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Indianmuneem is one of the fastest growing Accounting Outsourcing Companies. We offer quality Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services in India for small, medium, and large business.

Cloud Accounting Services by Indian muneem. Indian Muneem — Indianmuneem is a renowned accounting organization... Cyber Security Facts and Stats: What You Need to Know for 2021! Cybersecurity issues such as data breaches, hacking and phishing are growing threats to businesses of all sizes.

Cyber Security Facts and Stats: What You Need to Know for 2021!

More than 15 billion records were issued in 2019 alone, an increase of 284% over the previous year, although the number of violations only increased by 1, according to the risk-based report% has increased. This compares with 10 years ago when only 103 million records were found out of 986 reported violations. This monumental growth requires companies to strengthen their defences and understand the threats they face every day. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on cybersecurity.

According to international law firm Reed Smith, online fraud increased by more than 400% in March 2020 compared to previous months. Cybersecurity statistics like these are critical to helping people and businesses identify the challenges and risks they face. Why Businesses Should Move to Cloud Accounting Services. In any industry, there is stiff competition between companies to become the most popular and popular brand with customers.

Why Businesses Should Move to Cloud Accounting Services

This also applies to the accounting industry, which thanks to the digital and modern era of 2021, has seen increases and changes in customer expectations. To meet these expectations, accounting firms need to streamline their processes to improve not only internal operations but customer service as well. One of the best approaches to this is to move your accounting processes to the cloud. As per the Statista & Accounting Today reports, 58% of the big business and 64.4% of small businesses uses cloud accounting. Therefore, the global market value of cloud accounting is $ 2.62 billion and could reach $ 4.25 billion by the end of 2023, explains Flexi.

Indian Muneem — Being a pioneering provider of afforadable... What Is the Quote-To-Cash Process by Indian muneem. Double Your Profit with These Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Services. Get ad free downloads and 1 TB of space.

Double Your Profit with These Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Services

Learn More Double Your Profit with These Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Services.pdf File size: 165.72KB Uploaded: 2021-03-18 00:22:34 About PDF Formats Portable Document Format (PDF) is a specific document file format. Upgrade to PRO for the best download experience. Bulk download folders Ad-free downloads Direct downloads Upgrade to Pro Like MediaFire on Facebook. Prioritizing Cyber-Security: Know Why?

As interaction with the COVID-19 positive person increases your chances of being infected, likewise, growing your digital business presence increases the likelihood of malicious hackers targeting your business; & accounting firms are no exception.

Prioritizing Cyber-Security: Know Why?

Accountancy firms are the cornerstone of the country’s economy. They handle financial reports from various companies (small or large) and help them pay their taxes. With such a crucial role in our economy and all this data, accounting firms are the primary targets of cyber threats, particularly during a hard time. Indian Muneem — The Advantages of finance and accounting... Learn how you can register for VAT in Onam? The path of starting up your own company can be a fascinating experience for any businessman.

Learn how you can register for VAT in Onam?

Any risk or effort you took to launch your company will ultimately be worth so much when you start profiting out of it. However, there are factors and criteria that you should be knowledgeable of when you have a business, like VAT registration. Tax Preparation Services by Indian muneem. Virtual Accountants Helping Small Businesses. Why Outsourcing is a growth sector for Accounting Firms? Who does the accounting for your company?

Why Outsourcing is a growth sector for Accounting Firms?

Do you use internal or external accounting and bookkeeping services? On the basis of my experience, many smaller firms and non-profit organizations have somebody internal to do this initially, since these organizations are originally focused on getting their key strengths fully operational, “wearing all the hats” during the early years. Over the last decade, however, more companies and non-profits have discovered the benefits of outsourced accounting and finance services. You should consider this pattern as well, as it could contribute to the strong future growth of your company. Whether it’s technology, the regulatory climate, or the needs and preferences of your customers/members, the world in which we live is evolving rapidly and we all need to adapt to this rapid pace. Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth About Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services!

Now is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Benefits of Outsou.. Slide 1: Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth About Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services Small to medium-sized businesses or small and medium-sized companies tend to outsource their accounting services since usually accounting is not a key competence.

