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Tracy chapman why lyrics. Why do the babies starveWhen there's enough food to feed the worldWhy when there are so many of usAre there people still alone Why are the missiles called peace keepersWhen they're aimed to killWhy is a woman still not safeWhen she's in her home Love is hateWar is peaceNo is yesAnd we're all free But somebody's gonna have to answerThe time is coming soonAmidst all… But somebody's gonna have to answerThe time is coming soonAmidst all these questions and contradictionsThere are some who seek the truth But somebody's gonna have to answerThe time is coming soonWhen the blind remove their blindersAnd the speechless speak the truth Paroliers : Tracy L Chapman Paroles de Why?

Nomad List — Best Cities to Live and Work Remotely for Digital Nomads. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability. Skullcap, Kippah, or Yarmulke? » Mosaic. Got a question for Philologos? Ask him directly at “A campaign was launched in France calling on all citizens to don the Jewish skullcap on Friday [January 16],” reported that day’s Algemeiner, “after the Marseille chief rabbi urged fellow residents to avoid wearing kippot, out of fear of anti-Semitic terror. . . . The campaign called on citizens to put on the yarmulke at 10 a.m. on Friday in a coordinated effort.” Skullcap, kippah (or kipah), yarmulke: three different words, all in one short paragraph, for the same round Jewish head covering. Not quite. The two words are not equally old. Sign Up For Our E-Mail List Get the latest from Mosaic right in your inbox The medieval etymology of yarmulke was for a long time even less clear.

In the end, the mystery may have been solved by the scholar and Reform rabbi W. Was the yarmulke a medieval innovation? But there are also two counter-arguments. What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men? Stop Trying to Sound Smart When You’re Writing. When I read a piece of business writing, whether it’s a proposal, a report, or a simple email, I’m turned off by people who have invested more energy trying to sound smart than in trying to be smart. Ideally, I’d like to read communications where I don’t notice the writing at all.

The best writing is so transparent that it doesn’t obscure the underlying message. You can achieve that in your writing by investing in great content and then stripping away anything that detracts from it. How do you make your content great? For example, saying that you’re 60% of the way to your annual target might leave one person thinking that you are progressing well and another thinking that the 40% gap is too large to close. Once you’re clear on what you want people to think, go one layer deeper and consider how you want them to feel. If your message has a purpose, you are communicating because you want people to do something differently. Eliminate fancy-pants words. Beware of using words incorrectly. Robert Waldinger: Qu'est-ce qui fait une vie réussie ? Leçons de la plus longue étude sur le bonheur. Elon Musk's Unbelievably Simple 12-minute Killer Break Down on Climate Change.

La mémoire affective. Ce texte est extrait du site Extraits choisis de "La formation de l'acteur" de Constantin Stanislavski L'acteur ne construit pas son rôle avec la première chose qui lui tombe sous la main. Il choisit soigneusement, parmi ses souvenirs, et trie parmi ses propres expériences, les éléments les plus séduisants. Il tisse l'âme de son personnage de sentiments qui lui sont plus chers que ceux de sa vie ordinaire. Existe-t-il terrain plus fertile pour l'inspiration ? Pensez-vous que l'acteur va imaginer toutes sortes d'impressions nouvelles, ou même s'inventer un caractère différent pour chacun de ses rôles ? On peut emprunter un manteau, des bijoux, n'importe quel objet, mais on ne peut prendre à un autre ses sentiments. N'oubliez jamais que sur scène, vous restez un acteur. Aussi nombreux que soient vos rôles, ne vous permettez jamais aucune exception à cette règle. Lorsque vous êtes en scène, jouez toujours votre propre personnage, vos propres sentiments.


Young at heart: why children who exercise become healthier adults | Life and style. Last week, Public Health England said 6 million middle-aged adults in England take less than 10 minutes’ brisk exercise a month, risking their health. But when does the problem start? It seems the answer is “very young”. Last year, a damning international study portrayed British children as among the least active in the world. Despite government guidelines urging parents to ensure their offspring do at least an hour of moderate-intensity exercise every day, compared with 38 other nations including Venezuela and Slovenia, England and Wales are currently third-worst in the list – with Scotland at the bottom. Only 22% of boys aged 11 to 15 manage the recommended amounts of daily exercise, and just 15% of girls.

