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Indian Crest Pediatrics

Pediatric office offering expert pediatrician care by board certified pediatricians including newborn care, physicals, sick care, minor emergencies, ADD, ADHD, immunizations, and more for your child. Indian Crest Pediatrics is a Pediatric medical office serving Arvada Westminster, Broomfield, and surrounding areas. We see children from newborn thru age 21 years. We offer numerous pediatric services including newborn care, well baby visits, physical exams, sick visits, minor emergency care including lacerations and some fractures, ADD and ADHD visits. We also offer a free Prenatal visit for new mom's and dad's to meet the physician and see the office.

Childhood Skin Cancer. When you hit the beach this summer, it’s important to be aware of the sun-related dangers and to take steps to prevent your entire family from skin damage and skin cancer.

Childhood Skin Cancer

You may not even be aware that skin cancer is possible in children and teens. But, while rare, pediatric skin cancer does occur. Types of Skin Cancer Basal cell carcinoma: Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer that starts in the basal cell layer of the skin and grows very slowly. Fortunately, it is highly treatable, especially when caught early. Causes The main cause of skin cancer is exposure to the sun. Risk factors include having fair skin, freckles, and blonde or red hair, a family history of skin cancer, or a history of severe sunburns. Symptoms Red flags of skin irregularities that may be cancerous include: The ABCDE rule is typically cited to help patients identify potential cancerous spots. Diagnosis and Treatment When in doubt, always see a doctor. Bacterial Pneumonia in Kids. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can be caused by a virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasites.

Bacterial Pneumonia in Kids

Bacterial pneumonia often begins with bacteria that has colonized the nose and mouth and moves down into the lungs. Some of the most common bacteria associated with causing pneumonia include Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumonia. Symptoms Bacterial pneumonia usually progresses fairly rapidly, with the first sign being a high fever and difficulty breathing. Other signs may include: Personal Hygiene for Teens. As your kids hit puberty and begin their tween and teen years, personal hygiene requirements begin to change along with their growing bodies.

Personal Hygiene for Teens

When is deodorant needed? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Eye Infection in Kids - Indian Crest Peds. Eye infections are somewhat a rite of passage for most families with young children.

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Eye Infection in Kids - Indian Crest Peds

Thankfully, the telltale red eye is no cause for concern. With proper treatment, the infection should clear up within a few days. Causes & Prevention of Fatigue in Children - Indian Crest Peds. A child who is feeling overly tired could be reacting to a simple sleep deficit or may be experiencing fatigue as the side effect of a variety of health conditions.

Causes & Prevention of Fatigue in Children - Indian Crest Peds

Sometimes fatigue can be temporary, such as during a stressful event, but when it lasts longer than a few weeks, it may be time to seek treatment. When in doubt, always consult a doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. Causes of Fatigue While fatigue can have many causes, the following are some of the most common culprits. Mental Health Issues: Anxiety and depression can occur at almost any age and can contribute to feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Sleep Disorders: Pediatric sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, or sleepwalking can affect both sleep quality and daytime energy levels. Anxiety Disorders in Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Anxiety disorders affect a large percentage of the population, and unfortunately, our children are no exception.

Anxiety Disorders in Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics

An estimated 1 in 8 youths will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some point during their childhood. Is it normal worry, or is it anxiety? So how can a parent tell if their child’s anxious feelings are just a phase or a sign of something deeper? Anxiety disorders are diagnosed by screening for specific criteria such as how often symptoms occur, how long they have been going on, and how much your child’s quality of life has been affected. 5 Common Childhood Respiratory Illnesses & Diseases - Indian Crest Peds. Respiratory illnesses and diseases are highly common in human beings.

5 Common Childhood Respiratory Illnesses & Diseases - Indian Crest Peds

During a child’s early years, respiratory diseases like the common cold are never far away. The respiratory system — comprised of the nose, throat, and lungs — works hard to let in all the oxygen we need while clearing out the carbon dioxide we don’t need. However, our noses and mouths are easy entry points for germs, viruses, and bacteria. Because a child’s immune system hasn’t fully developed, these invaders can cause some of the following common childhood respiratory illnesses and diseases.

Common Signs of Depression in Children - Indian Crest Peds. We commonly think of depression as something that only affects adults.

Common Signs of Depression in Children - Indian Crest Peds

However, in recent years, there has been a sharp rise in children and young adults diagnosed with depression and mental health problems. Kids might not always be comfortable talking about their mental health or may feel too embarrassed to talk about their symptoms. The good news is that the awareness of mental health is increasing worldwide, and there are now a wide variety of treatments available to help children manage any mental health problems they may have.

This post will highlight some of the common signs of depression in children and the different kinds of treatment available. Things to Look out For. Importance of High Fiber Diets for Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Fiber is an important element of a diet.

Importance of High Fiber Diets for Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics

It is found across all plant-based foods – grown all around the world. It helps in keeping the digestive system clean by removing harmful toxins from the body. Answering Questions About Kids Physical Therapy - Indian Crest Peds. What is physical therapy?

