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Imarticus Learning is India’s leading professional education institute, offering certified industry-endorsed training in Financial Services, Investment Banking, Business Analysis, IT, Business Analytics & Wealth Management.

10 Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of focus and attention in the last couple of years.

10 Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence

There has been a boom in the innovations that have artificial intelligence at its base. Obviously, the internet has played a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence enabled services. Machine learning essentially an artificial intelligence technique, has been stirring new developments by creating new algorithms which mimic or support human behaviour or decision-making capabilities, which are already in use, like Apple’s Siri, or the email servers which eliminate junk or spam emails. Post Graduate Banking and Wealth Management Certification Program. The Importance of Trade Finance. What is Trade Finance?

The Importance of Trade Finance

This concept basically revolves around products and services, which are used for ensuring two things. Webinar: Imarticus Global Fintech Symposium. Thank you for registering!

Webinar: Imarticus Global Fintech Symposium

The next steps will be emailed to you shortly. Field will not be visible to web visitor. The Promises of Artificial Intelligence: Introduction. The field of Artificial Intelligence seems to working on a winning streak.

The Promises of Artificial Intelligence: Introduction

In the year 2005, the U. S Defence Advance Research Project Agency, held the DARPA Grand Challenge, which was supposedly held to spur development of autonomous vehicles, basically in order to make self-driven, smart cars. This challenge was taken up and successfully completed by 5 teams. In the year 2011, in a great competition of Jeopardy, the IBM Watson system, was successfully able to beat two long time, human champions of the same legendary game. Another great win of technology over the human race would be in the year 2016, when Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo system was able to successfully defeat the world champion of Go Player, who was reportedly the world champion for 18 consecutive times. Evolution of Investment Banking. The Financial services industry, is one place where change is a constant factor.

Evolution of Investment Banking

This is why the most challenging thing for any person or organization in this field, is to ensure that they keep are always on top of their game, adapting and evolving to the various changes. One of the most important tasks, is to ensure that a financial services company, must provide innovative services to respond perfectly to the needs of their customers. Apart from this, there are a few standard challenges that every company out there has to deal with, say for example higher capital charges, market electronification, digitalization, a fixed cost base, inflexible and layered technology, with an increase in complexity or regulation and reporting.

All the various changes in this field can be classified as just the start of a steadily developing ecosystem. Evolution of Investment Banking. Learn Machine Learning With Python in Simple Steps. There exist a number of free and accessible Python Machine Learning resources in the market today.

Learn Machine Learning With Python in Simple Steps

While it may be true that anyone can begin their learning process, in a hassle free way but, the amount of variety poses a threat of confusion. Many data aspirants undergo a number of apprehensions like deciding which course to take, how to proceed and most importantly, where exactly to begin. In order to reduce your apprehensions, we have got here a complete guide to being efficient at understanding and mastering, machine learning with Python. Let’s begin with tackling one of the most important questions, which is ‘Where to Begin?’ Learn Machine Learning With Python in Simple Steps. Industry Report: Investments and Developments. This article would be mainly dealing with all the key investments and developments in Indian banking sector.

Industry Report: Investments and Developments

Starting from the basic, central level, the RBL Bank Limited, which is a private sector bank in India, has reportedly raised about Rs. 330 crore, as a result of their association with CDC Group Plc. This is a UK based financial development institution and will be helping the RBL bank, to strengthen their capital base, in order to meet their future needs. The World Bank has reportedly signed an agreemen*t with The State Bank of India, which is worth Rs. 4200 crore. The Potential Of Big Data and Analytics. Since the time its popularity hit the roofs, there’s one statement about Big Data that’s remained a constant.

The Potential Of Big Data and Analytics

“It isn’t about what you know, it is mainly all about what you do, with what you now.” While this may seem as a bit of gibberish to some, industry experts claim that it happens to be a valuable lesson, that companies across the globe will soon end up learning, in the coming years, especially when it comes to the field of Big Data. Innumerable industry experts among us claim, that 2017 will be the ‘It’ year. The year when data science and big data are bound to go mainstream. Did you know that there are a number of teenagers out there, who are entirely dependent on Google analytics to monitor their brands, regardless of their size. The Potential Of Big Data and Analytics. Which Abroad Finance Courses, Can One take, online in India?  - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute. The Most Bizarre Questions That Investment Banks Asked This Year. We are all aware about the road to a great career in Investment Banking isn’t complete without the biggest roadblock, which is the interviews.