Denmark and Sweden, which have long been interested in the link between childhood physical activity and achievements in later life, have markedly less prevalence of metabolic-related conditions in children. Neuroscientists believe there are a number of reasons for this. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic. One day last summer, around noon, I called Athena, a 13-year-old who lives in Houston, Texas. She answered her phone—she’s had an iPhone since she was 11—sounding as if she’d just woken up. We chatted about her favorite songs and TV shows, and I asked her what she likes to do with her friends. “We go to the mall,” she said. “Do your parents drop you off? ,” I asked, recalling my own middle-school days, in the 1980s, when I’d enjoy a few parent-free hours shopping with my friends. Those mall trips are infrequent—about once a month.

I’ve been researching generational differences for 25 years, starting when I was a 22-year-old doctoral student in psychology. Around 2012, I noticed abrupt shifts in teen behaviors and emotional states. At first I presumed these might be blips, but the trends persisted, across several years and a series of national surveys. What happened in 2012 to cause such dramatic shifts in behavior?

Today’s teens are also less likely to date. So is depression. See Plans. Les 5 textes qui résument la vie de Simone Veil. Adolescente rescapée d'Auschwitz, ministre de la Santé à l'origine de la loi sur l'IVG, présidente du Parlement européen, membre du Conseil constitutionnel, immortelle à l'Académie française... La vie de Simone Veil est extraordinaire. Son parcours, l'un des plus exceptionnels du XXe siècle.

La Française, morte vendredi à 89 ans, laisse des discours marquants. Le JDD a compilé cinq textes qui retracent ses engagements et ses combats, dont trois qu'elle a elle-même prononcés, ainsi que celui de Jean d'Ormesson lors de son entrée à l'Académie et les écrits de son époux. Cinq textes qui résument Simone Veil. 1974 : l’adresse aux députés pour la loi sur l’IVG Le 26 novembre 1974, Simone Veil s’adresse aux députés : un ­cénacle presque exclusivement masculin, auquel elle expose les motifs de sa loi encadrant la dépénalisation de l’avortement. (Sipa) "Pour quelques-uns, les choses sont simples : il existe une loi ­répressive, il n’y a qu’à l’appliquer. C’est à ce désordre qu’il faut mettre fin.

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. By Carlo M. Cipollaillustrations by James Donnelly The first basic law of human stupidity The first basic law of human stupidity asserts without ambiguity that: Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. At first, the statement sounds trivial, vague and horribly ungenerous. A) people whom one had once judged rational and intelligent turn out to be unashamedly stupid. b) day after day, with unceasing monotony, one is harassed in one's activities by stupid individuals who appear suddenly and unexpectedly in the most inconvenient places and at the most improbable moments. The First Basic Law prevents me from attributing a specific numerical value to the fraction of stupid people within the total population: any numerical estimate would turn out to be an underestimate. The second basic law Cultural trends now fashionable in the West favour an egalitarian approach to life.

In this regard, Nature seems indeed to have outdone herself. Astronaut. Growth Quotes :: Quoteland :: Quotations by Topic. Chinese Proverb Quotes. Sur le Web, la guerre contre le mensonge va-t-elle tuer la satire? - Le Temps. Des effets visuels, du texte et une promesse: voici les «5 choses à savoir sur les conflits d’intérêts de Donald Trump». Postée sur Facebook, la vidéo revient en une minute sur les intérêts financiers du président élu. Un contenu journalistique pour aborder un sujet éminemment sérieux? Détrompez-vous. Ultime question abordée dans la vidéo: «Comment Donald Trump peut-il rassurer les Américains au sujet de ses conflits d’intérêts?» Réponse: «En les encourageant à oublier leurs tracas dans une suite du luxueux hôtel Trump de Rio de Janeiro.» L’auteur de cette pastille humoristique qui comptabilise près de 500 000 vues?

«The Onion». Guerre aux fausses informations Sur Facebook, la guerre aux fausses nouvelles est déclarée. Lire aussi: Sur Facebook, le mensonge est plus populaire que la vérité Facebook, tout comme Google, promet de faciliter le signalement des contenus mensongers et de restreindre l’accès aux revenus publicitaires des plateformes de désinformation. Parodier n’est pas tromper. Happy City Lab – Participative installations bringing people together. The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction. Photo Drug education is the only part of the middle school curriculum I remember — perhaps because it backfired so spectacularly.

