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What life looks like inside the world's narrowest house. America has the largest standards for homes, by a very long shot, in the world.

What life looks like inside the world's narrowest house

We all know about Japanese city living, but in Europe - the UK in particular, thanks to the industrial revolution - an entire flat would fit inside what many Americans think is a lounge. Kitchens in particular are ridiculously enormous there. It's a strange thing that people don't think about. I lived in a flat that was 1 room, with a cupboard off the side that had the toilet and a door. Kitchen and shower were just there in the corner. 8 glorious buildings shaped like squids and octopodes. Korea's whopping US$275 billion tourism city plan. Local news outlets call the scale “astronomical.”

Korea's whopping US$275 billion tourism city plan

Some question its economic feasibility. Either way it is one hell of an ambitious tourism venture. The project in question is the creation of a gigantic 'tourism city' called 8City. Plans are for it to be built on the islands of Yongyu-Muui in the port city of Incheon, next to Incheon International Airport. Plans for the city include travel and leisure facilities from luxury hotels, condominiums, casinos and shopping malls to a theme park, a water park, a Formula One racing track, a 50,000-seat concert hall, a medical tourism-based "healing town" and a “hallyu town” showcasing Korean entertainment.

An all in one tourism destination that visitors won't want to leave. The project aims firmly at the massive and growing market of mainland Chinese tourists. Fortress America: How the U.S. Designs its Embassies - Politics. The U.S.

Fortress America: How the U.S. Designs its Embassies - Politics

Embassy in Cairo is an unusual building. For one thing, as you can see in the center photo above, it’s over 10 stories high -- most embassies are much shorter. A Century of Capitalist Cathedrals Built By the World's Biggest Companies. Image: City of CupertinoIn many ancient cultures, kings and emperors were worshipped as gods.

A Century of Capitalist Cathedrals Built By the World's Biggest Companies

The power of some of these would-be deities lives on in the temples they built to themselves. Today, rather than pharaohs and Caesars, we have global corporations. Their brands ubiquitous, their treasure unrivaled, the world's most valuable companies command armies of workers, exact fealty from government leaders, and receive regular tribute from consumers in the form of our cash.The current reigning monarch, Apple, was recently crowned the most valuable company ever, only to have its title stripped as less reverent scribes realized the company's market capitalization hadn't been adjusted for inflation.

Still, the company has all the riches it needs to go forward with its plan to build a new headquarters befitting its stature. Like the would-be gods of old, multinationals erect monuments that convey the scope and scale of their power. Proposed future London airport would float atop the Thames. American monuments under construction. American monuments hit the sweet spot between being young enough to have been photographed while being built, but old enough that few people can remember them not being there.

american monuments under construction

Because of this an entire legacy can be viewed as it was while it was being created. Polish Architects Build Stereotype-Reinforcing Upside-Down House. Aerial canopies would let you explore the Amazon rainforest from above. I think this is a big oops for Weng. Weng does elaborate on the French Canopy Raft Program but its still way too similar to win a prize for originality. Unless perhaps she did in fact credit the seed of her idea on the French Canopy Raft Program. I'm hoping this is the case. These are just a few of the images from her project, so it's hard to tell, but there are also capsules at the end of those drop-downs. They are similar in that they both include resting mesh on a treetop, but there's a bit more to her design. I'm Guessing she just tried to steal these guys idea and get away with it SExpand. Amazing curving "Spiral Garden Museum" could have been Taipei's mothership. Wouldn't You Like to Be In One of the Five Most Relaxing Houses In the World Right Now?

This Evil-Looking Mountain Fortress Is Really a Magnificent Fire Station. The Best Way to Recycle a 747 Is to Live In It. X-SEED 4000: World’s tallest tower will house 1 million people. MZ Architects' Al Ain Stadium is a Seamless Marriage Between Man-Made and Natural Elements. With its plan for the new Rock Stadium, Lebanese design firm MZ Architects addresses the question of how to design a modern stadium that is located near a powerful natural site while preserving its authenticity.

MZ Architects' Al Ain Stadium is a Seamless Marriage Between Man-Made and Natural Elements

Instead of building the stadium next to the rocky hillside, MZ decided to build it within the existing geographical features, resulting in an award-winning green sports stadium that is hidden in the desert sands of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. Inspired by ancient greet temples and stadia, MZ Architects cleverly played with mass and void relationships, creating a careful balance between man-made and natural elements. Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools.