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Encased LG G6 Cases: Multi-pronged Approach to Protect Your Smartphone. It is time to change your LG G6 accessories.

Encased LG G6 Cases: Multi-pronged Approach to Protect Your Smartphone

The smartphone was launched earlier this year, in February 2017, and for a true-blue LG G6 lover, four months is a pretty long time for an accessory. You can begin with the best LG G6 cases that can protect your phone and elevate its beauty quotient. When it comes to beauty and protection, you should make no compromise and go for the best brand. Encased believes in details, and therefore, the brand delivers satisfactory results. The cases made by Encased not only promise full protection but also add beauty to your smartphone. Scorpio R5 Premium Tough Protection (Impact Armor) In association with Maverick Labs, Encased has developed this premium, tough protector for your LG G6.

Buy it from Amazon Premium Vegan Leather Case from Artura Collection If you are looking for aesthetic perfection, you should go for this premium vegan leather case from Artura collection by Encased. Order it from Amazon LG G6 Tough Case from Rebel Series Shop it from Amazon. Best Facebook Cover Photo Maker Apps for iPhone and Android. Facebook has become a part of everyone’s life and its profile cover page is often conceived as the initial impressions of someone’s personality.

Best Facebook Cover Photo Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Be a self-equipped designer to create ideal impressions demonstrating your personality, attitude, thoughts and feelings through Facebook cover creator apps for iPhone and Android phones. Creativity has reached its new levels with so many Facebook cover creator apps. Simply, download an appropriate app and start using it for beautiful cover photos. These apps generally give you numerous landscape as well as photographic features which you can edit and use the way you want. Given are some of the best options for Facebook cover creator apps for iOS and Android devices. How to Use iMessage on Windows PC or Laptop [Guide] Messages app on iPhone and iPad has seen many welcome changes in iOS 10.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC or Laptop [Guide]

This must have inspired many Windows users to use iMessage on PC. Recently, many Windows users have asked this question about Apple’s iMessage for Windows PC. This has established Apple’s supremacy over communication arena even as there are so many free chat clients like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype and more. As a matter of fact, many Apple fans have developed a sort of fascination with stock Apple apps, and therefore, they don’t like the idea of using third-party apps. If you want to use iMessage on your Windows computer or laptop, follow the two methods given here.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Cases: Get Extended Battery Support & Protection for Your Device. Samsung Galaxy S8 has received overwhelming response since its launch.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Cases: Get Extended Battery Support & Protection for Your Device

With its popularity, the requirement for its accessories has also increased and reaching its maximum heights. One of the popular accessories available in the market is the best Galaxy S8 Battery Cases which are quite unique and high in demand. A battery case not only ensures an extended battery support but also protects your phone from day to day damage. Here are some of the promising and best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases for you to review and select one. #1. How to Offload Apps in iOS 11 to Free Storage: Three Methods Explained. With the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, every Apple product user was happy to see the minimum storage capacity of 32GB.

How to Offload Apps in iOS 11 to Free Storage: Three Methods Explained

But for a pro-user, this space is nothing. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a facility to use microSD card, and therefore, iPhone users have to face the problem of low storage space. Thankfully, in iOS 11, Apple rolled out a feature to offload apps in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad to free storage. What is Offloading Apps in iOS 11? When you offload an app in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11, the app in question is deleted from your device. How to Download and Install watchOS 4 Beta on Your Apple Watch.

Best 42 Hidden iOS 11 Features Not Revealed by Apple During WWDC 2017. How to Send iMessage with Screen Effects in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad. How to Create a macOS High Sierra USB Installer. How to Set up, Locate, and Ring Find My Device on Android. How to Use Apple Pay without a Credit Card or Debit Card. Apple Pay is one of the best features every iPhone user would appreciate.

How to Use Apple Pay without a Credit Card or Debit Card

It makes shopping supremely easy as you can quickly make payments by showing your iPhone to the terminal. But not all countries have accepted Apple Pay; moreover, there are many banks that do not support Apple Pay. You wish you could use Apple Pay without a credit card. But there is always a workaround. How to Remove Alexa Devices from Amazon Account. There is no obvious reason to remove Alexa devices from Amazon account.

How to Remove Alexa Devices from Amazon Account

But there are many users who want to sell their Amazon Echo or other Alexa devices. If you have made up your mind to sell Alexa devices, you need to deregister those devices frist from Amazon account. And this process may not be as easy as it sounds. How to Check AppleCare Warranty Status on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Every product from Apple comes with a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and hardware failures.

How to Check AppleCare Warranty Status on iPhone, iPad and Mac

With the help of AppleCare, you can extend that one year period to another two-three years. Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers: Stay Mobile While Charging Your Smartwatch. Gone are the days when we used to get battery changed for the wrist watches.

Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers: Stay Mobile While Charging Your Smartwatch

With frequent technology updates, nothing is left unaltered. Apple’s creation of iWatch is just an extension of this most successful brand out in the market wherein you can simply charge your watch’s battery like you charge your phone. So here we have listed down some of the best Apple Watch portable chargers which will enable you to make the most out of your watch and its accessory. #1. Oittm Ottim’s best Apple Watch keychain charger is Apple MFi certified. Buy it from Amazon #2. Best Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android: Utilize Natural Resources to Power Up Smartphones. Solar energy is definitely a resource, which could further be put to usage in different ways.

