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InChem Holdings LLC.

InChem provides contract and toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals to chemical companies of all sizes in need of a responsive, cost-effective partner. InChem’s chemical processing services include multi-step synthesis, distillations, silane chemistry, toll manufacturing and more for many industrial and consumer goods manufacturers. InChem is committed to the highest standards of health and safety, quality control, and environmental stewardship. Call at 800-331-7721 or visit to fill our online contact form!

Working with the Right Manufacturer for Wiped Film and Molecular Distillation Equipment. Are you looking for a full system of molecular distillation equipment and wiped film?

Working with the Right Manufacturer for Wiped Film and Molecular Distillation Equipment

If so, then choosing among the best companies for these services is your initial step to undertake. The full system of molecular distillation equipment and wiped film provides various capabilities used for separating, concentrating oils, purifying pesticides, fragrances, and other kinds of chemical substances. Use of multi-component operation: The advanced multi-component operation as provided by specialists such as InChem Corp. helps to offer quantities ranging from liters to full tank trucks through their combination of pilot plant, lab, and commercial testing and production. Chemical Processing Services Along with their Sub-Categories and Different Functionalities.

Chemical Processing Services Along with their Sub-Categories and Different Functionalities Author : InChem Holdings | Published On : 06 Nov 2020 Leading manufacturing and chemical processing companies are offering special chemicals to chemical firms of multiple sizes, especially the ones in need of a cost-effective partner.

Chemical Processing Services Along with their Sub-Categories and Different Functionalities

The same firms are able to provide chemical mixing, blending, and other related services to needful customers. The chemical processing services are generally categorized under two major categories. The first one is the Toll Project. Focusing on the available services: Before proceeding any further with these companies, it is vital to learn more about their services. The first one often involves some type of chemical mixing. Checking onto analytical capabilities: You might have thought of using molecular distillation equipment beforehand. The team includes the services of experienced Ph. Choosing the best supplier for additional help:

Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Can Use InChem’s Help To Boost Production During Pandemic. Specialty chemical manufacturers have been faced with a wide variety of challenges in the business environment created by the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Can Use InChem’s Help To Boost Production During Pandemic

For some, the products they make and sell have become more desirable and they may be struggling to keep up with recent volume increase in their facilities or in their supply chains. For others, demand has shrunk, and as a result they have had to scale back operations. Additionally, many manufacturers have decided to scale back on their capital budgets, leaving new product lines on hold until companies can complete their assessment of the short and long-term implications of a decline in sales. Each situation represents a unique challenge, and leveraging the assets, people, and supply chain capabilities of contract chemical manufacturers may help some companies find an appropriate solution to any problem that they may be facing.

How Outsourcing Your Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Saves You Time And Money. InChem’s Scalable Solutions for High-Quality Contract, Toll andCustom Chemical Manufacturing. Wiped Film Evaporation and Molecular Distillation at InChem Corporation. Rock Hill, ( - InChem Corp. specializes in toll and contract manufacturing of specialty or performance chemicals for chemical companies and other manufacturers.

Wiped Film Evaporation and Molecular Distillation at InChem Corporation

Its capabilities include multiple wiped film evaporation units. Thin/wiped film evaporation units and advanced molecular distillation techniques can function fully automated, guaranteeing accuracy and precision. The resources and equipment at the InChem Corp. site in Rock Hill, S.C., are suitable for a wide range of applications and customer needs. Advantages of Short Path Distillation. Molecular distillation, sometimes called short path distillation, is a separation process for liquids based on the difference in their volatilities, or evaporation rates.

Advantages of Short Path Distillation

It is noted for its high effectiveness in smaller lab-flow applications as well as in high-flow commercial purposes. The molecular distillation equipment works on the same principles as short path distillation. New Pilot Plant Can Provide Small Batches For Wide Range Of Chemical Process Needs. A new pilot plant has begun operating at InChem Corporation, a toll manufacturing company located in Rock Hill, S.C.

New Pilot Plant Can Provide Small Batches For Wide Range Of Chemical Process Needs

This new installation can provide small batches for chemical process development, process optimization, or limited quantities of product for internal evaluations or customer sampling. The facility has a modular design which allows equipment to be configured for a variety of operational situations. Located in a dedicated building, the pilot plant has more than ample space for configuration of ancillary equipment, staging of raw materials, and privacy for our clients. Operations in the pilot plant are carried out and supervised by the InChem technical staff. Pilot Plant Equipment Two 316 stainless steel reactors are the heart of the pilot plant. The smaller, 5 gallon reactor is fitted with an electrically driven helical or ribbon agitator which can process high viscosity products.

Chemical Mixing and Blending Using Contract Manufacturing. Whether you are doing simple blends, or complicated multi-stage reactions, finding the right equipment and enough open production capacity to meet the demands of your customers can be a challenge.

