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IMFS is the pioneer of shaping the future of foreign education in India, since its inception in 1997.

Best SAT Classes In Pune. TOEFL Reading: Great Tips to Increase Your Score Dramatically! - IMFS. Have you ever taken guidance from your seniors about how to attempt different sections in the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL Reading: Great Tips to Increase Your Score Dramatically! - IMFS

Most of your seniors will guide you the same way that they've found the reading section very easy and most approachable. In the reading section, you are given an academic paragraph along with some questions. you are expected to answer them by taking reference of the given paragraph in the given 60 to 80 minute of time. The time is dependent on the tasks given under the paragraph. The main purpose of the reading section is to evaluate your understanding of English text and extract ideas from it. a person who is having a good hold over the English language should understand the words while reading. he/she should be able to quickly grasp the idea of what the sentence is trying to say. he/she will have to get the right context out of it. Here are some tips from IMFS, TOEFL Classes in Thane. 1. 2. This advice comes from your own experience. Should I Take the GRE Again? Important things to consider – IMFs. Retaking the GRE could be a daunting undertaking for you since it is a painful process of spending an enormous amount of time and money.

Should I Take the GRE Again? Important things to consider – IMFs

The preparation for this exam requires total concentration and total attention. Get your best results at your GMAT certificate with IMFS…! If you're looking for a guide or a way to improve your scores on the GMAT, then look no further!

Get your best results at your GMAT certificate with IMFS…!

You are at the right place. IMFS GMAT preparation classes in Mumbai is the perfect place for you. You can learn from an online course that will prepare you for the exam in just half a year. With the effective lessons and expert advice given by IMFS top scorers, you can ace the GMAT exam in your first attempt. IELTS Coaching Classes in Mumbai by IMFS. Improve your GMAT score with comprehensive study with IMFS!

Fly high to abroad with IMFS! – IMFs. Winter is coming…!

Fly high to abroad with IMFS! – IMFs

And now you can plan your study in Abroad country along with the winter internships near you. The competitive nature of today’s workforce can make finding an internship, a full-time position or part-time job incredibly challenging. You will apply, you will definitely get some rejections but keep applying until someone mail back to you asking for your very first interview. Best GRE Institute in Pune. Best Coaching Classes For GRE - IMFS. Best coaching for GMAT - IMFS Mumbai. GMAT is one of the competitive exams taken by the candidates to get into an MBA programme mainly in the foreign countries.

Best coaching for GMAT - IMFS Mumbai

The test comprises of verbal, quantitative, reasoning, analytical writing and other sections which assesses the candidate's capability to solve the problems. It is a tough exam to crack but with the right teaching method and hard work, one can easily crack the exam and get into a good MBA college. IMFS is one of the best GMAT training institute in Pune. The institution runs their GMAT classes in Mumbai too. They have produced some of the GMAT toppers who have scored above 700+ which shows that their method works and it is one of the best GMAT coaching institute one can attend. Contact seller Share Useful information Avoid scams by acting locally or paying with PayPal Never pay with Western Union, Moneygram or other anonymous payment services Don't buy or sell outside of your country.

Related listings. Best coaching for TOEFL - IMFS. “Analyse an issue” in GRE is no longer an issue with IMFS! IELTS Coaching In Mumbai By IMFS. Giving the exam like IELTS and getting success in the first attempt is very rare so if you are one of them who is attempting IELTS for the second or third time then it's totally okay. but analysing your failure is really important.

IELTS Coaching In Mumbai By IMFS

After coming from the exam , think about the three sections in the reading test. Some key facts about GRE that you should know! - IMFS. GRE is not totally unlike other standardized exams that you may have given until this time. but it does have some specialities and quirks Which makes it different from other exams.

Some key facts about GRE that you should know! - IMFS

Before preparing for the GRE you should know the structure and scoring of the exam so that you can plan your study accordingly. The runtime for GRE exam is just under 4 hours which includes breaks also. The exam contains analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The exam structure includes 6 sections of 30 to 35 minutes each. analytical writing contains two 30 minute tasks which includes an “ analyse an issue” essay and an “ analyse an argument” essay. The GRE exam is designed to test your critical thinking skills and data analysis skills. it also tastes your Basic maths proficiency, reading and writing skills and college level vocabulary. Here are some key features that makes GRE different from other exam:

Role of A Study Abroad Consultant – Why Do You Need Them? - Nowadays, not just the students but even parents are quite keen to send their kids overseas for higher studies, and for a better career and future.

Role of A Study Abroad Consultant – Why Do You Need Them? -

It helps the kids to be independent as well as get foreign exposure too. To move overseas and pursue higher studies at your selected esteemed university will be a big decision that has to be taken with plenty of research & paperwork. Thus, who helps these students to be confident and firm with their choice on the course or university selection?

