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Independent Pharmacy Distributor

Independent Pharmacy Distributor is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler that distributes FDA approved generic, brand and Over-the Counter products. We service a wide range of customers, including Independent Retail Pharmacies, Retail Chains, Hospitals and Long-Term Care Providers.

Skin Care: Buying Lotions and Moisturizers. Moisturizing your skin daily is vital in keeping it healthy.

Skin Care: Buying Lotions and Moisturizers

Many experts swear by skin care, yet many still see this as an aesthetically-inclined habit. Skin care is not only for keeping your skin soft and blemish-free, it also helps prevent skin diseases and even cancer. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, it is also the organ that is most exposed to the harsh outdoors. So investing in your creams and lotions should be part of your priority. Building the Perfect First-Aid Kit. We have all needed a first-aid kit at some point in our lives.

Building the Perfect First-Aid Kit

It’s no exaggeration that a well-stocked first-aid kit is something you need to have with you at home or on-the-go. What you include inside your kid will vary on your needs, habits, as well as your distance to medical help. But there are a few basic items and ointments that we at Independent Pharmacy Distributor think you should most definitely have. Home first-aid kits should contain medical products that can treat minor illnesses like colds or the flu, as well as minor injuries like first-degree burns, cuts, sprain, and strains. How to Properly Treat First-Degree Burns by Yourself. First-degree burns are common.

How to Properly Treat First-Degree Burns by Yourself

We’ve all experienced one at some point. It could be from touching a hot stove or burning our fingertips on a curling iron. Proper Ways to Use Cream and Ointment. Cream and ointment are put on to the skin to decrease irritation in conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and allergic skin reactions.

Proper Ways to Use Cream and Ointment

The most vital thing to recall by creams and ointments is to use them very lightly. It will reduce the quantity of engrossed over the skin into the body. Medical Supply in Lexington, North Carolina would like to help you thrive the purpose of your cream and ointment, so we have offered some tips: For starters, you might find cream and ointment bottle cover tightly closed. You can jab this cover by overturning the pipe’s lid and pressing it to the terminal of it.Rinse the involved area of skin. Vitamin C and COVID-19. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is naturally present in some foods and is also available as over-the-counter products.

Vitamin C and COVID-19

Ascorbic acid is a great antioxidant and can lessen inflammation, which could help improve the body’s immune function. Vitamin C has long been believed to be great prevention and remedy for the common cold. This explains the claims that high doses of vitamin C can protect against or shorten the duration of COVID-19. What You Should Know About Ophthalmic Medications. Your eyes do not get enough credit.

What You Should Know About Ophthalmic Medications

Every day, they perform endless tasks without you even being aware of them. Since your eyes work so hard, there may come a point when their health gets affected. You may end up with an eye condition, such as eye dryness or glaucoma. Simple Eating Habits to Start a Healthy Lifestyle. Starting a healthy eating pattern focuses on fresh, whole foods, and contrary to what the majority thinks, it can be easy and enjoyable as long as you stick to the few guidelines and remain committed to starting a healthier lifestyle.

Simple Eating Habits to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Below are some tips you need to start: Limit refined carbs Refined carb consumption has been linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, fatty liver, and obesity. Boost Your Immune System with Our Help. Your body has its own defense system against viruses and infections, which is why it is important to boost your immunity.

Boost Your Immune System with Our Help

You can help your immune system function well by eating healthily, exercising regularly, and having an overall healthy lifestyle. You can also purchase over-the-counter products such as vitamins and supplements which can aid in boosting your immune system. Learning More About Over-the-Counter Drugs. Americans spend billions of dollars on over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to treat minor ailments, such as headaches, colds, and allergies.

Learning More About Over-the-Counter Drugs

Most of the time, over-the-counter products are taken responsibly, which often results in safe and almost immediate relief for the patient. However, some people still choose to abuse the OTCs, thinking that these are not as harmful as prescription drugs or illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. What most people fail to realize is that even OTCs, when misunderstood, abused, or mixed with other foods and drugs, can be dangerous. Take note that there are over 14 versions of Advil and 20 different kinds of Tylenol.

