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Egypt: Tel.: +202 27911116 Tel.: +202 27911160 Fax: +202 33444517 Address: 203, 26th July St., 3rd Floor, Sphinx Square, El Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt.

Professional Web Solutions in Egypt. IMeSolutions Hosting Support Center. Support IMeSolutions provides a 24/7 multi-tier hosting support service, where our skilled admins take care of: Periodic Updates, where our admins apply periodic updates to servers’ operating systems and all installed software, including control panels to ensure up to date updates.

IMeSolutions Hosting Support Center

Security, using the antivirus which received the product of the year, which is the highest award for the best performance in all tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. Our admins are so keen to send alerts to customers whenever their websites or accounts are infected or sending spam emails. Search Engine Visibility & Online Marketing. Search engines play a huge role in promoting business relevance.

Search Engine Visibility & Online Marketing

Whenever web users make a query about specific topics, search engines display sites and web pages that they believe are relevant and authoritative, thus helping users or consumers find exactly what they are looking for. Relevance and authority are often determined by different sets of standards and algorithms that evaluate page content, link quality, page views, and other metrics that signify credibility. With the number of factors that go into search engine results, optimizing your website so that it appears first on relevant searches can be quite tedious and laborious. Moreover, precision and a good balance of strategies should be observed so that your efforts won’t be in vain. In theory, the formula for search engine success is quite simple: great content + quality links = top results. IMeSolutions Cloud Hosting Services & Cloud Support. Cloud Hosting Divide and conquer—this is the main concept behind cloud hosting.

IMeSolutions Cloud Hosting Services & Cloud Support

Compared to other web hosting configurations, cloud hosting reduces the risk of downtime due to server malfunction by a great factor. This is because resources needed to maintain a website are spread across multiple servers instead of just one. Fully Managed Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server Virtual private servers, as the name implies, are virtualised server or hosting environments that mimics a dedicated server, except that they are operated within a shared hosting environment.

Fully Managed Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server, therefore, is a hybrid between a shared and dedicated server, thus giving users the best of both hosting worlds. Setting up and managing your own in-house server can be extremely difficult and costly. Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting. Dedicated Hosting If you are looking for a more exclusive hosting configuration that allows you greater control over server resources, dedicated hosting offers the perfect solution for your organisation.

Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting

Shared hosting packages. Shared Hosting There are countless web hosting solutions on offer around the web.

Shared hosting packages

One of the most common types of hosting solutions you will likely come across when searching for budget friendly options is shared hosting. Domain name registration at IMeSolutions. Domain Names Choosing the right domain name is very important to protect your brand name.

Domain name registration at IMeSolutions

Your domain name is the key to your online presence on the Internet, which has become a basic factor in growing businesses. IMeSolutions offers wide range of professional online and offline domain name services including: Domain Name Consultation, where we advise you regarding the closest domain name to your business / brand name. Domain Name Registration: where we offer all TLD extensions (e.g. .com, .org, .net, .me), including local (.eg), country based (e.g. .qa, .ae, .at, .eu, .de, .ch) and internationalized domain names (IDN’s e.g. Shared & Dedicated Web Hosting Benefits. Hosting Benefits Hiring professional internet marketers to help you improve web visibility, presence, and audience engagement is crucial if you ever want to get ahead of the fierce competition online.

Shared & Dedicated Web Hosting Benefits

With every business clamoring to get on top of SERPs and in front of their target consumers, it is becoming even more challenging to stay competitive, even more so, to beat the competition. This is why finding the right people to work with should be a priority if you want a long-term solution for your internet marketing needs. IMeSolutions 10 is one of the leading online marketing companies and service providers in the region, offering you the most comprehensive solutions that will definitely help you stay on top. E-mail Marketing & SMS Professional Services. Mailshots & SMS Marketing A mail shot is a traditional form of direct advertising in the shape of a coupon, letter, flyer, or magazine, sent to a person’s home, with the expectation of gaining more business for the sending company.

E-mail Marketing & SMS Professional Services

The main goal of a mail shot is for marketing or promotional messages to be directed toward people who are most likely going to use the business, although many still refer to it as junk mail. The digital world has breathed new life to traditional mailshots, making them into digital or electronic form in the shape of SMS, email messages, and similar types of promotional marketing materials. Direct advertising methods like these offer excellent chances of success, especially when targeted at consumers who are likely to buy into the offer.

Get started with Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google. Pay per click or PPC is an online marketing formula that is widely used to put a price on online advertisements.

Get started with Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google

Here, online marketers pay internet publishers an agreed upon “per click” rate when their advertisement is clicked on, regardless whether or not a sale is made. Various internet publishers like search engines implement PPC differently. In search engine advertising, marketers or advertisers typically bid on keywords, which means PPC rates depend on bidding amounts instead of a fixed price. Single websites or networks of content websites, on the other hand, would typically use a fixed PPC rate when publishing ads. Pay per click marketing is one of the most efficient ways to use search engines and websites to generate visits and clicks to a website rather than earning leads through organic means. Social Media Optimization services. Social Media Optimization. Build Your business Website. E-Marketing Strategy Defining your business strategy is one of the most important first steps to take when establishing a business. An overall business strategy determines the direction the business will take and what it will typically look like in the future.

A clearly defined business strategy will also help you develop the business in a way that it can achieve growth through various milestones and goals. Build Your E-Commerce Website. Electronic trading has been around for years and it has in fact, become the status quo for many businesses that operate solely online. Electronic commerce is the process of trading products and services with the help of computer networks, particularly the internet. E-commerce draws on different technologies like electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic data interchange, online transaction processing, and automated management and data collection systems. Modern e-commerce uses the internet for at least one portion of their business transaction’s life cycle.

Businesses that employ electronic commerce use various technologies like email and other more complex systems like online shopping websites not only for marketing but primarily for direct retailing of products and services to consumers. Ecommerce websites can also be used to participate in various online marketplaces as well as to facilitate B2B buying and selling. Custom Website Design & Development. The digital age has paved way for many creative ways to promote businesses online. Today, there are even more options that you can explore in order to market your products and services effectively and reach out to a wider audience than you could imagine. You will even find a myriad of ways to create web designs and applications for stronger online campaigns. Do-it-yourself template programs that offer drag, cut, and past functionalities may seem a convenient and easy way to go, but many business owners agree that custom web development still offers a greater deal of benefits in terms of serving your business’ unique needs.

IMeSolutions Website Design in Egypt. If you wish to fast-track web designing and establish an already search engine optimized, responsive, and mobile device-ready website, consider our ready-made WordPress portfolios and websites. They are designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to create a website, ready to receive visitors as soon as you launch it. One of the most sought after services here at IMeSolutions, WordPress websites and portfolios can be used by both advanced programmers and website owners without programming background.

Faster Development. Web Design & Development. Web Design & Development Web design and development is an umbrella term for the broad range of work involved in creating and developing a website which can be used and accessed via an Intranet or private network or the internet or the World Wide Web. About IMeSolutions for Web Design & Development in Egypt. Home/ About IMeSolutions About IMeSolutions.