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LEGO instructions and catalogs library - 9600-9699 - By Number - Instructions. Welcome to LEGO Engineering. Tutorials: Official MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Bonus Models. With the help from the Mindstorms Community Partners (MCP), LEGO has released several bonus models for the NXT 2.0 set. However, they are not easily found on the LEGO website. This page is a collection of pictures and links to the bonus projects.

瑞坪國中NXT機器人社團. K12Lab的新教案 - 探奇自然科學教室 LEGO NXT 樂高機器人 DNA 自然科學實驗. LEGO Engineering 2008 的樂高課程教案(包含NXT) - 探奇自然科學教室. 最近LEGO Engineering新增加了一些課程教案。 (請參考探奇舊文章:LEGO Engineering 新發表的教案) 除了修訂以前的舊教案,還增加了三個新教案,總共有四個主題,都是利用樂高積木及NXT為教具,設計各種關於科學的課程,讓孩子瞭解科學相關的知識。 『雨刷』怎麼做? - lego1758 樂高!一起玩吧! Let's Play 創意教室. LEGO Education. NXT Top Spinner. Building Instructions Make sure the parts on this step are not pushed together too tightly. There should be tiny gaps to allow everything to spin easily.