Now is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Benefits of Outsou..

In reality only 42 of small businesses have a CFO or staff controller. This is most definitely the reason why 70 of smaller companies outsource tax preparation and about 50 of small businesses outsource payroll. Take a look at the advantages of outsourced accounting services: • Increase in profitability • Details on real-time • Expertise • Reduce risks of recruiting • Strengthen Business Continuity • Security Get in touch with our experts at to find out how we can help you run and expand your company. Need another PPP loan for your small business Here are the new rules? The legislature recently introduced, and the former President Trump signed, a new law offering financial help to individuals and businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Need another PPP loan for your small business Here are the new rules?

One thing of interest to small business owners in the merged Appropriations Act (CAA) is the ability to take out a new loan under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The CAA allows some smaller companies that have earned a PPP loan to borrow a “PPP Second Draw Loan” of up to $2 million. To apply, you have to Hire not over 300 workers per location;Have used or use your entire first PPP loan, andShow a reduction of at least 25% in gross revenues during the first, second or third quarter of 2020 compared to the same quarter of 2019. Applications submitted on or after 1 January 2021 are liable for total revenue from the fourth quarter of 2020. Why Virtual Accountant & The Benefits of Virtual Accounting? What Makes A Good Tax Service Provider.pdf. Why is Virtual Accounting the Future? Accounting is often required if you have a company.

Why is Virtual Accounting the Future?

Some company owners will do this on their own, while others will employ a skilled accountant. Usually, people are going to pay their taxes to an accountant. There is someone with whom they can sit, negotiate their finances, and then sign paperwork to pay their taxes or get a refund. Because of shifts in global culture, it might now be appropriate to pursue virtual accounting as the most idealized way of retaining this industry. How This Can Be Beneficial? As the Internet was first launched in the 1990s, people were curious whether online sales would be a trend. Is that risky? There is often a danger potential with moving content online. Payroll Management Services by Indian muneem. 7 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses in Australia you probably need to know! What if there is a reduction in the amount of money you pay?

7 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses in Australia you probably need to know!

In this blog post, we will discuss the various kinds of tax deductions you can claim and the conditions that you must apply for this deductible. General Rules in Claiming Tax Deductible Expenses Before proceeding to the list of expenditures and deductions that you may assert, let us first examine the general guidelines that you should follow: Only business-related costs can be claimed.If it is for the company and personal use, you can only demand a part of the revenue of your business operations.Keep your valid reports for five years to substantiate your statements. Indian Muneem — Why Outsource Accounting and Tax Preparation... The Fundamentals of Closing Your Books at Year End! Closing the books at the end of the year is a simple activity, and a good accounting system makes the whole process fairly basic. Subject to your business, the closing procedure involves yearly payments, ensuring that they are all properly classified.

Making adjustments of the entries for the operation of the firm must be done together with the search for errors or missing details in the results. New companies that close their first year frequently face major obstacles at the time of closure due to their ineptitude. However, adhering to the basics of the closing phase will guarantee that everything goes smoothly. More significantly, closing the books helps you to properly account for the company’s financial activities over the year, show the balances that will be carried forward to the coming year, and detail the financial results for the coming year.

Indian Muneem — What Is A Self-Managed Super Fund (Smsf)? How Technology Is Defining the Future of Accounting? The future of accounting is promising, with a predicted 10% growth in accountant and auditor work between 2016 and 2026, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Not only does the future of the accounting industry look bright, but the market is also expanding quickly with the advancement of technology. For example, automation, minibots, and artificial intelligence are becoming part of the finance team at a rapid pace at the Accenture consulting firm, as described in Forbes. Certain things may seem unique, but many organizations do use basic automated accounting procedures.