Answering Questions About Kids Physical Therapy - Indian Crest Peds

Physical therapy is the key to regaining strength, reducing pain, and improving mobility in children as well as adults. Pediatric physical therapy refers to sets of physical exercises and movements aimed at specific needs and muscles, for children and toddlers. A physical therapist can lead a range of exercises, starting with stretches and going on to strengthening exercises using equipment specially designed for your child’s needs. It can assist the unhindered growth of children as well as provide a speedy and monitored recovery from any injury. Why turn to physical therapy? Physical therapy is often a remedy to movement limitations faced by children who may have a limited range of motion due to injury, disease, or disability.

Identifying the need for physical therapy. A Quick Guide About Hearing Problems in Kids - Indian Crest Peds. The ears play a vital role in the development of your child—cognitively, emotionally, and socially. When your child is born, they will use their hearing to integrate and learn about the fascinating new world around them. However, hearing problems can have an impact on your child’s ability to develop speech and language. 3 Common Chronic Diseases in Children - Indian Crest Peds. From the moment your child is born, they will be at risk of ear infections, stomach bugs, and other viruses and bacteria. This is all part and parcel of growing up, and in many cases, treatment is simple and effective. There is an extensive immunization protocol that will help newborns develop their immune systems. Also, regular health screenings help to detect any diseases or developmental problems at an early age. However, some chronic conditions can be inherited or difficult to avoid altogether.

In this post, we will highlight three common chronic diseases in children. All You Need to Know About Infant Hair Loss - Indian Crest Peds. Hair loss is something that most of us usually associate with adults. However, it can also happen to babies during their first six months. In fact, some babies may be born with a good head of hair, then lose it all, only for it to grow back again. Watching your baby go bald may make you worry, but in the majority of cases, this is a regular cycle that will balance itself out. Read on to find why infant hair loss happens and what you can do about it. Why Does Infant Hair Loss Happen? Hair has a natural cycle of growth, followed by a resting period. Signs and Symptoms of Anemia in Kids - Indian Crest Peds. Anemia is a very common condition that occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells. It can also be caused by a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, as well as a deficiency of certain minerals. Causes, Symptoms & Prevention of ACL Injuries in Kids - Indian Crest Peds.

You may have heard about anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and how they often affect professional sports players. While these kinds of injuries are much more common in adults, kids can still suffer from this injury. Kids who play a lot of contacts and high-impact sports are at a much higher risk. If you or your child suspect that they have an ACL injury, it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Read on to find out more about the causes, symptoms, prevention of ACL injuries in kids. How to Prevent Food Poisoning in Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Food poisoning is something that we likely will all suffer from at some point in our lives.

That is because we can’t see, smell, or taste the organisms that cause food poisoning. As adults, we will be able to identify food that has gone bad or is out of date, but kiddos might not be so aware. Food poisoning is an unpleasant experience for anyone, but kids tend to be at higher risk from reacting to certain bacteria and toxins, which can cause upset tummies. Top Stress-Free Tips to Choose Clothes for Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics.

As your child starts walking and talking, they are likely to start developing strong feelings toward things they like and dislike. One area that has the potential to become a battleground is the choice of what clothes they should wear. 4 Common Causes of Behavioral Problems in Children - Indian Crest Peds. Raising kids can be a very stressful experience, especially when they start misbehaving. It is very common for children to act out and throw tantrums from time to time. Top Natural Allergy Medicine for Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics. As fall sets in, you may notice an increase in seasonal allergic symptoms. 6 Easy To Prepare Healthy Snacks For Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics. You may often be shocked at how much your kids want to eat. Even after they have had a main meal, they may still ask if they can have a snack.

For many kids, that may mean looking longingly at the cookie jar, but these kinds of snacks are high in sugar and salt, which aren’t great for your kids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with snacking in-between meal times, but it needs to be carefully managed and fulfill their daily nutritional needs. Here are some ideas on healthy snacks for children which are delicious, nutritious, and friendly on the food budget.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. 5 Eye Caring Tips For Parents This Fall - Indian Crest Pediatrics. The eyes are a vital part of the human body, which require a lot of loving care. Healthy eyes play a major role in the development of your child. So, it always makes sense to be proactive when it comes to looking after your kid’s vision. Internet Safety Tips for Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Four Common Causes of Child Pneumonia and Their Symptoms - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can vary in severity. Kids under five tend to be more at risk because their immune systems haven’t developed fully yet.

Five Top Flu-Fighting Tips for Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics. It can be upsetting when your kid comes down with the flu. How to Boost Your Child's Immune System in 6 Easy Steps - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Your child getting sick is something which you will experience numerous times as their immune system starts to develop. As they have limited immunity to lots of bugs, they will get sick at some point. A Quick Guide to Ear Infections and How to Heal Ear Infections Naturally in Kids - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Quick Facts on the Signs and Symptoms of Concussions in Children - Indian Crest Pediatrics. Four Top Foods That Help ADHD Symptoms - Indian Crest Pediatrics.