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Problems faced by stray animals in India. The stray population in India haven’t had it very easy off late.

Problems faced by stray animals in India

Last year alone, the news highlighted disturbing incidents where dogs were burned alive and flung off building terraces, among others. Cruelty towards the stray population in India, is only increasing with each passing day. But it isn’t just the inhumane acts of cruelty by a few that is the problem. A much greater problem lies in the turning away of the rest of us who won’t speak out on their behalf – not just with regards to animal cruelty, but the helpless living conditions of the stray animals and birds in nooks and corners of our country. The good work of animal activists and enthusiasts is not enough to look after the entire stray population.

Human recklessness and animal cruelty Animal cruelty is one of the biggest problems faced by the Indian stray population. Buying over adopting Everyone loves the idea of having a little pet in the house. Scavenge for food No shelter for the stray Death due to dehydration. List of cancer treatment hospitals in India. In India, there are nearly 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths expected by the year 2020.

List of cancer treatment hospitals in India

When cancer was diagnosed back in the day, it was assumed that there was no cure to it, and death was the ultimate consequence. However, medical research and practices have evolved drastically over the years. Moreover, there are many more cancer hospitals in India that offer cancer treatments now. Stages of Cancer - Impact Guru Blog. When doctors begin the process of tests and diagnosis for cancer in a patient, the first thing they need to find out is what type of cancer it is, and what stage the cancer is at.

Stages of Cancer - Impact Guru Blog

Cancer staging is a medical method of determining the size of the cancer, and how far it has spread in the rest of the body. So here’s why finding out the different stages of cancer is essential to the treatment of a patient: Understanding the stages of cancer helps the doctor understand the speed of growth, and how the cancer or tumor is behaving.Knowing the stage of cancer enables a doctor to prescribe the correct treatment for it – ranging from chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, surgery, or a combination of these.

The results of a treatment can be partially compared to research studies.To understand the chances of survival.The patient or it’s family will be able to make a rough estimate of the costs and medical expenses for the treatment prescribed, in order to raise money for it. Types of Cancer Diseases - Impact Guru Blog. Over a period of time, our lifestyles have changed – right from the food we eat, to the products we use, our physical activities, and the things we are exposed to.

Types of Cancer Diseases - Impact Guru Blog

While these changes may be drastically convenient, making our lives easier, they can also affect our overall health and immunity system. In India, there are nearly 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths expected by the year 2020. All of these cases cannot be attributed to our lifestyle change, but factors like increased exposure to pollution, smoking, and artificial foods, may be the causes of cancer in some cases. Treatments for Cancer - Impact Guru Blog. In India, an estimated 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths are expected by 2020.

Treatments for Cancer - Impact Guru Blog

These numbers are terrifying, and therefore it is important for us to learn about the little things in our everyday life that can be possible causes of cancer. However, for a cancer patient, the most tricky part is to recognize the symptoms of the disease and take immediate steps to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. Read more: How did Guru manage to fight Leukemia, cancer of the blood? Cancer is treated differently at different stages, depending on the type of cancer affecting our body, such as – lung cancer treatment, blood cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, stomach cancer treatment, etc.

There are some commonly practiced treatments, as well as new alternative cancer treatments. Top 10 Potential Causes of Cancer - Impact Guru Blog. Every day we are bombarded with information that point towards the materials that are potential causes of cancer.

Top 10 Potential Causes of Cancer - Impact Guru Blog

From mobile phones and microwaves to food items, many things that we rely on in our daily life can evidently be causes of cancer. Now we may not be able to do away with a lot of these things, but we can be more mindful about our exposure to the top 10 causes of cancer. Read on to understand what causes cancer – Genetics In certain cases, cancer may run in the family due to similar habits that present high exposure to cancer causing elements like smoking and obesity among others. Tobacco and Smoking When we research about what causes cancer, smoking constitutes one major reason behind the disease Tobacco contains harmful substances such as nicotine, benzene, methanol, cyanide, etc. and when we consume this mixture through cigarettes or cigars, our body absorbs the carcinogenic smoke that increases the risk of cancer by affecting the genes in our body. World Health Day: Let’s Talk about Depression - Impact Guru Blog.

