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The 10 Most Useful iPad Accessories For Classrooms. Apple’s iPad offers plenty of tools and options for classroom settings. Instructors at both the K-12 and university levels are continually finding new ways to use the tablets , but new uses can introduces new needs. So which accessories are right for the classroom? Education Dive has compiled a list of 10 great iPad accessories, ranging from simple styluses to germ-killing wands, to help maximize the iPad’s potential and convenience in numerous classroom situations. If you decide to use these tablets at your school, here are some options to consider: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10 Apps For Inquiry Learning. 10 Apps for Documenting Learning. One of the things that really excites me about the iPad is the ability of the students to show their learning.

10 Apps for Documenting Learning

I am not talking about the end product here, I am talking about the act of learning that can be shown by students recording their processes. It is often about the student putting the information they have learnt into a context. It is this contextualisation that helps the students create meaning. Here is a perfect example from a young 1st grade student who talks us through his investigation into transport. This example was shown on a recent school visit as one way a student could document their own learning. This is where we really see the mechanics of a student's learning and how this can be individual for each student and in the case of a tool like the iPad, individualised for each student.

Here are a couple of apps that give students the opportunity to showcase, share and then reflect on their learning. ShowMe: FREETurn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard! 18 Great Science apps for iPad. Gone are the days when you would have to attend those boring classes and spend hours listening to the teacher lecturing about abstract scientific concepts that are more perplexing than illuminating.

18 Great Science apps for iPad

I said perplexing because they lack a very important learning principle that make them unlearnable: they do not connect to the ' embodied experiences ' of the learners and what James Paul Gee meant by this principle is that for learning to be effective it needs to connect to the learners life, experiences, and environment. When learners are able to make such connections their comprehension improves and becomes more solid. Now technology plays a very decisive role in learning because it provides learners with simulations to connect their learning with virtual experiences that they do not necessarily have to have lived in real life. Right now iPad has even made it way easier for people to learn about science and right from the comfort of their couch. 1- Molecules 2- 3D Brain 3- 3D Cell 7- 3D Sun.

New School Technology – Explain Everything is a Must Have for iPad. There are very few paid apps for the iPad that I would say is a “must-have” app for schools.

New School Technology – Explain Everything is a Must Have for iPad

However, Explain Everything is one of those apps. We have put Explain Everything on every iPad we have deployed in our school is has been consistently the most used app outside of the camera on an iPad. For $2.99 (with volume discounts available for education), Explain Everything is an app that allows students to create, collaborate, communicate and consume content at any age.

Explain Everything Explained Explain Everything is essentially an app with a whiteboard type screen that allows users to record audio (and now video), write, and move objects all while recording in real time. Photo Courtesy of iTunes. INNOOMNIA mobiilioppija - QRkasvirata. iPad alkuopetuksessa. 62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom [Presentation] - If you’ve got a pulse, using the iPad in the classroom is something you’re at least interested in on some level.

62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom [Presentation] -

It’s either why you’re here, something you want to understand better, or you loathe it all and want to make sure to avoid it (it’s been interesting to watch the seemingly growing throngs of Luddites decry learning technology–who knew it all could be so polarizing?) But we digress. Some of the ideas for using the iPad in the classroom in the following presentation by scribd user denag33 are better than others. Projecting an image, making music, controlling your classroom computer, using it as a mini-whiteboard, accessing information, keeping notes, blogging, tracking an IEP checklist, making an impromptu teleprompter, and creating concept maps are some of the better ones. Some of the presentation is a bit janky as well–illegible text, for starters–but the inclusion of both apps and ideas together, along with the sheer number of ideas, made it worth sharing.

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