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We offer a variety of products dedicated to VR. Our VR shop has several years of experience in the Virtual Reality industry. We offer an excellent range of VR headsets, accessories and other spare parts within your budget. For more details, click here-

Buy Disposable Face Mask and Other Accessories for VR Devices at the Best Price. Find out the Virtual Reality Shop – Immersive Display. Accessories and Products for Virtual Reality Devices. Buy Latest VR Products from the Best VR Store. Lenspen and Other Accessories for VR Devices. Find out VR Accessories to Practice Best Hygiene.

Undoubtedly, sanitation has always been important.

Find out VR Accessories to Practice Best Hygiene

But it was never a topic of discussion the way it is right now. People were aware of maintaining hygiene, but it never got much attention that it is getting presently. Due to the pandemic that the world is suffering through, asks for being hygienic, being alert. It demands staying safe and keeping other’s safety too. Choose the Right VR Cover for your VR Headset – Immersive Display. Best Oculus Quest Accessories to Enhance Virtual Reality Experience. Oculus Quest Accessories to Enhance Virtual Reality Experience. Products for Better and Safe Virtual Reality Experience. VR Disposable Face Mask to Meet Hygiene Requirements.

Highly Reputed Virtual Reality Shop – Immersive Display. Make your Virtual Reality Experience Excellent with Amazing Accessories. Buy VR Accessories and Other Parts from Reliable Virtual Reality Shop. VR Accessories for Better Experience along with Safety and Hygiene. Best Oculus Quest Accessories to Improve Virtual Reality Experience. Undoubtedly, Oculus Quest has raised the bar for the virtual reality gaming experience.

Best Oculus Quest Accessories to Improve Virtual Reality Experience

It has such great quality that it is powerful enough to convert a non-believer of VR gaming into the one who starts to live with it. This reality headset is a fully standalone device but thanks to technology. Because it always surprises us with goodies. So, this standalone device can also be plugged into a computer system via a USB cable. And gamers can enjoy playing games that have not been ported to it. Upgrade your VR Headset with Top-Rated VR Cover. Compelling VR Headsets for Hardcore Gamers & Enthusiasts. Enhance your Gaming Experience with the Best Virtual Reality Headset. Check out a Guide for Must-Have VR Accessories. Comfortable and Hygiene VR Cover – Immersive Display. Buy Best VR Headset for More Enjoyable Experience. Buy the Ultimate VR Headset without Break your Bank Account. 3 Important VR Accessories that a VR User must have! – Immersive Display.

Just like a great headset is essential for the adoption of VR, VR Accessories are important too!

3 Important VR Accessories that a VR User must have! – Immersive Display

These products were designed to improve gamers’ experience of being in another world. Well to know, plenty of virtual reality products are coming on to the market to protect your valuable headset and ensure its comfortable use. Here, in this article, we are discussing 3 important accessories that you should purchase to ensure a comfortable yet extraordinary gaming experience. Buy High-Quality Virtual Reality Headset. Find One Best VR Headset For Among Varied Options.

Find the Top Rated Virtual Reality Headset. Highly Professional VR Headset for the Gamers. Exclusive VR for the Enthusiasts & Hardcore Gamers. You might be thinking why one should bother buying a VR Headset at all, we have to say there’s nothing really quite like VR for entertainment at the moment.

Exclusive VR for the Enthusiasts & Hardcore Gamers

You can’t beat virtual reality for sheer immersion, and your experience will only be enhanced when you have a set up that suit you.For those who are not aware, a virtual reality headset is nothing but a head-mounted device that offers virtual reality for the wearer. Along with other applications, like simulators and trainers, these headsets are widely used with video games. Like this: Buy Affordable Virtual Headset for Virtual Reality Experience. High Quality Pimax Accessories at the Best Price. Purchase Online Most Interesting VR Headset .pdf. Make a Purchase of the Best VR Headset at a Reliable Cost. Get the Best Experience with Pimax Accessories. Get a Complete Details of Charging station Oculus Quest. Make Great Gaming Experience with Pimax Accessories.

The Chinese start-up Pimax was present at CES 2020 to present its latest virtual reality headsets.

Make Great Gaming Experience with Pimax Accessories

The company is still positioned in the same niche market: Gamers ready to venture off the beaten track in search of the best possible experience.In order to improve the user experience on first generation helmets such as the PIMAX 5K Plus and XR, the Chinese company has developed a range of compatible Pimax accessories for all helmets.Thus, the brand’s best-seller is the Comfort Kit which is a new facial interface with a more comfortable headsest : · Easy to install and remove – Specially designed for Pimax HMD, all custom kits are easy to set up. • Keep your HMD clean and sweatproof – Easy to disassemble and clean, ensure a hygeian usage environment and keep germs at bay. • Anti-leakage and relieve the pressure on the nose – Prevent light entering into the HMD and make the VR experience more immersive. Like this: Like Loading... Shop Online Reliable Range of VR Headset. Get Convenient Design and Ergonomics of VRNRGY Power Pack.

Since its release a few months ago, the Oculus Quest has been a great success.

