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Art Gallery - displaying images in a nice way. Developer Network: Using OAuth with the LinkedIn APIs. Overview Follow the few easy steps below to make your first LinkedIn API call using OAuth 2.0.

Developer Network: Using OAuth with the LinkedIn APIs

We expect most new developers will prefer using OAuth 2.0 to implement authorization with LinkedIn APIs. Compared to its predecessor, OAuth 1.0a, the protocol is simpler and much easier to implement. However, for those applications that still need to support it, we do continue to provide legacy support for OAuth 1.0a. Developer Network: Share on LinkedIn. Terms of Use Use of the widgets is subject to express terms of use in the Widget License Agreement.

Developer Network: Share on LinkedIn

By using a widget, you agree to abide by these terms. Sharing an article from your site with LinkedIn is easy. By presenting your users with a simple parameterized link, your readers will be able to share articles they find interesting to their LinkedIn network. Typical User Flow.