Before reaching today’s legal drinking age, I was shooting cocaine and heroin. I’ve since recovered from my addiction, and researchers now are trying to develop innovative prevention programs to help children at risk take a different road than I did. Developing a public antidrug program that really works has not been easy. Many of us grew up with antidrug programs like D.A.R.E. or the Nancy Reagan-inspired antidrug campaign “Just Say No.” But research shows those programs and others like them that depend on education and scare tactics were largely ineffective and did little to curb drug use by children at highest risk. But now a new antidrug program tested in Europe, Australia and Canada is showing promise. The traits that put kids at the highest risk for addiction aren’t all what you might expect. Preventure’s personality testing programs go deeper.

Dr. La Prévention de L'Abus de Drogues en Milieu Scolaire : Des Programmes Prometteurs et Efficaces. Vanity Killed the Social Media Star. Over the course of last few months a few folks have asked me about why I am not so active anymore in different social tools from the so-called Social Web, as well as why I stopped advocating and pontificating about their huge potential to transform the way we connect, collaborate, share our knowledge and, eventually, get work done more effectively. And I guess, after all of this time, I am now ready to put together this article to explain why not and what I am doing instead. It all comes down to vanity, unfortunately.

Or, better said, it all comes down to, finally, come to terms with the fact that our very own self-importance has managed to destroy Social Media and just leave it at Media, as we become … it. Speed kills, specially, in the world of media tools, where we are all fighting to survive one more minute of our very own glory! You see? No, they won’t. You know what? Worth while sharing it along? 10 Funny and Fabulous Flowcharts. Flow charts are wonderful for mapping processes for machines, as they lay out a sequence of binary decisions, meaning yes or no.

When you think about it, most of what we do in life is also based on yes/no decisions -you just have to break the problem down into small pieces to see that clearly. In these flow charts, we see how life choices can be broken down into a set of binary decisions taken to a ridiculous degree. 1. Should I Worry? I love this chart. 2. You may be devoted to space and space travel, but if you're not cut out for the position of astronaut, you may as well focus on something else. 3. If you've ever wondered how game makers design characters, there are only a few easily-parsed rules. 4. I'm not sure if this is the best way to play the game, but it's what actually happens when people play it, illustrated by the webcomic Doghouse Diaries. 5. What a conundrum! 6. YouTube is a vast ocean consisting of almost anything that can be committed to video. 7. 8. 9. 10. Flowchart: Should You Friend Your Parents on Facebook?

[VIDÉO] Les 100 plans les plus marquants de l'histoire du cinéma. Ça commence, évidemment, par un train qui entre en gare de la Ciotat, puis on a un homme suspendu à une pendule, une pierre géante qui roule vers un archéologue, un petit garçon qui vole sur une bicyclette, une lame qui travers un oeil, une femme qui danse dans une fontaine, une autre qui simule l'orgasme dans un café, un adolescent qui lève le poing sur un terrain de football américain, la mer Rouge qui s'ouvre en deux, la statue de la Liberté enfouie dans le sable et enfin, quatre minutes plus tard, une porte qui se ferme sur un homme qui s'éloigne dans le désert.

La chaîne YouTube Cinefix a ainsi compilé les cent plans les plus emblématiques de l'histoire du cinéma. Un montage réalisé dans le désordre chronologique, ce qui permet un jeu de «rimes» thématiques ou visuelles entre les images assez réussi. Reste ensuite à chaque cinéphile à choisir «ses» plans incompréhensiblement absents de la sélection (la liste complète est disponible ici).

Histoire des mots croisés. Chapitre II. Par exemple ECRAN est une anagramme de CRANE, de même que le sont aussi les mots ANCRE, CANER, CARNE, CERNA, CRENA, ENCRA, NACRE et RANCE (le fleuve ou l’adjectif). Outre le fait qu’anagramme soit un mot féminin, il faut noter qu’une anagramme correcte doit être un mot valide.

