Of OCD And Its Related Symptoms Checking (clocks, alarm systems, ovens, light switches, etc.) Conclusion. Overcome Loneliness in These 8 Ways - During this Covid-19 lockdown phase, most of you must have had a staunch feeling of loneliness.

Overcome Loneliness in These 8 Ways -

Haven’t you? Remaining inside the house all day for such a long period of time is not easy. Perhaps, it took a toll in your mental health too. If you cannot help yourself, here is the top psychologist in Kolkata to help you. Also, you can follow these strategies to get rid of loneliness: Limit your hurtful self talk and take care of yourself. Conclusion So, now that you know how to get rid of loneliness, start practicing from today itself! Hire A Career Counsellor And Choose Your Career Wisely. It is very tough to know your child.

Hire A Career Counsellor And Choose Your Career Wisely

You do not know what is going on in their mind. So to understand them is tough. A psychologist can help you with this matter. Child psychology is all about your conscious and subconscious mind. A child psychologist observes how a child behaves or treats with others. Why do you need career counseling? You will find many people who have good knowledge of a good educational background but do not see any suitable job, or they do not like what they are doing at present. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. Indira Mind Healing Centre — Who Is A Psychologist? What Does He Do?