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Interesting monohulls

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Nautical Partner. The Daytripper has no headsail, only a mainsail of 28 sqm with full length battens and fat head mainsail as the America's Cup boats.

Nautical Partner

The mast is an advanced carbon fiber construction of over 11 meters. The profile is sleek and incredibly narrow. The mast rotates which is very important when you only have a one sail. The mast must turn to let the air stream to flow to the leeward side of the sail's leading edge, the mast is actually as part of the sail. With a standard fixed mast it makes a big difference when hoisting the headsail, the airflow over the sail starts to work. The very slim keel blade, 1.60 m deep, ends with a heavy led bulb of 590 kg. Links: Chinese / Engelsk home page Video clip;About Daytripper in EnglishA funny clip made by Hamnen before Allt för sjön 2011 (Swedish) Anders Lewander from the launch of Daytripper n China Augusti 2011 (Swedish) Pictures;Mixed pictures of DaytripperPictures Daytripper of Daytrpper in China Daytripper inside.

Fundy Cat 16. Anton Dutoit - yacht, catamaran, cruiser, charter, boat designer. MF-boat. Now you can customize the MF-boat to your own personal needs.


For example choose between standard or self-draining cockpit! We all know what a Folkboat looks like. O C C A S I O N S - DUNE MARINE Architecture navale et Design. Construction voilier pêche promenade. About us. PAJNIK YACHTS is the only sailboat constructor and manufacturer in Serbia, offering recreational sailboats with excellent sailing performances.

About us

It is specialized in building small performance boats in Micro class (, and also in production of other types of small and medium sized boats. High quality, safety and pretty design are our company's philosophy. PAJNIK YACHTS is also manufacturing a variety of products from polyester composites and one part of the company is rapidly expanding in that direction. (more) Produktdetail_Elektra32. Germanboats English. Document 4 – List of Micros. Consulter le sujet - Nouveau : Elektra 18. Très belle finition de ce bateau, dont nous avons pu jauger et tester le premier exemplaire, pendant que le deuxième était moulé, mais la coque toujours dans le moule, et les emménagements intérieurs reproduits en agglo pour réaliser les moules des emménagements.

Consulter le sujet - Nouveau : Elektra 18

Volumes de flottabilité généreux (700 litres), bien moussés. Le bateau a un franc-bord élevé, 80 à l'avant, 78 à l'arrière. Coffres de cockpit, échelle de bain escamotables dans le fond du cockpit. Une dérive de 100 kg dont 80 de lest, et 180 kg dans les fonds en versions standard très sécurisante, on peut enlever 90 kg à l'arrière pour une configuration course à 575 kg.

Pour ceux qui douteraient du caractère "croiseur" de ce bateau, notons par exemple une surface au sol de 0,6 m² avec une hauteur sous barrots de 1,35, un équipement comprenant table de carré repliable, lecteur DVD et le câblage pour une télévision dans le pic avant, logement pour une batterie sous la couchette avant juste devant le puits de dérive.

SPAN 3.60 - dériveur de loisirs et de sport. Farr 640 winning cat - Centro Nautico Calasetta. CATBOAT 696 - hensevalyd-englishs jimdo page! Cat boat, coastal-cruiser, unsinkable, 4 berths, closed head, galley, open space/big volume with headroom of 1,65m, Naca lead twin keel, trailerable, unsinkable, gennaker, self standing rigging, outboard engine, Epoxy Plywood construction....

CATBOAT 696 - hensevalyd-englishs jimdo page!

Ernesto Riva Lake Como Boatyard She is a preliminary design for the moment. Ernesto Riva Lake Como Boatyard: it will be an honor and a pleasure to work with this famous boat yard again. Catboat 696 is the "big brother" of the new Inseparable 398, ordered by the same praticed Italian, fond of new modern squarred design concept. This time, Aurelio wish to sail as easily as possible on a simple family boat, with comfortable accomodations. Aurelio brought a big package of good ideas with very precise specifications and tastes. We expect to equip her with a self standing rigging probably prepared by the famous Wyliecat specialist. Adventure 19. Specification & Price Adventure 19 Length overall 21'2" 6.47m Length waterline 17'7" 5.33m Beam 7'2" 2.18m Draught 1'6"-4'0" 0.45m-1.21m Displacement 2040lbs 925kg Sail area 210ft² 19.5m² Towing weight 2850lbs 1295kg Standard boat price from (outboard version) £23,750.00 inc VAT @ 20%

Adventure 19

Varianta 18 video: first look - UK. Duncan Kent takes us on a tour of this pocket cruiser 24 April 2014.By Duncan Kent The Varianta 18 video shows a boat that is ideal for day sailing with the family, whilst also having the option to camp out overnight, thanks to its basic cabin facilities.

Varianta 18 video: first look - UK

Duncan Kent takes us on a tour of this handy overnight cruising boat in a video shot at the London Boat Show. The Varianta 18 is the first of a new series of yachts from German yacht builders Hanse. Fareast 18 review: Speedy day-sailer - UK. Known for building dinghies of all shapes and sizes, the Fareast 18 with its keel and cabin is the next step for this Chinese boatbuilder.

Fareast 18 review: Speedy day-sailer - UK

Founded 12 years ago and now based in Jiangsu Province, China, Fareast is a manufacturer of sailing craft ranging in size from small Optimist dinghies to 36-foot sailing catamarans, writes Martin-Sebastian Kreplin. The Fareast 18 is a capable cruiser-racer built in Jiangsu Province, China. The Fareast 18 is a Simonis/Voogd design with conservative good looks, a retractable keel with ballast bulb, enclosed cabin, and a powerful rig. VIKO YACHTS. Bateaux à voile proposés par le Chantier Naval des Vénètes. Navigation côtière confortable.

Bateaux à voile proposés par le Chantier Naval des Vénètes

Bateaux à voile proposés par le Chantier Naval des Vénètes. L'héritier du Muscadet : Simplicité et performances Le programme.

Bateaux à voile proposés par le Chantier Naval des Vénètes

Modern Wooden Boat, plans for homebuilders. Modern Wooden Boat, plans for homebuilders. SAIL's Best Boats 2014: Catalina 275 Sport. SAIL's Best Boats 2014: Catalina 275 Sport. While Catalina’s older-generation designs have offered up plenty of great miles over the years, the 275 Sport is poised to provide an even higher level of performance than its predecessors. It also weighs in at a price point that designer Gerry Douglas feels will be attractive not just to younger couples, but also to more experienced sailors looking to downsize from a larger cruiser. Available with either a deep or shoal-draft keel, the Catalina’s nearly plumb bow, low-profile cabintrunk and tiller steering ensure excellent performance, while a spacious cockpit with generously proportioned benches and ergonomically sculpted coamings provides plenty of room for friends and family to enjoy a comfortable ride.

C&C 30 - C&C Yachts. If you have ever been curious about all things taken into consideration when designing and building a race boat, then please read the newest C&C 30 Seahorse article featured in the April 2014 issue. This article discusses rating rules, being competitive in an HPR fleet, and technological details such as sail flow, drag, aero lift, and hydro lift. Let’s not forget being fun, fast, and affordable. This boat would not exist without Mark Mills’ exquisite design in coordination with KND Sailing Performance’s CFD analysis and the use of North Marine Group’s Virtual Wind Tunnel. Combined with Mills’ own in-house programs, these powerful analytic tools allowed detailed research and analysis of various design paths to develop quickly and efficiently. Read about it here: High Performance… Sensible Price. Tagged: C&C 30, HPR, KND Performance Sailing, Mark Mills, North Marine Group, Seahorse Magazine.

Stompcraft - Designed to perform. The boat excels in all wind conditions and will thrill all with it’s easily handled asymmetric spinnakers. Strict class rules have been formed to encourage an inexpensive level playing field for match racing and one design sailing. The large cockpit is well laid out and all controls are easy to use. All the controls are easily accessible for shorthanded sailing. Running backstays are not needed to control the swept spreader carbon fiber rig. The carbon fibre bowsprit is retractable and articulates to allow exhilarating sailing at low and fast angles downwind.

The Stomp30 can be launched from the custom designed trailer or by crane using the keel mounted lift position for dry sailing. CÖRUM YACHTS. Soto 27 - vision 1. Soto 27 - vision 3. Soto 27 - vision 2. Sailing Yacht NH Fun 30 - Nautiner Yachts. This vessel is donate to Sailing schools, regatta and daily sailing. Designer Eugeniusz Ginter must remember about three most important things during the design: 1. pleasure with sailing 2. posibility to sleep inside the boat 3. easy transport by the boat-carrying trailer In "Nautiner" shipyard We build a new sport sailing boat - Nautiner Fun 30.

This sailing boat is an effect of many years of experience in regatta by Marek Stańczyk (repeatedly Master of Poland and the winner World Cup in match-raicing) Co-owner of "Nautiner Yachts". This vessel is donate to Sailing schools, regatta and daily sailing. Designer Eugeniusz Ginter must remember about three most important things during the design: 1. pleasure with sailing 2. posibility to sleep inside the boat 3. easy transport by the boat-carrying trailer. NH Fun 30: Günstiger Daysailer aus Polen - Yacht TV - Segel Videos von Europas größtem Yacht Magazin. NH Fun 30. De nieuwe Nautiner NHfun30 is een strak modern vormgegeven zeiljacht. Van binnen in de basis eenvoudig maar functioneel. 6 ruime slaapplaatsen voor een nacht op het water.

(5) NH FUN 30. - Nautiner Fun 30 Carbon Rig. Interesting Sailboats - Page 392. Viko 22 - The Flying Fish Company. VIKO YACHTS. Willkommen auf Viko Yachts, Segelboote, Yachten zu super Preisen Yachthandel Hamburg. Viko s 30 - Centro Nautico Veneto - Comar - Viko / Vikos - Delphia Yacths - CNV Perina Castelnuovo del Garda - Verona. Viko 30s. Boot Düsseldorf: Viko presented the 22 S Sergio Lupoli. Düsseldorf, Germania- Durante il Boot di Düsseldorf, in programma fino al 27 gennaio, il cantiere polacco Viko presenta la novità di 22 piedi nella Hall 16, stand A80.

Questo nuovo modello rappresenta un deciso cambio di passo per il boatyard di Poznan, rinomato fino ad ora nel Nord Europa per l’ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo dei suoi prodotti e per l’efficiente organizzazione postvendita. Infatti, affidandosi all’estro del noto architetto italiano Sergio Lupoli, che tra i suoi progetti annovera il Comet 31, i nuovi disegni mostrano un’impostazione più corsaiola con sezioni tirate, spigolo di poppa per stringere di più il vento evitando di sbandare troppo in bolina e un pozzetto ben organizzato dotato di sedute ergonomiche. Il Viko S 22, nato dalla matita di Sergio Lupoli, rappresenta un cambio di passo del cantiere polacco in termini di estetica e performance in navigazione, decisamente migliorate Ma l’opera di rinnovamento del cantiere non si ferma di certo al 22 piedi. BUCHER + SCHMID, BOOTSWERFT AG - CH-6005 Luzern. Carbon One DEsign - Home. Details Friday, 17 May 2013 By Simon Tamás It is possible to charter our Justin CODE8 for the Rund um – or also for the Bol d’Or of the Lake Geneva – on very favourable conditions.

Depending on the result in Category you make when racing on board of our CODE8 the charter fee may be easily diminished from 1200 to 0 Euro! The boat is entered to the following Category: Unvermessene Boote über 6,50 m Laenge und ohne Trapez (Unmeasured Boats over 6,50 m without Trapeze) If you win the Category all fee will be payed back. You may also visit the boat on the 30th of May, on the day before the Race as she will wait for the visitors fully fitted race ready in the Marina of Lindau. First 25 S / First / Sailing Yachts - BENETEAU. 18 Exterieur. Stocznia CP Yachts - Comet 26S. Stocznia CP Yachts - Kontakt. COMAR YACHTEN, COMET SEGELYACHTEN, CRUISER RACER, EXCLUSIVE SEGELYACHTEN, MAXI YACHTEN, MAXI SEGELYACHTEN, Version mit Vorschiffkabine geschlossen und Racing-Ausstattung. Entwickelt um bis zu sechs Personen maximalen Komfort und bestes Handling zu bieten.

Comet 26. Entwurf SQ 25. Boatbuilding: From Ahlen wins SQ Design Competition - yachts + dinghies. Interesting Sailboats: SQ25, A GREAT LITTLE BOAT. SQ stands for super quality and I would say that in this case it was achieved not only on the building quality but on the design. It is difficult for me to find a boat perfect but on this one I like everything, from the different options the boat offers : interior engine/outboard/electric engine, Daysailer interior/cruising interior (with a head), Fixed keel/Swing keel, Standard rig/Performance rig, Closed transom/Open transom and so on. Another interior characteristic has to do with the storage space available that is huge for a small boat. Instead of using all space for interior space, as most do in very small cruisers on this case all the back of the boat was reserved for storage.

Yacht Design von Ahlen. Die Firma SQ Freienohl Yachtbau und Kunststofftechnik präsentiert auf der BOOT 2014 wieder eine kleine, im sauerländischen Freienohl gebaute Yacht. FAR EAST BOATS. Boat of the Year 2014 Nominee: FarEast 18R. FAREAST 18. SAIL's Best Boats 2014: Far East 18/18R. Far East 18 Trail Sail. Fareast-26: Dutch design, by way of China. (4) Far East 26. Far East 18R and 26 - Sailing Anarchy - Sailing Anarchy Forums.

FarEast 26 - boot Düsseldorf 2010. 2012 CHINA CUP REGATTA FAREAST 26 ONE CLASS. Far East 26 / China Cup 2012. 202-Testsail-2.m4v. Reacher 780 Home. Pointer - Jachtwerf Heeg. Interesting Sailboats: NEO 350...WHAT A LOOKER!!! Life 7.5. JK 28. Feierabend-Racer mit Neigekiel  Interesting Sailboats: XO 750 DAYSAILER. Dalpol Yacht - Phobos 22 Sport NEW Sailboat for sale in Germany. Sailing Yacht Dibley Classe 950 Racing Yacht. Chantier naval STRUCTURES, constructeur des voiliers POGO (site officiel) The Left Coast Dart. Bertone 40 for looks inspiration. Brain New Seascape 24. FAREAST 28R One Design – About FAREAST 28R. JPK 998 day racer. Catalina 275 sport. MAXUS 24 EVO NEW 2016 - Maxus Yachts - Voiliers transportables.

Maxus 24 Evo, CHF 34.900,- to sell. Maxus 24 EVO 28k ready to sail. Kelowna 27 By Neil Gilbert - Boat Design Net Gallery. Projects - G75. Drakkar 24, la belle surprise de Dufour - Mon VOILE MAG. Kelt Cognac Yacht Designs 7 - BLUR. Bente24 - good reference data/price. Maestro 345 to shrink to 247. Sweet... Maestro 345 - BLUR.