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Indianmuneem is one of the fastest growing Accounting Outsourcing Companies. We offer quality Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services in India for small, medium, and large business.

AP Automation and How Does It Work? Most finance teams know too well, a manual accounts payable process can be error-prone and tiresome.

AP Automation and How Does It Work?

Working through piles of invoices, individually contacting appropriate approvers, and mailing checks are not only slow, but it also opens the firm up to fraud and makes audits painful. Accounts payable automation (AP automation) technology aims to provide a more expeditious, efficient, and accurate way to handle this back-end financial process. By eradicating manual processes and stacks of paper, AP automation can enhance your relations with partners and suppliers while saving time and money, reducing days outstanding (DSO), thus enhancing cash flow. What is AP Automation? AP automation technology automates everyday steps such as coding, routing for approval, receiving invoices, payment, and reconciliation.

Latest Report Proposes Significant Spike In AI, Machine Learning for Enterprise Cash Flow Forecasts! New IRS Rules For R&D Credits Causing Angst! The rules for registering and reporting R&D credits may change in 2022.

New IRS Rules For R&D Credits Causing Angst!

Companies with R&D costs may wish to plan ahead … learn more. Major changes to the tax treatment and filing requirements in Section 174 of the Internal Revenue and Research (R&E) Expenditure Revenue Code are expected to take effect next year. R&D expenses usually refer to R&D costs in an experimental or laboratory sense and include costs associated with activities to identify information that will eliminate uncertainty about product development or improvement. New rules require Amortization First, the changes called for by the Employment and Tax Reduction Act (TCJA), which seemed far-fetched and would barely take effect when the law was passed in late 2017, should now start in 2022 unless Congress takes action to reduce procrastination.

Old rules Presently, companies can choose or: Reduce R&D costs, including software development costs, during the year or paid, orUtilize and write off costs for at least five years. Here’s All You Need to Know About Effective Cash Flow Management Tips. Effective cash flow management means increasing your working capital so you can invest more in your business.

Here’s All You Need to Know About Effective Cash Flow Management Tips

The following tips will help you as a professional to manage your cash flow and build a healthy liquidity reserve. What will Budget 2022 mean for Irish business? The 2022 budget is forward-looking, but how will it affect business now and in the long run?

What will Budget 2022 mean for Irish business?

Here are the Key outcomes from household addresses. In the 2021 budget, we see an unprecedented level of financial intervention and funding in support of the Irish economy given the challenges created by COVID-19 and expectations of a no-deal Brexit. With more favorable business indicators compared to previous years, the 2022 budget is now focused on the post-COVID-19 era and building recovery and assurance in all sectors of the economy. Inflation The principal point of the finance minister’s budget speech was increasing attention to rising inflationary pressures despite the strong economic recovery. Apps Essential for Remote Working. Remote working is on the mount – and so are remote employees.

Apps Essential for Remote Working

Gone are the days of being bound to your desk all the time, but with this freedom comes certain challenges. Quote to Cash Solution. Quote-to-Cash is the process of driving revenue for your organization.

Quote to Cash Solution

It starts with your buyer’s intention to buy and ends with cash in the bank for your organization. What we do: Order management Invoicing Collections Helpdesk Dispute resolution Remittance processing Account reconciliations GL posting and reporting Customer master maintenance Credit note processing Deduction processing Periodical Consultations. How to Analyze if it is the Right Time to Switch to a Better Outsourcing Provider.

As the advantages of outsourcing become more noticeable to businesses, you may experience some hindrances with your outsourcing provider.

How to Analyze if it is the Right Time to Switch to a Better Outsourcing Provider

You may come across challenges, misunderstandings, and complications that would make you think twice about your chosen outsourcing company. You and your partner may require overcoming issues on decision making and project control like failure to meet deadlines and task divisions. You will be able to observe some differences in how your provider handles certain situations that would greatly affect your business. In certain cases, it may be easier for you to see the advantages of outsourcing services but most often you notice changes in your provider’s service level. How Accountants Can Help Small Businesses. The time when you start a business, you may invest a lot of time and energy to figure out how you can minimize the expenses.

How Accountants Can Help Small Businesses

Business owners might be sharp at keeping an eye on the cost spent on business. If you are yourself an accountant and have a stronghold on accounts procedures then you can figure out all the expenses. But if you lack proper knowledge about finance then it might hurt your business’s financial transaction. Some Ways Where an Accountant Can Help: Virtual accounting Services. A virtual accountant is an accountant with adequate knowledge and experience prepared to work for you at a moderately lesser pay without sharing your office space.

Virtual accounting Services

But irrespective of that you will be able to interact and monitor the work at your will. Standard terms and conditions: IM employees will work for 40 hrs.per week, 8 hrs. per day and 1792 hrs. per annum. Why is Virtual Accounting the Future? Accounting is often required if you have a company.

Why is Virtual Accounting the Future?

Some company owners will do this on their own, while others will employ a skilled accountant. Usually, people are going to pay their taxes to an accountant. There is someone with whom they can sit, negotiate their finances, and then sign paperwork to pay their taxes or get a refund. Because of shifts in global culture, it might now be appropriate to pursue virtual accounting as the most idealized way of retaining this industry. How This Can Be Beneficial? Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services in India. Payroll plays a significant role in holding up with employee satisfaction in the organization. It includes: · Salary payments · Tax withholding · Deduction from a paycheck.

