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Imperial Aluminium

At Imperial we specialize in a range of products, including double glazing windows and doors, butt-joined windows, arch windows, bi-fold doors, French doors, double glazed windows, sliding doors and many more.

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows by Imperial Aluminium. At Imperial Aluminium Windows & Doors Pty Ltd, we believe that there is “No Place Like Home” and to remain it special we endeavor to provide best in class energy efficient windows and doors.

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows by Imperial Aluminium

Our products are fabricated with high quality material to add money back in your pocket by limiting the energy costs. We also know that the windows and doors are the key of home’s appearance and no one want to fail on this particular aspect. So keeping it in mind we fabricate a wide selection range without sacrificing appearance, durability or quality.

Top 6 Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors. 1.

Top 6 Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Thermal Performance: Aluminium windows and doors contribute an excellent thermal and sound insulation which meets current building regulations. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminium is comparatively higher than timber or PVC. An aluminium frame which is fabricated with high performance aluminium is able to exceed energy efficiency standards and can achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows by 60%. Aluminium Doors v/s Timber (Wooden) Doors - Imperial Aluminium. One of the most contested debates among door manufacturers, supplier and of course buyers is – Which type of door is better – Aluminium or Timber?

Aluminium Doors v/s Timber (Wooden) Doors - Imperial Aluminium

I must say both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when both weighed in the balance, the only winner is the consumer, who has the opportunity to choose the best according to the taste and needs. "Double Glazing" Aluminium Windows and Doors. Aluminium Windows and Doors have gained a huge market segment in wall fitting industry by combining latest technology and innovative designs in recent years.

"Double Glazing" Aluminium Windows and Doors

They come with various glazing options like single, double or low e. Double glazing is somewhat costly than single glazing, but on the other side it offers several advantages and overcome limitations of single glazed items and expand their efficiency and overall performance. Care & Maintenance for Aluminium Windows and Doors. Aluminium Windows and Doors are low maintenance products with high durability.

Care & Maintenance for Aluminium Windows and Doors

But Over the time some maintenance is required for the stiff spring, dirty frames and sticking. Cleaning at regular interval reduces the risk of break-downs and keeps your doors & windows clean, bright and lively for a long time. Here are some cleaning tips, by adhering these one can ensure that their aluminium windows and doors will stay in peak condition throughout the age with optimum performance.

Cleaning of the Aluminium Frame Clean the aluminium frames by following 5 very easy steps: Top 6 Advantages of Aluminium Window Grills. We find window grills in almost every home and office.

Top 6 Advantages of Aluminium Window Grills

They are used as dividers, barriers or for decorative purpose. Window grills can be made from wood, stone, aluminium or other metals. Among these aluminium grills are much popular as they are durable, good in strength, reusable and requires less maintenance. There is an increased demand for aluminium window grills due to a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look. Check Out Types Of Aluminium Sliding Doors. This post will readily serve your purpose to find the various types of aluminium sliding doors available in the market.

Check Out Types Of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Also, it will make you aware about ,why they would be appropriate? Bifold Door Bifold Doors are the AUSTRALIA’s best ever growing home, upgrading the product. We’ve mounted over 4,000 sets in the last 4 years alone. Different Types of Double Glazing. Double glazed windows are windows made with two panes of glass.

Different Types of Double Glazing

These windows, also called double paned windows, deliver extremely effective insulation wherever windows are used and can also safety items in the home from sun damage. Double glazed are high demand in nowadays because it have a lot of notable advantages compared to normal windows. Tilt and Turn Windows. Aluminium Double Glazed Doors and Windows. Why you should go for Imperial Double Glazed Windows and Doors?

Aluminium Double Glazed Doors and Windows

Imperial Aluminium Windows and Doors Pty Ltd. is an 100% Australian based well established brand for manufacturing and supplying of doors and windows. The company’s service history is a decennium old. It stands as the quality service provider for durable doors and windows covering domestic and commercial customers. Advantages of Louvre Windows. Choosing the right window type during home construction or renovation is very important.

Advantages of Louvre Windows

Fitting right window at proper place will help enter natural light come in home, maintain proper air flow and of course can even help conserve energy. Many Australian homeowners choose Aluminum Louvre Windows as they are stylish, versatile and can help to naturally ventilate your home. What are Louvre windows? Louvre windows consists of a frame which blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to let in light and air, but to keep out rain, direct sunshine, and noise. The angle of the slats may be adjustable by simply use the lever or handle. Top Reasons to Install Bi-Folding Doors - kravelv. Over the past several years, bi-fold door products have gained an enormous popularity due to obvious reasons. Most of the bi-fold doors are manufactured with aluminum. These elegant doors match all the types of residences, office space and any other building because of the versatility. Aluminium doors and windows generally have elegant appearance; the appearance is maximized with a large range of colors.

When it comes to the functionality, bi-fold doors are made to be split vertically from the centre. Aluminium Front and Entry Doors Melbourne. Imperial Aluminium offers a wide range of Aluminium Entry Doors to create an elegant impact at modern homes. This exclusive style of entrance door poses as a high performance substitute to conventional timber doors. Aluminum entry doors boast style and security, with the option to add full-length lighting. As our range of entrance doors are stylish in design whilst still practical and robust.