Here are only a few of the accounting functions and procedures that computers can conduct or optimize as per Forbes: on-board supplier, accounts payable, audits, purchasing, ordering, budget control, close processing, and customer queries. Indian Muneem — What Everyone Should Know About GST Reconciliation... What Are the Biggest Book-Keeping Challenges Small Businesses Face. Book-keeping and accounting are core aspects of any business. Small enterprises face difficulties in accounting and financial processes. Accounting is a structural and comprehensive record of financial transactions in a business. Indian Muneem — Looking for Tax Return Preparation Services... Here’s What You Need to Know About the Standard Deduction for 2020 Vs. 2021?

When you pay out your income tax return, you have a choice between a regular deduction and itemized deductions. You’re still always wanted to choose the higher one. As expected, the number of U.S. taxpayers claiming the standard deduction on their tax return was substantially higher after the tax reform legislation of 2017. Why is that? Because that law almost increased the standard deduction number. Even before legislation on tax reform, about two-thirds of all taxpayers reported taxable income.

Indian Muneem — How to File Vat Return in The UAE. All You Probably Need Know to About the VAT Coming to Oman! What Is VAT? Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a widely used tax system in the world with more than 100 nations using it. It is introduced at any point of the production of products. This does raise the cost of the product as the percentage of VAT applied in a country is added to the price of the said goods. Vat in Gulf Cooperation Council (Gcc) Contracts are in themselves risk mitigators at the best.

All You Need To Know About Switching Over To Xero! Accounting Outsourcing Company: A Great Solution! by Indian muneem. Covid-19 Changes In Stamp Duty And Vat!! The Next Big Thing in Covid-19 Changes in Stamp Duty and Vat. Come 2021, E-discovery is entering into a new decade of more demanding and vast data processing like never before. Data has been on an exponential growth this century and while we entering into the next decade, we will see more of it, purely because data is the most valued yet in baby steps processing due to the sheer size of the data that is being added every day. Managed Document Review provides the complete umbrella of end-to-end management of letting process the legal documents leveraging the best the technology can update and offer with the consistent Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow.

Indian Muneem — If You Want To Be A Winner, Here’s The Books Every... Top Benefits Of Outsourcing Accounting Services During Pandemic – Indian Muneem. As the Coronavirus epidemic surround companies across industries, the pressure on enterprises continue to deepen as they strive to handle business as normal. Medium and small businesses face unparalleled challenges in the light of interrupted operations and cash flow, worker shortage and constant pressure to ensure the safety of the workers. Businesses sought to do more with less money right before the outbreak when they juggled day-to-day activities with accounting, financing, enforcement, and risk management. Complex and time-consuming procedures, such as accounting that involve a high degree of accuracy have become more tedious and demanding now, due to limited resources, time and remote work schedules. Indian Muneem — The Ultimate Guide To Introduction Of Vat In Oman. A Small Business Guide For Closing Your Financial Year!! – Indian Muneem.

Making sure your financial statements are in order is key to your business’ success. Indian Muneem — How To File A Tax Return In New Zealand. How To Reconcile An Account In QuickBooks Online? – Indian Muneem. Account reconciliation is the mechanism by which your bank or credit card statement matches purchases entered into QuickBooks Online. This analysis should be conducted periodically, at least once a month when your statements are provided.

If you are logging in to QuickBooks online and manage it consistently every month, the process itself can be completed reasonably quickly. It is also important to understand how the non-deposited funds’ account is used to align your bank and credit card statements with the transactions in QuickBooks. How to Get Started with Double-Entry Accounting.pdf. Struggling To Close The Books: Why It’s Happening & How To Fix It!! – Indian Muneem. If you’re doing it at the end of every month, quarter or year, when you’re having troubles to close your books, what must be a crucial and routine job can start to feel like a notorious, but necessary evil — Focus on Evil. It sounds easy enough to enter monthly income, earnings, expenditure and losses in the journal for reconciliation and validation, and to reset temporary accounts to zero, it’s not the most thrilling job either.

Accounts Receivable Management. Data Security: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All! – Indian Muneem. Data Security: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All! – Indian Muneem. Inventory Management Services by Indian muneem. Payroll reconciliation services by Indian muneem. How A Part-Time CFO Can Resolve Common Business Cash Flow Problems – Indian Muneem. Most experts believe that to be productive, money coming in must be more than cash going out. Revenues are significant to the success of a business; however, it is often a sensitive matter for entrepreneurs. An incredible 82% of small businesses come up short due to cash-flow issues, making it the one reason small businesses overlap.