“Your life is great, what do you have to be so sad about?

World Health Day: Let’s Talk about Depression - Impact Guru Blog

Why don’t you go out and get some fresh air? You’ll feel better then.” And they all mean well, but the depression plagues on. World Health Day celebrated every year on April 7th is an international day dedicated to celebrating healthcare and awareness. The World Health Organisation has decided that this year, World Health Day will be themed around depression. 8 Symptoms of Cancer Most People Ignore - Impact Guru Blog. With our busy lifestyles taking a front seat, we don’t always pay attention to little aches and pains simply because they seem too minor to worry about.

8 Symptoms of Cancer Most People Ignore - Impact Guru Blog

But the truth is that even the most common ailments may be early warning signs to the deadly disease – Cancer. The best way to treat cancer is through an early diagnosis, when it is small and hasn’t spread, making it easier to treat or remove surgically. Not only is an early diagnosis vital from a health point of view, but also financially, because the treatment required would be milder, and hopefully less costly. While being mindful of our everyday habits that are potential causes of cancer is important, it is equally important to be aware and attentive to certain changes in your body that might be early symptoms of Cancer. #1 Crowdfunding Platform and Fundraising Website in India. Indian Women who defied Stereotypes - Impact Guru Blog. “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Indian Women who defied Stereotypes - Impact Guru Blog

-Michelle Obama Women have conquered most professions and broken stereotypes. Yet, there are some stereotypes remaining. 5 Women whose Social Innovations changed the World - Impact Guru Blog. Social innovators in India are making progress against varied social problems such as the lack of high-quality education, limited access to clean water and hygiene, and inadequate nutrition.

5 Women whose Social Innovations changed the World - Impact Guru Blog

Some of these social innovators are woman entrepreneurs and are among the most powerful women in India. However, you maybe surprised at how young some woman entrepreneurs are. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we at Impact Guru are celebrating successful women entrepreneurs whose social innovations have transformed the world we live in. Learn about crowdfunding for women. And start an online fundraiser today! Celebrating Women's Day with 9 Women who Inspire Social Impact - Impact Guru Blog. In honour of Women’s Day on March 8th, Impact Guru proudly celebrates women, who have inspired social impact, and inspired women to be socioeconomic, and culturally independent. Each of these icons of empowerment has taught us that women have equal, and in fact greater potential to achieve anything they desire, and stand strong in the face of adversity. More importantly, they have been instrumental in providing a beacon of hope for social equality for women all over the world.

Learn about Crowdfunding for Women. 6 ways in which running a Crowdfunding campaign hones your Business and Management Skills - Impact Guru Blog. A crowdfunding campaign is a diverse and multifaceted exercise to raise funds for reasons ranging from social, entrepreneurial, or individual purposes. When you take up a cause and work for it, the fate of your campaign depends on every small detail. As a social entrepreneur or even someone looking to have their start-up funded, please be warned that it is no cake walk. Consider it no easier task than actually running a full-fledged independent business. Why? Because you will find yourself involved with every kind of activity that an entrepreneur, a manager, or an operational head would undertake. 4 Reasons why good storytelling is imperative for your Fundraiser's success - Impact Guru Blog. Storytelling is an integral part of crowdfunding.

It is the phase of your campaign that draws people in. Storytelling is the most profound method of persuasion. It brings in the human touch, and speaks to the emotions of people. Communication through an inspiring story, has the power to make or break your campaign. Crowdfunding ideas need story. Tips to grow your online community for a crowdfunding campaign - Impact Guru Blog. As the name suggests, the success of crowdfunding lies in the crowd itself. Building a strong community is key to achieving your financial goals. No matter how noble your cause or social enterprise is, you’re going to need online traffic on your funding page to be successful. Without a strong and long-term plan to build an online community, it will be very difficult to gain the traction you need. Alongside crowdfunding ideas or fundraising ideas, you also need to build an online community. Building a community before you kick-start the fundraising process requires a strategic plan.