The Most Bizarre Questions That Investment Banks Asked This Year

For any freshly minted candidate, there always is a string of common run of the mill questions revolving mainly around their weaknesses, the 5 year plans that they intend to work on and so on. But, what usually catches the candidate off guard, is the list of weird questions. While these questions may be weird and a tad bit scary, they are the absolute crucial determinants, of whether you get that coveted position, or not. Advantages of Online Courses. Students these days have been absolutely taken by the immense possibilities that internet has offered to them.

Advantages of Online Courses

One of the biggest breakthroughs, especially in the education industry is the introduction of online courses. Online Courses and Education are like a modern take on the age-old practice of homeschooling. While just like the latter, online education may have its limitations, there are a lot more advantages offered here. The conventional education system, with its chalkboard and textbook processes, has several problems inherently. R Programming in Business Analytics. Data Science as a concept has existed for quite some time, but it’s come into the limelight in very recent times. The whole world is witness to the kind of magic and power, that data analytics generally exudes, as a result of which, it is imperative for every business out there to be able to acknowledge this phenomenon. How Is Data Science Solving Business Problems - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute.

Reasons To Learn Python Programming Language. While a college education is of the utmost importance, how many times have we seen a self-taught entrepreneur or an innovator pass us by, while we were busy looking for job vacancies? The major difference between that professional and you is that they were able to successfully learn all those industry relevant tools, while you were busy studying out of generic books.

This trend of acquiring skills in order to fit in, with Industry requirements is catching on really fast. Institutes like Imarticus Learning, which offer a number of comprehensive courses in the field of Analytics and Finance, are successful in training their students, in keeping with all the industry relevant talents, the HR managers are looking for. Continuing in the same vein, in the field of Data Science, it is very advantageous to be adept in the data analytics tool, called Python.

If you are a data enthusiast, wondering why should you be learning this tool, here’s a list of reasons, just for your benefit; 1. 2. 3. 4. Industry Report: Banking Sector in India Part - I. This article will be principally dealing with the basic understanding about the banking sector, specifically in India and all the aspects and components of the size of the market. According to the Reserve Bank of India, the banking sector in India is believed to be sufficiently capitalized and well regulated.

How Does Facebook Identify Where You Are From Your Profile Photo - Machine Learning. We all know that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is strongly passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but how has that impacted our everyday online social life? You may think you’re just uploading a photo, but facebook knows how many people are there, whether you’re outside or inside, and if you’re smiling. The technology that Facebook uses, Artificial Intelligence, is a rigorous science that focuses on designing systems that make use of algorithms that are much similar to that of our human brain.

AI learns to recognize patterns from large amounts of data and come up with a comprehensive conclusion. What does that have to do with how Facebook knows if I’m smiling or not? Facebook is constantly teaching their machines to work better. Follow Us on Facebook Facebook works through layers. Agile Change Management. Predictions For The Future Of Big Data - Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning. While a lot of experts believe that there’s some great stuff in store for the future of big data, it is also true that technology will be greatly advancing throughout 2017. This is why there are a number of complex facets of big data, which are increasing by the day. Various attributes of big data, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, are believed to have a huge impact on big data analytics.

The Career Path and Salary for a CFA holder. Imarticus Learning - School of Investment Banking and Finance Courses: Guide To Best Investment Banking Schools. Having Technical Knowledge Is Not Enough For Data Scientists. What is the Best Course for Financial Analysts in India. A financial analyst is someone who is responsible for both internal as well as external financial analysis of all the clients of any particular finance firm. These professionals generally help their clients by advising them about the various options they would be able to invest in. Executive Development Programs. Books on Wealth Management. Importance of Big Data Analytics. The phenomenon that is well known as Big Data Science has literally gone on to spread all over the globe in a similar fashion as that to a raging wildfire. The world of business and commerce has remained no stranger to this concept and field and in fact has embraced it more than any other.