En ce sens il n’est pas licite de dire que NACER est anagramme de quoi que ce soit. Si l’on n’a pu éviter NACER dans une grille ayant très peu de noires, il faudra, pour lui donner une définition permettant de se faire pardonner, se contenter de dire quelque chose comme « Tempête dans un crâne » où tempête est une indication de quelque chose de mélangé. À partir d’anagrammes, des revues ont publié des grilles complètes ou chaque mot est défini par une anagramme. On les appelle anacroisés. La définition d’un mot est alors simplement son anagramme, sans autre finesse.

Ce procédé n’est pas courant dans les grilles francophones, mais son utilisation peut permettre d’excellentes définitions. The Difference between ExtrAversion and ExtrOversion. Jung may be rolling in his grave. All over the Internet, on Facebook comments, and popular articles, I see the spelling "ExtrOversion"—with a big fat O. The other day I wrote an article and used the spelling "ExtrAversion", with a juicy A, and was told that I spelled the term incorrectly.

So which is actually correct? The O or A? Folklore has it that when Carl Jung was once asked which was the correct spelling—ExtrAvert or ExtrOvert—Jung's secretary wrote back something like, "Dr. Jung says it's ExtrAverted, because ExtrOverted is just bad latin. " One of the first times Carl Jung introduced the term is in 1917, in his book "Die Psychologie der Unbewussten Prozesse", he spelled it "ExtrAvert".

Since I have no idea how to translate this, I will refer to another time he used the phrase, in 1921, in his classic text "Psychological Types": Keep in mind this is a translation, but even if you consult the original text, you can clearly see "extravertierte" is all throughout. Why does this matter? King, Keynes et Knight: plongée au cœur d’une économie incertaine - Le Temps. Portrait d’une famille bourgeoise | L'histoire par l'image. NotFound | Bill Gates. Justin Gignac. Hemingway Editor. Daniel Craig talks ‘Spectre’ and his advice to future Bonds. Alison Sander: Megatrends - the art and science of trend tracking. Media Center. Institut culturel de Google.

AP Archive - You Tube. Social Studies. Can A New Worker-Owned Platform Create A More Equitable Sharing Economy? Why becoming an adult means something very different when you’re poor. Barbara's Blog. Réfugiés : le camp australien de l'île de Manus jugé «illégal» Les nouvelles formes de la contestation. Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead. Michel Serres : “Nous avons laissé tomber une grande partie de la population humaine" Ined - Institut national d’études démographiques. Best Free Podcasts. Saison des semailles. Le soir. Translated phrase-list jokes. Make Your Old Laptop Run Like New. Sessions. The 10 big rules of small talk. The Genius of the Coen Brothers' Movies Explained.

Fastcompany. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. The Happiness Code. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 25 Ways to Develop 21st Century Thinkers. Google knows everything about you... 27 Beautiful Infographics that teach you how to cook. Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. How We Speak Reveals What We Think, with Steven Pinker.

Psychological tricks to influence people. Online Grey Noise Generator | Hearing Calibrated. L’habitat du futur sera partagé. Simple Rules for Healthy Eating. Does being self-deprecating help or harm you socially? — Hopes&Fears — flow "Question" Culture shock: what surprised you most on your travels? How To Lose 85 Pounds, One Food At a Time. How to avoid the greatest regret in life - Business Insider. 100 Greek and Latin word roots flashcards. Petit lexique de la transformation digitale.

The Ninth Annual Year in Ideas - Magazine. Pay What You Like. E-Journal of Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence. History of Things. Chap 6 la communication interne. Compliance regulation Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Securities and exchange commission whistleblower awards program.

Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment. Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons. Vincent Quek's Blog: With HOPE in my heart: Chinese culture: Ancient Chinese proverbs. Ariane Mnouchkine : "Le théâtre est un service public" Recettes - Recettes de cuisine du Chef et des gourmets du Club. 20+ Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers. Sharique Hasan: Why a Smart Roommate May Be the Key to College Success. Inde : L’énigme des origines de la civilisation indienne. Videos about Numbers and Stuff.

Falser Words Were Never Spoken. Everyone Was Completely Speechless. She’s The Only Woman In The World To Do This! DOT: Understand DOT in a nutshell. JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2014. Sallie Krawcheck on Getting Fired and Asking Her Team to Yell More. EdX - online courses and classes from the world's best. The 12 principles of animation. Stratégies pour apprendre à apprendre.