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ImpressAds is an online marketing firm specialized in promoting business through Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other popular web sites. ImpressAds is based in Cochin, Kerala.

Aesthetically Arranging And Implementing The Core Idea. Best Experience That Prompt Them To Go For Yours. Bring A Positive Change In Your Current Marketing Activities. The Important Aspects That Can Determine The Success Of Online Branding Initiatives. It Really Makes Sense To Invest In Visual Branding.

Think in terms of visuals. Because visuals are the key creative element that attracts the viewer. – impressads

Earned Trust Through Service.

Samstha Services Pvt. Ltd, First Floor, 5/35A3, Near NPOL, NGO Quarters - BMC Road, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682021 Phone: +91 70122 32420 | +91 85474 25888 | +91 80892 27170 – impressads
Over the years, we have partnered with some of the biggest names and earned their trust through our service. Want your brand to grow and enjoy the benefits that tag along when to team up with us? Contact us! – impressads

In The 'Limelight' For All Those Who Seek You. Be ready, it's your turn now!

Beyond website design and content management, it deals with promotion methods that make your website rank higher in the search results. – impressads


In The 'Limelight' For All Those Who Seek You

We help search engines show you in the top results when someone searches you or your business online. Got an idea about what we are talking about? Yes! You guessed it right, SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimization. It's kinda 'Survival of the fittest' indeed! With years of experience and expertise in implementing coherent SEO strategies for various companies, we have become synonyms for this term. On-Page and Off-Page aspects play a vital role in the success of any online business and our full-fledged SEO plan covers both. On-Page Optimization. Simple, Yet Compelling Videos To Convey The Idea. Videos can be an essential part of a brilliant marketing strategy.

The success lies in grabbing the attention and move the viewer in a subtle way. – impressads

It has to be simple yet compelling that the viewer should watch it completely.

Simple, Yet Compelling Videos To Convey The Idea

We can come up with creative and high quality videos for Company Profiles, Corporate Identity films, Brand Building films, Motivational as well as Educational films for employees and for many more aspects as per your requirement. It’s about creating something that conveys the idea in a short duration of time at the same time it can move the viewer in a subtle way. Monitor. Analyze. Prevent (Your Online Reputation, At Stake)

It’s about creating a pleasing image on Online.

Monitor. Analyze. Prevent (Your Online Reputation, At Stake)

Through effective online reputation management we can control what shows up when someone searches your brand in internet. And if you find it’s difficult to deal with negative remarks, a good online reputation management can work wonders in solving this and can feature you in a far more appealing way in the market. Understand Customer Needs. Create Value With Content. We’d say marketing is no longer possible without good content.

Understand Customer Needs. Create Value With Content

For content determines how to move your customers. At Impress Ads, it's about creating relevant and valuable content to change or enhance the consumer behavior. Stand Out With Products. Drive Traffic To Your Online Store. In the current scenario, most of the brands are getting ready to go online.

Stand Out With Products. Drive Traffic To Your Online Store.

And the shift is happening in a rapid speed. The success is determined by the way how you stand out to offer your services or products. The Cutting Edge Web Assistance To Promote Your Business. Bulk SMS & E- Mail Marketing prove to be effective in increasing the reach of your products or services.

The Cutting Edge Web Assistance To Promote Your Business

You can reach out to millions of your customers, prospects within seconds at the click of a button. With Impress Ads enhanced Bulk email marketing and SMS solutions, you get the cutting edge web assistance to promote your business. Bring Your Brand To Life. Our brain processes information visually up to 64 times faster than it can process words.

Bring Your Brand To Life

So it really makes sense to invest in visual branding. Visuals have a greater impact on brands. The customers get the first impression about your brand is through the visual elements that stand for you. In that sense, creating the right perception is not an easy task. It requires great insights on the changing vibe in the industry in terms of design and technology and the smarter ways to implement them. Visual branding has already evolved into one of the key aspects of new media marketing plan. Make Your Brand Popular, Increase Brand Value. The digital world witnesses a constant flux.

Make Your Brand Popular, Increase Brand Value

So does the web. The technology is evolving day by day leaving us immense possibilities as well as intense challenges. Grow Your Business Simple And Fast. Let others know what you do!

Grow Your Business Simple And Fast

We know you have traveled miles to feed your passion! But for some of you, it's not just a passion, it's indeed your bread and butter. So make sure you win it and we are here to strengthen your journey! At Impress Ads, you see a pool of creative heads in deep brain storming sessions brewing fresh ideas every then and now to foster your business. We offer you a long list of online advertising services such as Display network advertising, Youtube ads, Paid search engine Ad campaigns, Social media Ad campaigns, Shopping ads, Mobile app installation ads and the list goes on! Maximize The Number Of Visitors, Increase Website Traffic.

Grow Your Business, Reach More Customers. Social Media marketing can help you in a number of ways to boost your business growth.

Grow Your Business, Reach More Customers

It can increase your website traffic, enhance your brand image, build conversions, improve the communication and interaction with the customers. So it’s essential to have a SM strategy based on the predefined goals. As the platform gets more and more attractive to people, with each passing day, new brands are getting into Social Media. How to Build a Strong Brand Image Online. Creating a unique brand image is not an easy task as the digital world is getting powerful in a drastic way, with each passing day. Tips To Create An Effective Landing Page. We see a tremendous upshot in the relevance of website in the current scenario, especially when it comes to marketing and e-commerce. Well, when talking about a website, one primary matter is to create an interesting yet informing landing page.

Now, from the name itself it's evident what’s the overall purpose of the page. In simple words, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can simply arrive at or land. A web page designer needs to focus on Technical aspects and Marketing Perspective while discerning on the layout, design, functional keys and content. i) Should be responsive The web page must recognize the screen size and orientation of the gadget or device used by the user and should mend accordingly so as to be user-friendly. ii) Use Meta Tags A <meta> viewport element gives the browser instructions on how to control the page's dimensions and scaling. How to Boost Social Media Engagement with Visuals? Remember how many times you check into your social media profiles today?

Now, just close your eyes and try to retrieve those updates which you have gone through. Can you remember them? Certainly you wouldn’t remember them all. Still, there comes certain contents that captured your attention. 3 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing. Wondering why you go for Search Engine Marketing? Be it small scale or large scale business, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is one of the most cost effective solutions to reach to your target market. Unlike conventional media, SEM offers far more precise reach to the target group and ensures active participation.