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Backbone.js Screencast - Introduction and Views => joey beninghove
Update 2011-08-19.Tweet from JSDoc’s creator, Michael Mathews: Awesome article about JSDoc. I learned (er remembered) a few things from reading it myself! via @rauschma JSDoc is the de facto standard for documenting JavaScript code. An introduction to JSDoc An introduction to JSDoc
DHTMLX Touch (Alpha) – Web Framework for Mobile & Touch Devices
Accordion v2.0 Demo
This is the first post of many about the Prototype AJAX library. For me it fills the same void that commons-lang fills in Java, which is that it includes functions to perform the common tasks that you seem to do over and over again. In this post I will cover the Form object, and all of it's methods. Prototype.js : Form Prototype.js : Form
Excerpted from Professional Ajax 2nd Edition by Nicholas C. Zakas With the popularity of Ajax applications exploding in 2005, developers and companies began looking for ways to streamline the process. As with many common programming practices, Ajax involves a lot of repetitive procedures that can be identified and simplified for common use. It wasn't long before JavaScript developers started introducing libraries to ease the redundant and sometimes quirky behavior of Ajax communication techniques. Article : Ajax in Prototype Article : Ajax in Prototype