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Indigo River Publishing is not in the business to simply bind and print books. We take on a limited number of new projects each year to ensure our product’s integrity, deliver books of the highest-quality, and focus on the most effective book promotions. Indigo River accepts books for publication that are vibrant, full of life and have strong voices and positive messages.

What Makes a Book Great? There are two questions that I get asked all the time that seem to be a set up for disappointment: 1.

What Makes a Book Great?

What makes a book great? 2. What are your favorite books? I always get the feeling that I am expected to give some sort of profound answer to the first question. The greatness of a book has as much to do with the person reading it as it does the person who did the writing. Depression-Busting Tip from Nicole McCance: Diaphragmatic Breathing. Here’s a tip from our author Nicole McCance, M.A., to help you beat depression naturally!

Depression-Busting Tip from Nicole McCance: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing In times of emotional distress, the nervous system jumps into a higher gear and causes a number of physiological responses. We can begin to sweat, our muscles tighten, and our heart rate increases. You may notice that when you feel particularly anxious or distressed, your breathing quickens and your chest heaves up and down. However, you can fight these responses just by consciously changing your breathing patterns. Try This! First, remove yourself from the stressful situation, whether it is a disagreement with a friend, family member, co-worker, or another stressor. Be sure to take slow breaths, but do not inhale to the point that you feel uncomfortable. Indigo River Publishing greatest passions is Children’s Books.

We believe that learning to read and developing a love for reading are two of the most critical tools in a child’s educational development.

Indigo River Publishing greatest passions is Children’s Books

In fact, as our society becomes increasingly more dependent on new technology for daily communication, the need for reading has become more critical than ever. This is why we love to publish children’s books. Today, almost 17 billion text messages and 30 billion emails are exchanged EVERY DAY (keep in mind that the entire global population is only about 7 billion people). The reality is, the importance of reading in our society is an essential component of our social and economic interactions and stability.

Will improving literacy truly have an impact on our economy on a long-term basis? At Indigo River we are continually looking for new authors, young and old alike, that can not only bring fantastic stories to life, but understand the necessity of incorporating strong messages, morals and values into every children’s story. 7 Ways to crush your Writer's Block - By: Editorial Intern, Anjali Ajmani.

7 Ways to crush your Writer's Block -

3 Things That Aspiring Authors of Fiction Need to Admit to Themselves - By: Editorial Intern Zoe Andrews Welcome to Writer’s Anonymous, where we help authors who are struggling with moving forward in their works.

3 Things That Aspiring Authors of Fiction Need to Admit to Themselves -

Please state your name and affliction. Now that we have that out of the way, I am here to tell you that unless you can accept these 3 immutable facts—although nothing is always true in creative writing, another immutable fact you must learn—you are forever going to be stuck on that one paragraph, or word, or detail that you are sure will unlock the wonders of your story. The First Paragraph Stinks For most authors, including myself, the first paragraph you write is very exciting! Minute Mysteries By minute mysteries I mean the small little details that the reader is supposed to intrinsically know or figure out, like the fact that the otherwise insignificant hotel manager’s name means “one who is slain” and he is the victim of a murder a few chapters later. Stumbling Upon Greatness… - Occasionally, in our lives, we are fortunate enough to stumble upon greatness.

Stumbling Upon Greatness… -

The problem is, I don’t think we always recognize greatness during our initial encounter. Maybe we get too wrapped up in our own problems, our own visions or our own lives. Maybe we’d rather not acknowledge that greatness is sitting right in front of us – especially when we want to be the ones who are great. Or maybe we are not even sure what greatness truly looks like. I’m not even sure I knew until I met a man named Jim Ebert. And you too can find “it” here, in a tribute I wrote to my friend for Rock and Ice’s online magaizine this past summer. I’ve been thinking of you, Jim. Too Much Noise in Your Life? Enjoy a Free Excerpt from Sarah Churman's "Powered On"! - Indigo River Publishing. 6 Tips for Getting Your Priorities Straight in 2016. With the beginning of 2016 finally here, you’ve probably been swamped with mentions of resolutions and the “new year, new me” talk we all seem to get into with another complete trip around the sun.

6 Tips for Getting Your Priorities Straight in 2016

But before you can make all those big life changes you need to take stock of your priorities and where you are spending your time. “What we look for, what shifts towards our conscious mind, will present itself,” says Susan Sherbert, author of “A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses.” She continues, “Put more of those kinds of activities on the top of your priority list. Once you start to look for things in alignment with what you want, the opportunities will begin to appear right before your very eyes.” Whatever you make a priority is what your mind will seek out. How many times has someone tried to point out the reasons why we may be struggling or unhappy and given us advice, and we just won’t listen? Replace the squeaky wheel instead of greasing it. What’s Undermining Your Dreams? Take the Life Survey and Exercise from “UnderMind,” by Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros.