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EU to waive off visa for South African visitors. Discussions are on its way to ease up or eliminate the visa requirements for South African nationals visiting EU (European Union) associated states.

EU to waive off visa for South African visitors

This was announced on 27 September by Malusi Gigaba, South African Home Affairs Minister. The discussions are held between Gigaba with Marcus Cornaro, the ambassador of the EU to South Africa. As the nationals of EU are allowed to travel visa-free in South Africa, the EU should also allow the same relaxation to us.

This was stated by Gigaba to media in Pretoria. The frequent flyers to Rainbow nation will be granted 3-year multiple visas were decided in 2015; as stated by Gigaba to Spike in LI-A and L1-B visa to the US. A recent study by CNNmoney has shown that the no. of officials from China coming to the United States on L-1B and L-1A visas has vastly increased since 1996.

Spike in LI-A and L1-B visa to the US

More than 10,000 L-1 intracompany transfer visas issued to Chinese nationals in 2015 alone, which is four times more than the numbers granted in 2005. This trend is further propelled by the fact of limited visa alternative for Chinese nationals. Visa for niche trade is applied and filled out in a very short span of time at the onset of April every year. Chinese citizens also do not fall under the category of E-2 Visa. Canada Visa for highly-skilled foreign workers in construction. Under a new proposal presented by Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) to Federal parliamentary committee, more foreign nationals should be allowed to work in highly skilled construction jobs.

Canada Visa for highly-skilled foreign workers in construction

The construction industry is currently experiencing a shortage in native citizens, which has paved the way for better job avenues in Canada. The parliamentary committee is at present reviewing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). To help the employer fill these vacancies, TFWP is taken into consideration to hire foreign nationals. Ireland to invest €1.9 million to attract IT talent. Due to lack of supply in comparison to demand for IT talents in Ireland, the government of Ireland is trying to attract talents from abroad.

Ireland to invest €1.9 million to attract IT talent

Ireland has announced an investment of €1.9 MILLION to invite IT talents from other nations. They have planned to issue three thousand work permits every year to allow foreign nationals to work and live in Ireland. This plan is christened as Tech/Life Ireland, is an online-based venture. This plan aims at exhibiting the culture, lifestyle and success of the nation’s technical sector through digital and social media to entice more grey cell to the country. The Government wants to boost the economy of Ireland through IT boom and by attracting more talents. Immigration Boost Demanded by Canadians. After the consultation on Canadian Immigration, the minister in charge Mr.

Immigration Boost Demanded by Canadians

John McCallum stated that most people are telling him to boost the number of immigrants. All the news on new policies was made public after he spoke with a reporter following a cabinet meeting on Parliament Hill. McCallum further added that although there has been a lot of pressure, they have decided to disclose the proposal until November. The US parole visa program for Filipino WWII veteran. United States government’s Parole Visa Program that has been welcomed by the Philippine Consulate General in New York, post-implementation is going to benefit US-based Filipino Second World War veterans and their closed ones or relatives in the Philippines.

The US parole visa program for Filipino WWII veteran

In the last week’s forum, Deputy Consul General Kira Azucena defined the implementation of this program as the most significant milestone achievement in the national Filipino-American community’s continuing campaign in requesting the United Stated government to allow Filipino vets with the acknowledgment and honor due to them. She also confirmed that this recently established strategy is timely acknowledging that 2016 signifies the seventieth anniversary of the endowment of diplomatic connections between the US and the Philippines. With this Parole visa program, many veterans of WWII will be able to reunite with their closed ones or relatives in the Azucena, Philippines. Bill Gates appreciates Trudeau’s effort for immigration, refugees and business. People across the globe are looking for the latest news about immigration.

Bill Gates appreciates Trudeau’s effort for immigration, refugees and business

When it comes to USA and Canada, there are free movement and the European nations too except UK. Now UK is also in a new phase to implement immigration law for their country and across the rest of the world. Hope, the Brexit news is outdated as such no country can survive with their existing manpower and need multi skills from other nationals too for its economic development.

Although there are free movement within European Nations, people are looking for major developed nations to implement free visa migration with the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and USA. How immigration has reformed the face of Nebraska. For the most part among Donald Trump supporters, migration is a tremendous deal.

