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India Gems

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry | Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry. In the Business of Happiness India Gems has created a unique space for itself in the Wholesale Jewelry trade. We deal in Sterling Silver Jewelry since 2004. In today's era of cheap jewelry, we have ensured to provide choicest wholesale gemstones, wholesale jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, gemstones jewelry at best prices, time and again. We, with immense pride, attribute our consistent success to our customers, who invited us in their lives like family.

Our customers stayed with us through thick and thin, in the changing dynamics of the wholesale jewelry and sterling silver jewelry world. Our gemstone jewelry is always favored by our customers, as we have a great variety in wholesale gemstones stocks. From purchasing of the stones, to the skillful making of our famed handcrafted Necklace, our traditional artisans are the true showmen! The bottom-line of success is always 'happiness of all', in the whole process of becoming successful. 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry : Labradorite Sterling Silver Bracelet. 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry : Larimar Jewelry Collection for Sale. 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry : Etsy : NaturalGemJewels.

Larimar Stone Jewelry. is blue, and an awfully pretty blue at that. It’s a lot of sturdy and longer carrying than several of the opposite non-faceted gemstone or mineral on the market. It makes up into lovely beads and nice pendants. Generally known as Pectolite, Larimar (many times misspelled: Lorimar) may be a rare blue sort of the mineral Pectolite, and is found solely in the Dominican republic within the Caribbean. Though Pectolite is found in several locations worldwide, none have the distinctive volcanic blue coloration of Larimar. This blue color, distinct from that of different Pectolites, is that the results of cobalt substitution for calcium. Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue. The most vital rock of Larimar is found at Los Chupaderos, in the section of Los Checheses, regarding 10kilometers southwest of the city of Barahona, in the south-western region of the Dominican Republic.

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