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Keith Moore

Keith is an experienced digital marketer associated with Ranker Market since 2015. He loves exploring new things and helping out brands achieve their goals.

Impressing Clients with Great Case Studies. Tips to Get the Best Logo for Business. Register the Perfect Domain Name for your Website. Register the Perfect Domain Name for your Website. SEO Services, SMO, PPC, Digital Marketing Solution in USA, India. High Quality Link Building & Backlink Services - Ranker Market. Local SEO Listing, Local Business Promotion - Ranker Market. SMO Services, Manage Social Media Marketing. There are various social media websites that you can target for your business.

SMO Services, Manage Social Media Marketing

Each website has their specialty and different kind of users in nature. Our experts analyze our client’s needs and then we suggest what’s best for their campaign. Process: Initial consultation We start with understanding our client’s business, goals, and the current social media status of business. Social Media Marketing Strategy Once we are done with the analysis part, we move to planning marketing strategy.

Review the results and create reports After starting the campaign, we review our results on regular basis and makes the changes as per the outcome of our campaigns. Content Marketing & Branding Solution, Content Distribution - Ranker Market. Content Marketing is all about creating engaging, entertaining, useful content for attracting new, existing customers in order to promote the brands/businesses.

Content Marketing & Branding Solution, Content Distribution - Ranker Market

If you are planning for SEO then content marketing is a big factor. If your marketing strategy is not good then you will struggle to churn the results. We at RankerMarket, have professional marketing experts who do have great knowledge and understanding of various aspects of marketing and are equipped with great tools to manage the tasks. What kind of content is good? Content is important but let’s not forget, by content we only mean quality content.

SEO Services, On-Page & Off-Page Optimization. Our SEO Strategies: Part 2 Off-Page SEO On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO go hand in hand.

SEO Services, On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

It is as important as the On-Page SEO. If you don’t have a good performing website then you will struggle to rank it. There is a myth that Off-Page SEO is all about Links. On-Page SEO solve your website’s internal issues like performance, visuals, design, codes, meta data etc. but Off-Page SEO helps in creating a brand and hence it tells search engines what others thinks about your website. Guide to Secure WordPress from Hackers in 2018 - WP Conquer. If your WordPress website is hacked it can cause a serious damage to your business’s image and business revenue.

Guide to Secure WordPress from Hackers in 2018 - WP Conquer

Hackers can easily steal all the information, passwords, install software with malware and even distribute malware to other users. The worst out of all is that you may find yourself paying ransomware to the hackers just gain the access to your website. 30 Outstanding WordPress Magazine Themes For Your Website - WP Conquer. Blogging in today’s time is not just about writing and publishing content.

30 Outstanding WordPress Magazine Themes For Your Website - WP Conquer

Your success largely depends on how well you serve your readers by offering them a memorable and distraction-free browsing experience. The more you focus on doing it, the easier it will become for you to scale your blog further. Take the first step in this direction by revamping its design immediately. What you can do is choose a popular WordPress theme that is equipped with a lot of features to help you deliver the best-in-class experience to your audience. In case you’re not sure which theme to opt for, here we have mentioned top 30 WordPress magazine themes that can give any website a professional touch and make it user-friendly. 1. MagXP is an ultimate magazine WordPress theme with multiple unique layouts, 100% responsive design, drag & drop homepage sections, unlimited sidebars, two single post layouts, and clean HTML5.

Details | Demo. Every Digital Assistant You Need to Know & Understand. Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 - WP Conquer. Online shopping is the latest way to shop.

Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 - WP Conquer

No matter if you do not have time to go to shopping centers. Thanks to e-commerce, simply log in to your favorite e-commerce website, and you can do as much shopping as you want, for the convenience of your home. The 4 Pillars of Enterprise SEO Success. Before starting my position at Groupon, I interviewed for director and senior manager positions in SEO with REI and Amazon. I noticed that there appears to be a shift in requirements for SEO positions. Companies are realizing that to be successful at SEO, doesn’t mean just being good at the technical stuff or at identifying opportunities for growth. Now, these companies know that they need people who can communicate to executives effectively as well as with a mix of teams (technical, creative, some that know SEO and some that have no clue), all in the same room at the same time.

In addition, companies are looking for more deeper-level analytical and technical abilities with expectations of understanding SQL, large data sets, and issues that arise from dynamically built sites such as: Duplicate content.Thin content.Products or content coming and going.Etc. During my time as the SEO manager at Nordstrom, I identified the same pattern and restructured my team to fit within these requirements.

Facebook Lets Users Search for All Active Ads That Pages Are Running. Facebook is expanding its Ad Library tool to include information about all active ads from any page.

Facebook Lets Users Search for All Active Ads That Pages Are Running

Previously, Ad Library only included information for ads related to politics or issues of national importance. It was also limited to searching by keywords. Now you can search by page. In addition to finding all ads a page is running, you can also see details about total impressions, who saw the ad, and how much was spent on it. Ad Library contains information about ads across all of Facebook’s platforms. Searchenginejournal.