Financial Modeling Certification. The Difference Between Investment Banking And Asset Management  - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute. 4 Most Exciting Data Based Start Ups In India Today - Career in Big Data. Benefits of a CISI Certification with Imarticus - Investment Banking Institute. The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments is considered to be the leading professional body, globally, for securities, investment, wealth and financial planning professionals.

The Difference Between Investment Banking And Private Finance  - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute. The Emergence of Big Data In The Field of Agriculture. The recent couple of years have been witness to this huge amount of buzz created all over the IT world by the concept of ‘big data’, with it more often than not being related to in the print and electronic media. The Emergence of Big Data In The Field of Agriculture. Financial Modelling EDP - Executive Development Program. The Benefits Of Corporate Mentoring. What’s Machine Learning All About? What’s Machine Learning All About? Three Industries That Data Science Aspirants Can Work In.

Best Books For Data Valuation. Big Data Trends in 2017 - Career in Big Data and Business Analytics. The Difference between Investment Banking And Equity Research. Certification in Big Data: What Is Artificial Intelligence All About? Big Data Soon To Cure Infectious Diseases. Big Data Soon To Cure Infectious Diseases. How Are Investment Banks Able To Contribute To The Economy. Mergers and Acquisitions Books. Investment Banking Jobs in Mumbai - Courses & Scope. The Types OF Financial Models  - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute. The Roles Of An Investment Banker.

Reasons Why Data Science as a Job Is Not a Dying Trend. MBA School Students Do Short Term Finance Courses. Top 6 Investment Banks In The World. The Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree. Certification in Branch Operations. Is Big Data Really Changing The World? How Imarticus Learning Makes Certification In Hadoop Worthwhile. Three Industries That Data Science Aspirants Can Work In. Careers With a Diploma in Finance. Finance and Investment Banking Training Institute. Log in. Everything You Would Want To Know About The Chartered Financial Analyst Certification. Advantages Of R Programming Language. Courses in Corporate Finance. #ImarticusLive Free Webinars. #ImarticusLive Free Webinars.

Best Books To Read In Data Science And Machine Learning. CFA Level 1 Exam: How To Crack It. Top Investment Banking Courses In India – Imarticus Learning – Medium. Understanding Financial Leverage the Physics Way. Courses on Capital Markets, Risk Management, Asset Management and Retail Banking. Topic Modelling - Data Analytics Technique.

Introduction of Big Data. Model Building Approach Historical Simulation - Things to consider. Career in Data Science - Imarticus Learning. Registration. Genpact Data Science Prodegree Online Program- Learn R, Hadoop and Python. Certification in Big Data: Imarticus Learning Hosts An Informative Webinar On Careers In Business Analysis. Measuring Interest Rate Risk with GAP analysis. Short Professional Programs Vs MBA - Finance and Investment Banking Courses. Fundamentals of Forecasting – Basic Modeling Hygiene. Analytics, as a Coming of age Field in the Modern Industry. Analytics, as a Coming of age Field in the Modern Industry. The Use Of Python In Data Science.

Python’s Use As A Tool In the Data Analytics Industry Today  - Imarticus Learning - Investment Banking and Finance Training Institute. 3 Reasons to join an Investment Bank. How Does A Business Analyst Differ From A Financial Analyst. Why R Users Need To Study SAS Programming. Difference Between Private and Retail Banking - Imarticus Learning. #ImarticusLive Free Webinars on Investment Banking and Financial Modeling. The Best In Class Online Courses In Finance. Fundamentals of Forecasting – The Basic Premise of Forecasting - I.

Financial Analyst - Career Path & Qualifications. Finance and Investment Banking Training Institute. Finance and Investment Banking Training Institute. Career in Big Data Analytics. Career in Big Data Analytics. Capital Market Certification - Finance Courses.