Few Reasons How Payroll Became a Prime Candidate for Outsourcing During Work From Home. An annoyance, a burden, or an extra time-consuming service giving poor returns – payroll could frequently be viewed as an expense and time-intensive contribution in the accounting industry. However, since the beginning of the demand, two new trends became prevailing in the accounting business. With the start of the COVID-19 job retention scheme, the demand for payroll services has spiked for most accounting firms. Furthermore, with remote working becoming the standard, more accountants got used to outsourcing compliance work outside.

Why is Outsourcing considered the best Business Practice? Nowadays organizations are trying to operate on leaner budgets, therefore outsourcing becomes a great solution to reduce cost. We have listed some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing and make you understand the need for external support on accounting and tax. Reduce Costs: Most of the companies have made mistakes in training and hiring too-green accountants or accountants for low cost and convenience. Safeguard Your Small Size Business with These Cash Flow Strategies. Everything about your business can be awesome – your kin, your services, your promoting, and your market – but, no matter how flawless your business seems to be, you can in any case experience cash flow issues that could prove to be a risky affair for your company’s future. Whether you’re encountering a cash flow challenge now or need to stay safe from one, the following strategies will help you tackle the cash flow issues and safeguard your business.

Few strategies for Better Cash Flow Cash Flow Forecasting. Why is Accounting Automation an Essentiality for Accounting Outsourcing Companies Serving CPA Firms? Are you one of the many companies that worry about what to do with complex stacks of files and rows of data? Everything in this digital era, from ordering basic foods to complex health processes, is moving from manual to automated mediums. In this way, it became imperative for automation to enter the accounting landscape. The automation of accounting outsourcing has dramatically revolutionized the business of accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing companies. To keep up with the advanced market trends, it is a must to automate your outsourced accounting services with the most up-to-date tools, if you haven’t already. 2021 Brings New Wave of Outsourcing Accounting Services to India? The accounting industry, known to have one of the highest levels of accounting professionals in the world, is trying to do whatever it takes to neutralize the impact of Covid.

Industry profit increased compared to the previous year due to the improving financial situation. All About the Data Security Concerns When Outsourcing Accounting Services! Few Consequences of Bad Bookkeeping in your Business. Artificial Intelligence and Accounting & Finance. 4 AI Applications for High-Performance Accounts Payable Workflow? Expressions from a discussion between an Accountant and Layman. Layman – Hey Sidd, how are you, man? Accountant – Hello, I’m good.

Why is MYOB the best Accounting software from Data Security Perspective? MYOB has been the accounting software of choice for small and medium businesses since the 1980s. It started as a desktop software package that joined the band and launched its cloud solution in 2014. Part-Time CFO Services. How Business Can Take the Lead on Combating Climate Change? According to the United Nations, climate change is a global crisis that transcends national borders.

This is an issue that requires simplified agreements at all levels and global participation to help countries move towards low-carbon economies. It is time for the organization to launch a climate change action plan. To reap the benefits, it is important to explore business opportunities in climate change through internal analysis. This analysis will assist alternatives and reduce the byproducts of fossil fuels in an imaginable sense by reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. AI & Automation: What This Means for Accountants! For most, Artificial Intelligence outlines a picture of self-driving cars, robots automatic to build and move products, and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. A simple example of automation is the autofill of text in our e-mails and application forms, which has become a combined and seemingly unconscious process in our everyday lives.

Like the rapid increase of the digital age, AI and automation will transform our world. What opportunities and challenges does Blockchain technology present to auditors? Blockchain technology is a decentralized e-book that was first presented as a technology for cryptocurrencies for instance Bitcoin. The great appeal of blockchain technology can be accredited to the use of peer-to-peer networking technology coupled with cryptography, which allows two parties to securely conduct transactions with each other without requiring the services of a traditionally trusted intermediate in the form of a bank or a payment processing network. Why European CPA and Accounting Firms Should Outsource Work to India? QuickBooks accounting services by Indian muneem. How Cloud-Based Accounting Software Can Ease Your Work? How COVID-19 Has Shaped Business? Virtual Accounting by Indian muneem. Indian Muneem — If you are looking to employ an MYOB Accounting...

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Virtual Accountants Helping Small Businesses. Why Outsourcing is a growth sector for Accounting Firms? Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth About Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services! Now is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Benefits of Outsou.. Need another PPP loan for your small business Here are the new rules? Why Virtual Accountant & The Benefits of Virtual Accounting? What Makes A Good Tax Service Provider.pdf. Why is Virtual Accounting the Future? Payroll Management Services by Indian muneem. 7 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses in Australia you probably need to know! Indian Muneem — Why Outsource Accounting and Tax Preparation... The Fundamentals of Closing Your Books at Year End! Indian Muneem — What Is A Self-Managed Super Fund (Smsf)? How Technology Is Defining the Future of Accounting? Indian Muneem — What Everyone Should Know About GST Reconciliation... What Are the Biggest Book-Keeping Challenges Small Businesses Face.

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Why Xero Accounting Makes So Much Sense For Business – Indian Muneem. Part Time CFO Services by Indian muneem. How Technology Adoption is getting the push with the spread of deadly Covid-19 – Indian Muneem. Accounting outsourcing company by Indian muneem. QuickBooks Accounting Services by Indian muneem. Here’s The Trends That Will Revolutionize CPA Firms In 2021 And Beyond! – Indian Muneem. Indian Muneem — In our BAS services, we set up your BAS statement...

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