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Open Source Python/Django CMS Framework from Fusionbox. United States of America (us) — django-localflavor 1.0 documentation. Rbarrois/factory_boy. CMS: a fresh take on content management. Django-inlinetrans 0.4.12bdev-r70. Is a django application that allows the translation of django templtes from the rendered html in the browser Inlinetrans is a django application that allows the translation of django templates from the rendered html in the browser.

django-inlinetrans 0.4.12bdev-r70

Once you have your templates internationalized with inlinetrans, you can click on the untranslated messages in their corresponding web pages to add their translations. This can be of great help for translators, as they will be able to translate the messages right in their intended context. A templatetag, inline_trans (or itrans), intended as a replacement for django's trans.A management command, inline_makemessage, intended as a replacement for django's makemessages.A translation bar to show translatable messages, by default visible only to staff members (you can change this behavior with the variable USER_CAN_TRANSLATE, add it in the settings) Once you have translated all messages in a page, you can click on "apply changes" on the translation bar. Or: Django-inplaceedit 0.94. Lincolnloop/python-qrcode.

Django charts. Clintecker/django-chunks.


Crucialfelix/django-ajax-selects. Stephenmcd/tastypie-msgpack. Disqus/django-mailviews. Django Daguerre — Django Daguerre 1.0 documentation. Applegrew/django-select2. Noirbizarre/django-ember. Ottoyiu/django-cors-headers. Maps. Testing. API frameworks & JS Front. Asaglimbeni/django-datetime-widget. Sorl/sorl-thumbnail. Carljm / django-model-utils / source / Django model mixins and utilities.

carljm / django-model-utils / source /

Installation Install from PyPI with pip : Carljm/django-model-utils. Yourlabs/django-cities-light. Django FileBrowser Documentation — Django FileBrowser 3.5.2 documentation. Media-Management with Grappelli.

Django FileBrowser Documentation — Django FileBrowser 3.5.2 documentation

This documentation covers version 3.5.2 of the FileBrowser. Note. Amazon S3 — django-storages 1.1.8 documentation. There are two backend APIs for interacting with S3.

Amazon S3 — django-storages 1.1.8 documentation

The first is the s3 backend (in storages/backends/ which is simple and based on the Amazon S3 Python library. The second is the s3boto backend (in storages/backends/ which is well-maintained by the community and is generally more robust (including connection pooling, etc...). s3boto requires the python-boto library. Settings¶ This setting sets the path to the S3 storage class, the first part correspond to the filepath and the second the name of the class, if you’ve got in your PYTHONPATH and store your storage file in, the resulting setting will be: DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'libs.storages.S3Storage.S3Storage' or if you installed using DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'storages.backends.s3.S3Storage' If you keep the same filename as in repository, it should always end with S3Storage.S3Storage.

To use s3boto, this setting will be: Your Amazon Web Services access key, as a string. Skorokithakis/django-annoying. Yourcelf/olwidget. Sshwsfc/django-xadmin. Django-apptemplates 0.0. Riccardo-forina/django-admin-bootstrapped. Star2Billing/django-admin-tools-stats. South. Yourlabs/django-session-security. Django Social Auth.

Welcome to Logbook — Logbook. Django-floppyforms — django-floppyforms dev documentation. Django-floppyforms is an application that gives you full control of the output of forms rendering.

Django-floppyforms — django-floppyforms dev documentation

The forms API and features are exactly the same as Django’s, the key difference is that fields and widgets are rendered in templates instead of using string interpolation, giving you full control of the output using Django templates. The widgets API allows you to customize and extend the widgets behaviour, making it very easy to define custom widgets. The default widgets are very similar to the default Django widgets, except that they implement some nice features of HTML5 forms, such as the placeholder and required attribute, as well as the new <input> types.

For more information, read this if you haven’t yet. The form rendering API is a set of template tags that lets you render forms using custom layouts. The source code is hosted on github. Installation¶ h3/django-seoutils. What are your favorite django apps ? : django. Django-sendsms. Yourlabs/django-autocomplete-light. Django-compressor. Twoscoops/django-twoscoops-project.