No doubt, they are study abroad consultants in Pune! SAT Coaching Classes In Hyderabad. GMAT Classes In Hyderabad. GMAT Coaching Classes in Hyderabad. There are various myths about GMAT roaming around the market.

GMAT Coaching Classes in Hyderabad

Many people think that if they solve the practice questions from previous GMAT exams then they will get a fair score in Upcoming GMAT. it can be true in some cases but a fair score will not take you anywhere. If you have a vision to get admission in a reputed University then your score should be excellent and it will not come from practicing only a few questions. Many students think GMAT practice questions will refine their skills but what if you don't learn that skill and directly try to apply insufficient knowledge that you have. it won't work this way. you have to start it from scratch and take it to heights.

The most popular and widely taken language tests which you can target in 2022! 1.

The most popular and widely taken language tests which you can target in 2022!

TOEFL iBT: ETS or Educational Testing Service introduced this test, and it is currently the most widely accepted language test in most of the business schools and universities in the United States, Europe, and many other western countries. The TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test) is accepted in those countries where it is difficult to access the internet. Best coaching for TOEFL Mumbai.

TOEFL is considered as one of the toughest exams and it needs a lot of planning and practice to crack the exam. It allows the foreign universities to assess the capabilities of the applicant to understand English as a language for universities and campus admissions. A lot of candidates give this exam every year but only few succeed. Reason is their lack of preparation for the exam. Why Take The GRE Exam? Description It is quite clear now that GRE is a commonly accepted test to get admission to your desired graduate programs by the universities. Candidates who want to pursue MBA, Master's, or PhD levels must take the GRE General Test by joining the professional GRE institute in Pune. 1. How to score better in GMAT exams? – IMFs. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, which includes Verbal, Reasoning, Quantitative sections to check your efficiency to solve a problem while managing your time. This is a difficult test indeed, but you can achieve the desired score with the right strategy and consistency.

Start GMAT practice from scratch with IMFS…! When you plan to start something new, it is evident that we will ask our elders or the people who have done that before about our queries and conclusions. The same psychology works with every exam that we attempt in our life. When it comes to GMAT, it is essential to hear from the GMAT test takers themselves how their experience was and what mistakes they have made to learn from that and not do it yourself. We at IMFS, GMAT preparation classes in Mumbai, perform this activity often and recently, It is seen that students are trying to solve practice questions directly without practising the basic skills and its basic concepts.

Top Reasons Many Schools Emphasize On GMAT Scores. What Is Your Purpose Of Taking GRE in 2021? TOEFL Registration 2021 – Things to Know. TOEFL is a standardized test conducted by ETS and is a widely accepted and approved English proficiency test among various universities worldwide. Preparing for this exam can be a personal experience. To make your experience specialized, IMFS has provided the entire TOEFL preparation kit, material, tips, books, and online modules for the readers. Go with IMFS for ultimate success!

IMFS has introduced IELTS Classes in Pune as well as in Mumbai. Good news for you guys in pune and Mumbai. Ace GRE with IMFS – IMFs. We all know about the infamous GRE exam that every undergraduate who wants to go abroad aspires of. GRE or Graduate Record Examinations could be a standardized examination which is a must for admissions for many graduate colleges within the US. Over a 0.5 million people take the GRE in over 1000 test centers in 160 countries every year, and scores are accepted at thousands of graduate programs around the world, for masters and doctoral degrees. Students can register for the exam irrespective of age and qualification. Choose IMFS and feel closer to your dreams.

If you choose right your future's gonna be bright. How many of us have wished to go abroad for higher studies and how many of us have cried for institutes that did not exist in our places? GRE Coaching — Turn your dream into reality. Conquer GRE with IMFS! – IMFs. People say dream big! IMFS is the key!! Prepare GMAT… it seems easy with IMFS! Well most of the students find gmat really frustrating because of the wide syllabus and the topics. The GMAT is generally taken by those who are frustrated with their careers. What's you success story ? I was in search of really good TOEFL Classes in Mumbai when I learned that clearing TOFEL is important for me to pursue further studies abroad. Best GRE coaching! – IMFs. Best GRE coaching! – IMFs.

GRE Coaching Classes in Pune, GRE classes pune. Thinking about IELTS…? Prefer IMFS! IMFS: connecting you to your dreams. If you’ve had a dream of studying in foreign then we at IMFS have the dream of fulfilling this dream for you. They’re one of the top GMAT classes in Mumbai, Pune, Manipal, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Institute Of Management and Foreign Studies has been in existence since 1977, we started with the goal to provide students with options to study abroad. Today we are 42 years old and have helped realize dreams of thousands of students.

IMFS help you explore your options globally. The process is long and intricate but if you read through at our website we have categorized this into simple steps. Imfs28.