Chemical Mixing and Blending Using Contract Manufacturing

In today’s environment, it is often more cost-effective to outsource your chemical mixing and blending needs to a competent and trusted toll or contract manufacturing partner. So, what advantages could a toll or contract manufacturer bring to your supply chain? The Plant: It may be difficult for you to handle your own chemical mixing, blending or reaction processes in-house. Every chemical process is different and has specific requirements. Some of these requirements you may be able to meet easily, but others will require excess capacity or a large capital investment to install new equipment. Chemical Processing Services Provided By InChem Corp. Chemical Processing Services Provided By InChem Corp. Custom Chemical Manufacturing To Help Your Business. Custom chemical manufacturing companies can help you advance your business solutions, and at the same time carry out fast “turnaround time” for custom chemicals.

Custom Chemical Manufacturing To Help Your Business

No matter which industry you have an expertise in (cleaning solvents, pharmaceuticals, or textiles), a custom chemical manufacturing company like InChem can provide you with all the assistance you require for processing test batches, by honoring contract expectations, and implementing custom chemical processes that create added value for your business. Most of the industries that need to make use of chemicals to operate have a basic idea of custom chemical manufacturing. But not all business owners know what these companies have in capability.

A majority of contract manufacturing plants process the chemicals in order to satisfy your technology requirements. Many of these companies also dry and store the chemicals for business ventures that are not equipped with the facilities to maintain large quantitites of chemicals in storage. Why Toll Manufacturing Can Be Advantageous For Your Business. Toll manufacturing is a process in which a company enters into a contract with a third party that has a specialized production plant to process raw materials or semi-finished products for the company.

Why Toll Manufacturing Can Be Advantageous For Your Business

It has been around for decades in different industries but is now growing in prominence in chemical manufacturing. The company that is seeking to outsource their product only needs to provide a technical package, raw materials and quality requirements to the toll manufacturer. Chemical Process Development Provided By Expert Team Of Chemists. What are Chemical Manufacturing Companies and How Do They Work?

The chemical industry consists of diverse chemical manufacturing companies, including contract chemical manufacturers that convert industrial chemicals into finished product or other materials for end usefor other companies.

What are Chemical Manufacturing Companies and How Do They Work?

They play a central role to the modern global economy as they help convert many chemicals and raw materials including oil, air, water, minerals, and metals into thousands of different and extremely useful products used by other industries. Chemical Processing Plants And Equipment Include Over 20 Reactors. InChem has an extensive array of reactors, including liquids and solids processing equipment to meet all your custom and toll manufacturing needs.

We are constantly expanding our equipment capabilities as opportunities arise, so if you don’t see something in this partial equipment list, please contact us for the latest information: • 20+ reactors, 250 to 6,000 gallons, with agitator, overheads, vacuum, receiver, metered feeds: - 10 – 316SS - 1 – 304SS • Various liquid mixing vessels • 2 liquid-to-powder reactors • 2 reactor systems (one steam heated, one hot oil) – each with Reynolds helical agitator blade for excellent radial and axial mixing, high viscosity capability, and reversible agitation • Ultra-high viscosity capability (high-torque agitators) • Sandvik chilled (4° c) belt flaker 316 ss, 60 feet long by 3 feet wide • Sandvik chilled belt, 15 feet long by 18 inches wide. Advantages of Advanced Molecular Distillation.

Molecular distillation is a distillation process done under high vacuum. The very short distance the vapor travels before condensing ensures minimal to no loss due to surface hold-up of the vapor and is an immediate release from vapor to condenser surface. This distillation process is classified as short path distillation and is also referred to as molecular distillation due to the minimal vapor/liquid interface. The technique and equipment are typically used to purify substances with low volatility and/or temperature sensitivity. Molecular distillation is a time-tested method. First developed before the start of the Second World War, it was used to distill natural products which were highly sensitive to heat, such as vitamins. Scale-Up Capabilities And Pilot Plant Services By InChem.

Click on video above for a short overview of InChem's pilot plant and scale-up services. Due to the high costs of launching a high-volume chemical production operation, testing the process at a small level prior to launch reduces risk and increases efficiency. Customers come to InChem with a wide range of potential scale-up needs and opportunities. Now a flexible new pilot plant, ready to support customers for scale-up capability from small scale to routine manufacturing, has been launched at InChem's main facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The new pilot plant allows the customer to process, test and evaluate its technology in this controlled environment by providing a flexible volume range between lab glassware to full-scale contract manufacturing, all at low risk. The plant has 5, 16 and 30-gallon reactors, a condenser, flaker belt and more, for a wide range of output.

Chemical Toll Manufacturers - InChem Corp. Key Facts You Need To Know About Contract Chemical Manufacturing. Contract chemical manufacturing, sometimes known as toll manufacturing, has been providing support for businesses that want to avoid increasing their cost structure. Thin Film Evaporation And Distillation Processes - What They Are And How They Work. Thin film distillation system at InChem Manufacturers use thin film evaporation to purify temperature-sensitive products. In this process, separation is created by a turbulent liquid film at the heat transfer surface of the evaporator. Known as “thin film distillation”, it occurs in specialized equipment that generates the film using intense mixing at the surface of the evaporator cylinders. Where fraction is not required, thin film distillation is typically preferred for its high evaporation rate and shorter residence time resulting in less heat history.

The process is also referred to as wiped film distillation. Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Company - InChem Holdings, LLC.