Best Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android: Utilize Natural Resources to Power Up Smartphones

While so many industries are taking advantage of solar power, digital gadgets never want to lag behind. Many smartphone accessories makers took initiative and manufactured solar phone charger that can charge your smartphones. So, here we have listed some of the best solar power banks for iPhone and Android which not only promise product satisfaction and 100% utility but also enable you to move towards utilizing natural resources effectively. Take a look at solar phone chargers given below and buy the best one for your mobile phone. #1. iPowerHouse Made from environment friendly material, iPower’s solar phone charger can charge your device up to 4 times.

How to Make iPhone Speak Caller Name or Number. In a day, you receive many calls on your iPhone; but not all calls deserve your instant attention. There are many calls that can be answered later. But how will you decide which calls need to be answered right away? You are using an iPhone 7 wallet case and therefore, cannot see the name of the caller. This is where you can make iPhone speak caller name.

There is a cool built-in feature in your iOS 10 Phone app on iPhone that makes iPhone announces calls. Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone. Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Phone app. How to Create Digital Business Card on iPhone and iPad. Gone are the days when business owners used to exchange business cards with each other. You are now in digital era, where digital business cards are highly appreciated. So, here is a wonderful app that helps you create digital business card on iPhone and iPad.

Switchit is the name of the game. This iOS app is your best companion to instantly create a digital business card that displays your name, phone, web address, physical address, email and more. The concept of this app is appreciable but it is not properly tested by the software testers at Switchit. How to Set up Auto-Respond Text Message on iPhone and Android Phone. Driving a car requires your 100% attention as it may cause a fatal accident if you lose your attention even for a microsecond. This clearly means that while you are driving, you can’t or rather must not reach out to your smartphone to check who is calling or sending you messages.

Distracted driving causes countless deaths and injuries across the globe every year. To evade any such situation, you need to set up auto respond text messages on iPhone and Android phone. According to statistics, every day, 8 people die and 1161 get injured in the US because of distracted driving. Apart from their desire to answer the phone, people love to watch their faces in the mirror, take selfies, or eat foods. Best 4K Monitor 2017: Watch Visual Extravaganza on 4K Monitors. Buying a computer screen or a monitor to support your MacBook and play stations has never been easy task. The market is huge, and to find the best pick for you can be a challenge and may take ages. In the world of 4k monitors now, let us help you finding the best 4k monitors to limit and end your search! Here is the list for your reference. Hope you will find this useful! #1. LG’s ultrafine 4K display monitor the fine color to life which makes it one of the best 4k monitors for Mac. How to Install Fuchsia OS On Your Android Phone.

Keep innovating. This is the mantra Google has always adopted. And the result is Fuchsia OS, which is currently being developed by Google only to replace Android and Chrome OS (fingers crossed). Google has updated Fuchsia OS with a User Interface, and therefore, you can try Fuchsia OS on your Android devices. So, go ahead and install Fuchsia OS on Android Phone. The User Interface (UI) of Fuchsia OS is called Armadillo, and it is made available for public for the first time. All you need is an APK file installed on your smartphone.

Step #1: Before you download an APK file, you need to enable installation from unknown sources. How to Connect Oculus Account with Facebook Account. You have begun to livestream from Gear VR to Facebook, and we know that it is an awesome experience for you. During the process, you are required to connect Oculus account with Facebook account. Many users must have already done this, but there are quite a few who have no idea how to connect Oculus account with Facebook account. How to Use GIF-Making Feature in Galaxy S8. It is always exciting to explore hidden features in your smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 phones have an excellent feature: Edge panel. How to Enable and Use one-handed Mode on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. Galaxy series from Samsung is known for its large-sized smartphone in the world market. Best Galaxy S8 Clear Cases: Showcase Original Personality of Your Smartphone.

After the gala launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, the demand for its accessories has hit the market with a rising number of people asking for different accessories for Galaxy S8. You could easily find a wide range of options to decide which accessory you want, however it is definitely a tiresome task which asks for a lot of your time. Hence, to make your life easier, we have listed the most sought-after accessories: best Galaxy S8 clear cases. The first and foremost requirement is of a case which will safeguard your device from daily wear and tear and to avoid all the hassle, we have listed down some of the clear cases for Galaxy S8, which will not only help you decide faster but gives you the description under one roof. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Random Reboots Issue.

After spending a few hundred bucks on buying a smartphone, you are not ready to face any irritating trouble like your phone is randomly restarting. How to Create Live Stream on YouTube and Go Live. YouTube is not only accessed to watch interesting videos and movies. Rather, people want to create contents as they want to produce and publish their own contents via YouTube. Perhaps, it is YouTube which has given birth to citizen journalism in this digital age. How to Set Event Reminder in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android. With so many chat clients available on the market, Facebook Messenger has surely broken the clutter by launching awesome features. The latest one is the way you can set event reminders In Facebook Messenger. If you have created a group of friends on Facebook Messenger, you can set event reminder in Messenger.