Target the people you’re solving a problem for. 5 reasons why you should Crowdfund your Film - Impact Guru Blog. If you have a film idea that isn’t just a crowd-pleaser but is also a catalyst for social change, look no further for funds. You don’t need a high budgeted production house to fund your film, and then have them dictate the way you make it. All you need is a unique concept. And for funds, read on to find out 5 reasons why you should crowdfund your film today – Financial assistance The cost of pre-production, production, and post-production can be covered through the amount you raise via your crowdfunding campaign. Gain a loyal supporter base Film crowdfunding has much more to offer than just funding. Strategic Philanthropy: The new game-changer in the world of Giving - Impact Guru Blog.

4% of the world’s billionaire are of Indian origin. In comparison to most developing countries, philanthropy in India has grown a lot in the recent years. Can Crowdfunding be the answer to India’s Education Inequity? - Impact Guru Blog. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin 1.4 million schools, 227 million students, and 36,000 higher education institutions – the enormity of the Indian Education System stems from many such statistics. With 2020 being seen as the year when our country will have the highest population in the working age group, it is becoming imperative that these numbers start showing greater and real results. Though there has been a continuous push towards improving the state of education in the country, the often non-conducive social environment and the lack of essential resources like skilled teachers, proper infrastructure and the money to run schools, present a constant roadblock in the process.

There is a need to bring a sea change in India’s education system, and even though crowdfunding alone will not turn around the scenario, it can definitely benefit the education sector in many ways. Annual Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofits - Impact Guru Blog. Having a detailed and a strategic plan before starting your fundraising efforts is probably the best advise anyone who has had experience in this field will give to the nonprofits. Planning out every activity gives you and your team a sense of direction and a goal to keep aiming for. 5 Reasons why Crowdfunding is the Perfect Launch Platform for your Social Enterprise - Impact Guru Blog. The concept of crowdfunding is a fast growing one. It is slowly and steadily overtaking the more traditional ways of funding for social enterprises.

What the Budget of 2017 means for crowdfunding in India - Impact Guru Blog. The budget 2017 has brought both challenges and opportunities to the nonprofit sector in India. The two main announcements that impact the development sector are expected to completely change the landscape of how people do charity and how nonprofits accept it. Valentine’s Day - Be someone's Valentine by Giving - Impact Guru Blog. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you’ve been wondering how to celebrate it this year, we suggest doing something meaningful like crowdfunding. Something that adds value to society, or benefits people of lesser means. The few bucks you spend on chocolate and roses can actually have a huge impact on the life of a child, or an aged or ill person in need.

5 ways to Raise Funds for Cancer Treatment - Impact Guru Blog. From doctor’s bills to expensive medications and tests to radiation and chemotherapy, cancer devastates millions of lives every year. Inability to get the financial help for cancer patients often leads to lost hopes, and sufferers just giving up. But today thankfully, there are newer and more innovative ways to raise funds for cancer treatment, such as crowdfunding, that are not only easier and faster but also come without the long-term implications such as interests on loan. 5 Reasons why your nonprofit should collaborate with a Startup - Impact Guru Blog. Do you love Marathons? Then you can’t give a miss to these 9 amazing marathons in India - for your life! - Impact Guru Blog.

Are you crazy about running? 3 easy ways to fund your medical treatment - Impact Guru Blog. Sign Up for Crowdpitch Competition 2017 : By E-Cell IIT Bombay & Impact Guru. Social Enterprise Challenge - Sign Up. NGO Tax Saving Challenge - Sign Up. Crowdfunding Strategy.