How immigration has reformed the face of Nebraska

The issue has been pushed to the front line in general meeting amid this election season, and everybody has a sentiment connected with it. Whether undocumented settlers should be permitted to stay, or whether they ought to be sent back to where they came from remains the hot topic before the election season. However, recent studies have revealed that the economic growth in Nebraska is synonymous with the influx of immigrants. Immigrants account for nearly 7% of Nebraska’s population and almost 1/3rd of them are eligible to vote. There are at present 13.1 million lawful permanent residents in the United States, and 8.8 million are as of now qualified for citizenship. Migrant students can now stay in US for more time. President Obama’s activities to broaden the government policies related to education visa, which permits immigrant students to work as well as study in the U.S. has gathered positive response from numerous migrants.

Migrant students can now stay in US for more time

Students in technology, math, biology and engineering fields can stay in the nation on visas for 12 months before and 29 months after completing their graduations as per government’s norms. The precise policy details and its implementation date are still unknown; However, Obama has guided the education ministry policy makers to start formulating policies that could incorporate extending the stay of such students. Experts state that the nation is encountering a superfluous brain drain as numerous foreign students who migrated to the U.S. and get degrees in much demanding fields leave soon after completing their studies. New immigration rule for entrepreneurs. Visa-free Migration between Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada. Over 200,000 people have voted ‘aye’ to a petition which shall enable free movement between the leading economic hubs – UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Visa-free Migration between Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada

In a move started by the CFMO at its website,, the e-petition had more than 1.5 lakh backers and nearly 50,000 co-signers. The movement was led by a poll finding which stated 58 percent of the British, 70 percent Australians, 82 percent of the Kiwis and 75 percent of the Canadians supports free movement between these 4 countries. The petition states that “joint principles, linguistics and ethics” would render these 4 countries, key associates in free movement. UK had given up the free movement strategy when it had opted to be the part of European Union.

The total count of work visas allotted by the United Kingdom to the other 3 countries has increased many-fold in the last two years. 110 free passports for students of Mary Washington University. According to a statement released by the University of Mary Washington, the students of the University will receive 110 free passports this month. The passports are provided to the students as a part of the $13500 grant received from the Council on International Education Exchange and contribution of $1350 from Universities own Center for International Education.

In the release, Kate Jordan, the study abroad coordinator for faculty-led programs said, “This is an important first step to study abroad for students,” He added, “Studies have shown that simply having a passport makes it more likely that students will study abroad.” 221 UMW students studied in 32 countries using this free passport facility last year. Angela Merkel will continue to invite immigrants in Germany. Angela Merkel ‘s open borders policies for immigrants approval rating has declined due to Germany’s economic and security concerns. However, Merkel denied to back down on her open immigration policy and said that the European Union would focus more on deporting and repatriating the immigrants who have been denied asylum in Germany. According to Merkel, European Union’s agenda for the coming months would be resettling and deporting the foreign nationals who had their asylum status denied but, this would not limit or change the number of refugees Germany would take in. 21000 people whose asylum was denied by Germany were repatriated last year and in the first seven months of this year, Germany has deported 35000 people who were denied asylum.

In the recent cabinet meeting, Thomas de Maiziere, Interior Minister reported that at least 100,000 people would be repatriated by the end of this year. Young refugees make it to the big screen in Australia. The producers of ‘Cast from the Storm’ have been following a bunch of school going refugee students without parents struggling to start their life afresh in West part of Sydney. The documentary explains the journey of teenagers, who have been trained by the Treehouse Theatre troupe. The group was managed by 2 friends, who are from teaching, counseling, psychology and Theater backgrounds. When the filming began, Ali al-Ali born in Iraq was 17 years old. He took the adventurous route from Iran to Malaysia and Indonesia, before reaching by boat from Indonesia to Australia within a week.