However, profits are a long way simple since it can cover a wide scope of issues. Continue perusing to find out about the common business cash flow issues and how CFO services could assist you with settling them successfully. Positive returns empower you to grow your business, putting resources into new pursuits or recruiting new workers. Cause of the Issue is Unknown: Identifying that you have an income issue is usually not difficult. Why Xero Accounting Makes So Much Sense For Business – Indian Muneem. Part Time CFO Services by Indian muneem. How Technology Adoption is getting the push with the spread of deadly Covid-19 – Indian Muneem. Accounting outsourcing company by Indian muneem. QuickBooks Accounting Services by Indian muneem.

Here’s The Trends That Will Revolutionize CPA Firms In 2021 And Beyond! – Indian Muneem. Indian Muneem — In our BAS services, we set up your BAS statement... How can Accounting Firms Rise to the Challenges of Covid-19 – Indian Muneem. THE A-Z GUIDE OF FUTURE OF ACCOUNTING PROFESSION POST COVID-19! – Indian Muneem. Accounting and Tax Outsourcing Services for AUS by Indian muneem. Here’s what you need to know about Job Keeper? – Indian Muneem.

Accounting and Tax Outsourcing Services for New Zealand by Indian muneem. Learn how Businesses can manage Accounts Receivable amid a Crisis? – Indian Muneem. Income Tax Returns Services by Indian muneem. How Coronavirus may affect companies financial reporting and auditing? – Indian Muneem. Book keeping and Accounting Services for Small business by Indian muneem. Why You Should Get Your Taxes Done By a Professional? – Indian Muneem. Tax Services: Tips on Effectively Choosing Tax Service Providers! Indian Muneem — Virtual Assistant Services - A Rewarding and... Filing Taxes? Look out for these Common Mistakes! – Indian Muneem. Indian Muneem — Accounting Outsourcing - Why Outsourcing Cuts... Why Xero Accounting Makes So Much Sense For Business – Indian Muneem. Xero accounting software—- An Impressive Program for Your Business Needs! – Indian Muneem.

Reasons Why Covid-19 Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Consider Outsourcing – Indian Muneem. Learn About the CFO’s Role in Helping Companies Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis – Indian Muneem. Cost Containment Strategy for CFO’s to Flatten the Curve amid Covid19 Downside Impact – Indian Muneem. How do you prepare Your Business for a Post-Pandemic World – Indian Muneem. Tips For a Stress-Free Tax Season. Welcome Back. How the QuickBooks Undeposited Funds Work? – Indian Muneem. Income Tax Returns Services by Indian muneem. Payroll Management Services.

Why you should outsource your Accounting Services post Covid 19 – Indian Muneem. Payroll Management Services. Indianmuneem - Accounting Outsourcing Company. Outsourcing Accounting Services - Providing Big Profits f... Outsourced Accounting Services. Few Qualities Not Every Outsourced Bookkeeping Service Provider Processes. Indianmuneem - Accounting Outsourcing Company. Bookkeeping and Accounting Services: What Do You Need. Indian Muneem — Things to Expect from Professional Staffing... COVID-19 lockdown: Learn how cloud-based accounting solutions can fight coronavirus lockdown – Indian Muneem.

Here Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Finance & Accounting Operations! – Indian Muneem. Learn Why it is Always Best to Outsource Bookkeeping & Accounting Services? – Indian Muneem. Best Accounting Software for Small Business in 2020 – Indian Muneem. Tax Season: Are you prepared for it? – Indian Muneem. Taxes 2020: Things you need to know About Filing Taxes – Indian Muneem. Learn how Outsource account receivable services Will Save you Time and Money! – Indian Muneem. Signs You Need Outsource Payroll Management Services! – Indian Muneem. Reasons why CPA Firms Outsource Tax Preparation Services?