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Gir bort dusøren for å lære kidsa koding (DN+) Du møter både @kidsakoder og @iktsenteret på @NKUL16 med sesjoner om koding og programmering. NDC Code Club 2016. Tirsdag 7.juni kl 17:30-20:30 arrangeres NDC Code Club for fjerde år på rad!

NDC Code Club 2016

Arrangementet arrangeres i samarbeid med Norwegian Developers Conference, og vi vil invitere til en uforglemmelig kodekveld på Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania i Oslo sentrum. Les om fjorårets arrangementet her: I år stiller vi med et program hvor en kan velge mellom 8 paralleller. De er samlet her og bedre beskrevet nedenfor. Velg den seksjonen som passer for din aldersgruppe og som du synes virker mest interessant. Meld deg på her! Codestudio. For de som deltar på Computercraft, Processing, Robotprogrammering, App Inventor, 3D-programmering i Blender og Viderekomne kodere så starter vi først med en 30 min fellesseksjon før selve kodekurset, mens Codestudio og Scratch starter rett på.

Påmeldingsfrist er søndag 5.juni kl. 23:59. As Schools Emphasize Computer Science, How Do We Teach Teachers To Code? Last month, President Obama announced a plan to bring computer science into all American classrooms.

As Schools Emphasize Computer Science, How Do We Teach Teachers To Code?

The initiative, called Computer Science For All, would devote part of the 2017 fiscal budget—about $4 billion in funding for states and $100 million for school districts—to bringing public schools up to standard with their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs. Computer science is a "new basic" skill, the president said, and our children can no longer afford to miss out. Whether the ambitious new plan comes to fruition will depend largely on the budget being approved. In addition to those proposed funds, more than $135 million is already being made available, thanks to investments from the National Science Foundation and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

That money will go directly toward supporting and training teachers in computer science. Pay Them To Learn Build It Into Every Subject Teach The Basics, And Teach Them Often. Check out our list of resources for learning new programming languages #Android #C++ and more... Lurer du på hvordan Petter Smart koder? Kanskje du finner ut i Donalds kodeskole i neste uke.. @egmontpno. Programmering på Norsk! A beginner's guide to learning Python. Python development is on the rise thanks to its open source nature and ability to power some of the most well-known sites and applications such as Google and YouTube.

A beginner's guide to learning Python

One of the draws to learning Python include its ease-of-use and being able to quickly start learning and developing with Python within a couple of days. With so many career options and jobs requiring either Python or full-stack developers, learning Python can be a great way to land a dream job or boost your career with new skills. With the ease of learning that comes with Python, you can up your development game in no time. F**k it, we'll do it live!

Our biggest ever edition of TNW Conference is fast approaching! If you’ve been interested in learning a new programming language but don’t want to take a lot of time to do so, Python is a great option, especially if you’ve done programming in other languages. There are two main versions of Python Why two versions? Install and utilize the Python interpreter. Interactive Math Board – msgarlandblog. This week in CEP 811, I learned more about repurposing and how repurposing is linked to creativity.

Interactive Math Board – msgarlandblog

To get in the right mindset, I read an educational article titled Rethinking Technology & Creativity in the 21st Century: Crayons are the Future. Mishra and The Deep-Play Research Group (2012) state “to be used productively, teachers must understand the different ways that technology can represent content, and recognize how this synchs (or doesn’t synch) with possible teaching approaches” (p. 14). I completely agree and I found myself nodding along to a lot of the information in this article.

#HourOfCode in Havana, Cuba □□ Site with lots of coding resources, including program creators. #ukedchat. Programmering og verdensrommet - kurs for lærere (Nyheter) Programmering og verdensrommet - nytt lærerkurs på Andøya Space Center. Open source Micro:bit SBC aims to get UK kids coding. The BBC has begun shipping its open source “Micro:bit” — a microcontroller based IoT hacker board for UK schoolkids running ARM Mbed.

Open source Micro:bit SBC aims to get UK kids coding

The BBC announced its open source, Internet of Things-focused Micro:bit hacker board for British schoolchildren a year ago, and revealed full specs in June. After some considerable delays pushing past the scheduled October debut, the COM-like SBC has now begun shipping to UK schools. Although it’s too late in the school year to be fully incorporated into the curriculum, the BBC is asking schools to give the boards away free to kids, so they can experiment on their own.

Micro:bit, front and back (click images to enlarge) Although built by Raspberry Pi manufacturer Element14, the 50 x 40mm board is more like an Arduino than a Raspberry Pi, another UK-birthed hacker SBC designed for computer education at British public schools. Programmering i skolen handler om kreativitet og estetikk, sa @TellevikDahl under åpning av #KoduKøpp @TekniskMuseum. Nå skal alle 10-åringer i Oslo få gratis kodekurs. Skole Og programmering blir valgfag på ungdomsskolen.

Nå skal alle 10-åringer i Oslo få gratis kodekurs

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