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Learn Backbone.js Completely. (More Than Just a Complete Backbone.js Tutorial) Duration: 25 to 30 hoursPrerequisite: JavaScript knowledge of 5/10 Below, I provide you with a comprehensive study guide that I myself have used (indeed, I have refined it for this article) to learn Backbone.js properly.

Learn Backbone.js Completely

This study guide should take just about 30 hours to complete. Developing Backbone.js Applications - By Addy Osmani (@addyosmani) Available free for open-source reading below or for purchase via the O'Reilly store.

Developing Backbone.js Applications -

Pull requests and comments always welcome. Prelude Not so long ago, “data-rich web application” was an oxymoron. Today, these applications are everywhere and you need to know how to build them. Learn Backbone.js Completely.