He said: “Everybody was vomiting and sick,” More immigrants required to work in New Zealand. Over 69000 people migrated and settled in New Zealand starting this year until July. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand has also defended to bring in immigrants for all kind of jobs including low-skill professions like fruit picking etc. According to Michael Woodhouse, there will be a review by the cabinet on the number of immigrants entering the country, as there is a mismatch between immigration and labour market requirements. Thousands of New Zealand labourers are found unemployed and this is due to the problems with New Zealanders towards the work ethic. Mr Key in his morning report admitted that, the government would bring in a huge number of immigrants to fill more jobs especially under the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme like fruit pickers.

Britain. English-speaking countries. Britain offers to help EU migration crisis. According to Boris Johnson, Britain will help European Union in handling migration crisis even after BREXIT. The Foreign Secretary iterated that UK wants to see a “strong” EU and had a “vision” for a new European “partnership”. Migration is affecting all the countries in the European Union, according to Mr. Johnson. Visa needed for offshore workers, says Australian High Court. Theresa May believes in making success out of ‘Brexit’

Theresa May believes in making success out of ‘Brexit’ BREXIT puts NHS in agony!!! BREXIT puts NHS in agony!!! Tenfold Increase in number of Britons wanting to settle in NZ. Australia forced to close 'Illegal' Refugee Detention Centre. 110,000 jobs to be taken in British Columbia’s transport sector. Denmark Overhauls its Green Card Program.

Sweden - The most welcoming nation for non-EU citizens. UKVI launches ‘Access UK’ in Nepal. The US Increases Period Of STEM Optional Practical Training To 24 Months. Illegal Immigrants From Philippines In South Korea Has Been Warned. Immigration Not A Threat- Canadians welcome Syrian refugees. Iran to Offer Visa-on-Arrival Facility to 190 Nations. 6.9 Million Tourists are Welcomed by Indonesia in a Wake of Free-visa Policy. Arrests In Illegal Immigration Plunge All Over Wales. Denmark tightens its purse, to deal with illegal migration and refugees. Australia Gains immensely through International Tourism. UK Immigration After The EU Referendum. Australian Residency For Just $2000 In China. Immigrants Often Gets Victimized In Detention Centres Says Windsor West MPP.

Australia Grants Record Number of Visitor Visas. Denmark's New Immigration Bill Under The Scanner. Switzerland To Negotiate With EU On Immigration Restrictions. By fall Major Changes in Immigration- Canada. Australia’s Refugee Intake gets a new moniker. Australia enters free-trade agreement with the UK. Don’t Let Your Travel Agency Submit Forged Papers For Visa. Latest 38th Canada Express Entry issues 747 PR invitations. Two Persons Accused Of Immigration Fraud In Canada. EB-5 policy gets a fresh lease of life, with amendments. Australia Denies Visa to Indian Student. Immigrant Investors In The US Trapped By Fraud.

Australia enters free-trade agreement with the UK. Immigrant Population Highest In These Countries. ‘Retribution for countries declining their citizens deported from US’ - Republicans. Highest number of immigrants in 2015: Germany. Restrictions on Immigration will harm UK economy. Illegal Indian immigrants being deported by the US. “H1B visa lost its Charm”, states Nasscom. Canada to welcome record number of immigrants in 2016. Illegal Immigrants And Their Impact On Economy Of The US. Introduce Visa - free Trip for Malaysians to China. 'Brexit' impacts Australian Employment Market. Report reveals studying abroad makes students stable and open. US Immigration To Raise Site Visits Of Employers On L-1 Visa. 38th Canada Express Draw issues 747 PR invitations. Safe Immigration - Safer Career! 38th Canada Express Entry Results Announced. Food skills count, when it comes to immigrating to Canada.

Canada sees mixed data when it comes to Labor market. US Terminates Visa For 306 Students From India Over Visa Fraud. India extends e-visa facility to 36 more countries. British Columbia PNP issues 194 ITAs. Newer Visa Policies to assist STEM international Students. Ash Vale Restaurant in UK can face 80,000 pounds of fine.

Need To Minimize Backlog Of Visas To Undocumented Immigrant Victims Of Crime. Bulgaria-Romania talks with Canada on visa-free travel. US Visa news updates on the New STEM OPT Extension. Filipinos Cautioned Against utilising Fake Visa and Passport.