Normally, people like to create groups on WhatsApp, but this chat client doesn’t offer any feature to create event or reminders. How to Reset Samsung Gear VR Controller. Gear VR Controller is an amazing product for those who love to play games and watch movies. But sometimes, this Controller behaves weirdly and this makes you indignant. How to Turn Off Icon Notification Badges on Galaxy S8. If you have moved from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 recently, you must have noticed many changes in the way you receive notifications on your apps.

On your iPhone, apps display number of unread notifications on the app icon – on top right corner. SOBRO from StoreBound: A Smart Coffee Table to Chill Out With. Lifeless furniture in your home has always showcased its aesthetics to surprise your guests for a few moments. How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone and Android. Best Games for Samsung Gear VR : Get Exemplary and Full of Life Gaming Experience. How to Boot Galaxy S8 or S8+ into Recovery Mode or Download Mode. iPhone Secret Codes Tricks and Hacks: Unlock Hidden Features and Settings on Your iPhone. How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via iMessage from iPhone. Best Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro/Air: Enhance the Power Performance of Your Laptop. How to Fix Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Battery Life Issue. How to Remap Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. How to Use Joy-Con Controller to Play Video Games on Mac.

Best Moto G5 Plus Cases and Covers: Unique Designs and Efficient Protection for Your Prized Possession. 7 Best Micro SD Card for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Boost Storage Capacity of Your Smartphone. How to Set Up and Use Samung Gear VR. List of Samsung Secret Codes: Fix Technical Issues on Your Smartphone. Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus : Charge Up Your Smartphone In a Jiffy. How to Lock Photos and Files on iPhone or iPad. Best 360 Camera Apps for iPhone and Android: Use Panorama Apps to Click Beautiful Pictures. How to Set Up Fingerprint Sensor, Iris Scanning, and Face Recognition on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. How to Activate YouTube’s Dark Mode. How to Restore and Disable App Drawer Button on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. How to Fix Android Screen Overlay Detected Error.

How to Fix 'Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed' Error on Android. How to Block Pop Ups on Android Phone by Pop Up Blocker on Android. Best USB Type C Cables: Give Your Phone Quick Charge. How to Activate YouTube’s Dark Mode. My iMessage isn’t Working: How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone. The Apple iPhone 8: Everything We Know About It! Best Huawei P9 Cases and Covers : Create a Solid Impression with Elegant Cases. How to Take and Edit Video and Photos in Clips App [Detailed Guide] How to Add Soundtracks and Music to Clips App [Guide] How to Download Spotify in India on iPhone or iPad. How to Use Nintendo Switch Controllers with NES Classic Edition [Guide] Best Moto G5 Plus Cases and Covers: Unique Designs and Efficient Protection for Your Prized Possession.

How to Use Amazon Music Unlimited with Amazon Echo Devices. Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands: Personalize Your Fitness Tracker Every Day. How to Use Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker. How to Use Optimized Storage in macOS Sierra. How to Add or Change Nintendo Accounts in eShop on Switch. How to Access Nintendo eShop from Any Country. 11 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectors: Keep Your Phone’s Delicate Screen Intact. 23 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers : Protect Your Magnificent Smart Device. Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors: Shield Your Phone Screen with Simple Efficiency. Best Printers for Mac: Get High Quality Prints from Powerful Printing Options.

Best Android Games 2017: Free the Excitement of Virtual World. Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Cases: Charge Your Galaxy S7 Smartphone On the Go. How to Install Bixby on Any Samsung Device Running Android Nougat. 11 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Car Chargers. Best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Wireless Chargers: Charge Your Smartphone in an Elegant Way. How to Save Live Instagram Videos on iPhone and Android Phone. How to Find or Track Lost Android phone. 18 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cases: Protect Your Phone with Superior Competence. 8 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases: Indispensible Armor with Nifty Utility for Your Device.

How to Fix Call Failed on iPhone 7/7 Plus or iPhone 6/6s Plus in iOS 10. 11 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases: Elegant and Delicate Protection for Your Dazzling Superstar. How to Change Email Address Linked With Your Apple ID. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus: VR, VR Controller, DeX, and Gear 360. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Features, Specifications, and Price. Apple Releases iOS 10.3: Check out the new add-ons and features. How to Clear or Delete Snapchat Conversations History on Your iPhone and Android. How to Access Kaomoji on Your iPhone and iPad. How to Use Snapchat Lenses to Get Face Effects on iPhone and Android. How to Erase iPhone or iPad Data Remotely via iCloud. How to Unlock Android Phone with Fitbit. How to Add, Remove and Rerrange Buttons from Touch Bar Control Strip on MacBook Pro. How to Use Alexa on Your iPhone. How to Use Multiple iPhone or iPad Devices with One Computer. How to Set up Parental Controls App for Nintendo Switch.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Nintendo Switch. How to Take 360 Photos on iPhone and Android Smartphone. How to Download and Install Android O on Google Pixel or Nexus. Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Red Cases: Make a Splash with Superior Style with Protection.