It’s very easy for someone to accidentally overdose. Independent Pharmacy Distributor, a provider of high-quality and affordable Medical Supply in Lexington, North Carolina, is here to present a list of terms you might find on the packaging of OTCs and what they mean. Why You Should Switch from a Pharmaceutical Retailer to a Wholesaler. Looking for a reliable provider of wholesale medications and medical supply in Lexington, North Carolina?

Why You Should Switch from a Pharmaceutical Retailer to a Wholesaler

Whether you’re managing an independent retail pharmacy, a retail chain, a hospital, and other long-term healthcare facilities, you can trust Independent Pharmacy Distributor to be the steadfast partner for all your wholesale pharmaceutical needs. Precautionary Measures When Treating Burns. One of the most common forms of accidents is burns. Whether it is a chef at work, a mother who is cooking a meal, or a boy scout who is trying to create fire, any of them can be the next victim. No one is safe from getting burnt. What You Need to Know about Nutritional Supplements. Nutritional supplements are one of the first things that people resort to when it comes to their health. While there are a lot of people who believe in its efficacy, there are also some who are skeptical about it.

Life Hack: Save Money on Medication Cost. Health care costs can be expensive, especially for those with maintenance medication. At Independent Pharmacy Distributor, we understand that it’s not on top of everyone’s to-do list. We rounded up some life pro tips on how you can save your money on your medications. Choose generic drugs. Just because it’s generic doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Ask our pharmacist for FDA approved generic medicines that are just as effective with the branded medicines but at a lower cost.Know your copays. Follow these tips so that you don’t have to break the bank for your medicines. First Aid Inside Your Medicine Cabinet. Drug Overdose: Know When to Step In to Help. As opposed to illegal or prescription drugs, you don’t exactly expect a lot of studies for overdose from FDA approved generic medications because the latter is intended to be low-dose on the body and with little impact.

However, if a patient, for whatever reason, takes multiple medications in a short period or mixes a variety of them, it can result in a drug overdose. If a patient isn’t careful about their prescriptions, they can overdose on over-the-counter products in Lexington, North Carolina. As a result, they may experience critical symptoms. The high dosage can also hurt their vital organs that can eventually lead to serious health problems. According to a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, many people have called the emergency hotlines when they or someone they know start experiencing symptoms, such as breathing problems, excess vomiting, or high blood pressure. Suicide attempts by drug overdose are a growing healthcare issue in our world today. Stocking and Storing Over-the-Counter Medicines at Home. Reading the Drug Label Helps Avoid Medication Errors. We want to emphasize the importance of reading drug labels and instructions to avoid medication errors.

Drug labels enable people to know what the purpose of a specific medicine is. Over time, they change, too, which is why people must read the directions carefully before buying or taking the drug. Customers or patients can find instructions in the drug label of over-the-counter products in Lexington, North Carolina. 3 Ways You Can Prevent an Accidental Overdose. It’s important that you use the right dosage of Over-the-Counter Products in Lexington, North Carolina. Why? It’s not just for the sake of compliance! Guiding Patients to Prevent Medication Errors. As a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, we value the importance of medication adherence. Five Things You Need to Know about Generics. There are at least two types of medicines in the market. 6 Things to Remember When Using Injectables. 3 Common Questions About OTC Meds, Answered!

There are a lot of FDA approved generic medications in the market. Checklist: Asking about Medicine Interaction. The OTC Medicine Label: What You Must Know. Finding the Best Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable? Why Take Nutritional Supplements? Choosing the Right OTC Medicines for Your Family. 5 Things You Should Consider When Starting a Pharmacy. 5 Reminders to Help You Use OTC Meds Safely. Medications Prices in Every Stage. Pointers on Buying Wholesale Drugs from Distributors. Should You Order Generic Medications for Your Pharmacy?

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