Get Convenient Design and Ergonomics of VRNRGY Power Pack

Indeed, this standalone VR headset offers many possibilities, and above all, more freedom than other devices. No cables or computer required, the Quest is self-sufficient. This also means that it runs on a battery. However, the user can quickly become frustrated if he is forced to interrupt his game or any video in the middle. There are practical and affordable solutions to prevent this from happening. Design and ergonomics of the Power Pack The VRNRGY Power Pack is very compact. Durable Charging Station Oculus Quest within your Budget. Top Best Features of VR Headset. A virtual reality headset (or VR headset) is a device worn on the head that allows the wearer to be immersed in virtual reality.

Top Best Features of VR Headset

Virtual reality devices are strongly associated with video games but can also be used in other contexts, such as training or medicine. They consist of a stereoscopic headset, stereo sound, and head, limb, body or eye position sensors (such as gyroscopes, accelerometers or optics). Ultimate Range of Pimax Accessories to Improve Virtual Experience. Best Oculus Quest Accessories at an Affordable Cost. Upgrade your VR headset with High Quality VR Cover .gif.

Know Every Thing about Pimax 8K. While Oculus and HTC are currently limited to "2K" per eye (1440 x 1600 pixels) and a FOV (Field of Vision) that does not exceed 110 degrees (for the Vive Pro in particular), Pimax is convinced from the beginning that a good VR headset must have a very high definition and a FOV (Field of View) as wide as possible.

Know Every Thing about Pimax 8K

After the 5K with the 5K Super and 5K XR, here is the VisionPimax 8K X that delivers a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels per eye, as well as a 170 degrees FOV. The screens used are of LCD type, with a refresh rate limited to 75 Hz in 4K native. In order to increase the frequency, it is therefore necessary to lower the definition. Another version was presented and testable on the Pimax stand : the Vision 8K Plus, which also delivers UHD definition per eye, but via upscaling. Find the Best Virtual Reality Accessories Store. Check Out Information of HTC Vive Pro Accessories. More than two years after the advent of “mainstream” virtual reality, the second generation of VR HMD is still desperately needed.

Check Out Information of HTC Vive Pro Accessories

In order to occupy the field before this new wave, HTC has just launched the HTC Vive Pro Accessories: not really a successor to the, but rather a high-end variant offering a better display definition and above all intended, as its name indicates, for professionals. Total immersion Precise 360-degree controller and headset tracking, realistic graphics, directional sound and HD touch feedback ensure that your movements and actions in the virtual world are realistic. Experience everything as if you were there.

Shop Online Oculus Rift S Accessories within your Budget. High quality and Durable VR Accessories – Immersive Display. Accessorize your new HTC Vive PRO at an Affordable Cost. Accessories for HTC Vive Cosmos – Immersive Display – Immersive Display. Following the Vive and Vive Pro headset, the Vive Cosmos accessories aims to stand out for its comfort and ease of use.

Accessories for HTC Vive Cosmos – Immersive Display – Immersive Display

Like an Oculus Rift S, it is equipped with an inside-out motion detection system, i.e. it does not need external sensors to locate itself in space and can detect the precise position of its controllers itself thanks to its 6 integrated cameras, unlike the previous VR Vive and Vive Pro headsets which require at least two Lighthouse beacons to operate. This significantly simplifies installation and commissioning. HTC obviously intends to offer even better image quality thanks in particular to an increase in display definition combined with new, brighter lenses. Secure position on the head First of all, it is indeed the ergonomics and comfort that must be addressed. Precision of the tracking system Highly luminous controllers A quick word about the game controllers to finish, which we found comfortable and quite ergonomic, although a little heavy. Purchase Pimax 8K X and Pimax 8K Plus within your Budget. The Chinese manufacturer Pimax announces a new VR headset: the Pimax 8K X, offering a native definition of 4K per screen.

This new device will be delivered to Kickstarter contributors just before Christmas… The Pimax 8K, priced at $900, is equipped with two 3840×2160 CLPL panels that make it the first 8K VR headset on the market. However, the technical limitations of its design limit the display to 2460×1440 per screen and software upscaling is required to achieve maximum definition. Today, Pimax announces the launch of the Pimax 8K X. This new model offers a native rendering of 3840×2160 per screen with a refresh rate of 75Hz. On the other hand, it will be necessary to use upscaling to achieve a refresh rate of 90Hz.

The 170 degree field of view remains the same as in previous models, and panels are about 10 to 15% better used. In addition, a second headset called Pimax 8K Plus will be launched on October 30, 2019 for $1,000. Amazing VR Accessories from Reliable VR Shop. Purchase VR Accessories at an Affordable Cost from Immersive Display VR Shop. To purchase virtual reality headsets or accessories on the Internet, you can go to Amazon or order directly from the manufacturer's website. However, many manufacturers do not ship to France and Amazon offers are not always competitive in terms of price... As an alternative, it is possible to visit the VR online shop: Virtual Reality headsets and accessories from the French company Immersive Display.

Since the launch of its online store in 2016, Immersive Display has quickly become the European leader in the online sale of accessories for the main virtual reality headsets on the market. On this website, you will find everything you need to make the most of virtual reality. It is possible to buy VR gear from HTC Vive Pro or Oculus Quest, but also many accessories such as protection for controllers, transport cases, hygiene kits or cable management systems.

In 2019, Immersive Display's VR Shop offers more than 200 different product references and has already served more than 5000 customers.