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Become an Online Tutor - InstaEDU. In order to block , you will need to cancel all of your upcoming lessons first.

Become an Online Tutor - InstaEDU

You can do so from the Scheduling page. You will be redirected to your lesson space in 5 seconds. Editing chat list... Chat Sounds ON OFF Stop Editing Edit Chat List You have not connected with any students yet. You have not connected with any parents yet. The tutors you work with will show up here. Your lesson was successfully proposed. Here are the file types you can use: We currently support files up to 15MB in size. Your request to to meet now has successfully been delivered! Your lesson request was sent to ! Unfortunately, 's availability status has changed since you loaded this page.

Requests to 'Meet Now' expire after 3 minutes to ensure that both people are ready to immediately start the lesson. Canceled this proposal. If you can't accept a lesson proposal, it's always good to send a message letting the student know why. For example, you could try: Connection issue detected. ActivePresenter - Record screen, create interactive screencasts, software demo, software simulations, author rapid elearning materials with quizzes, create SCORM-compliant courses - Advanced Screencast & Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool. About - New Life ESL. Are you bored with life in the West?

About - New Life ESL

Sick of spending another day under the crushing fluorescent lights of the cube farm? Or perhaps you’re just looking to add a little adventure to your life? Whatever it is that brought you here, we can help you start the new life you’ve been dreaming of! Teaching English overseas is one of the best ways you can bring incredible change and adventure to your life. It will give you the chance to travel the world while earning a great living, making a difference in people’s lives and making lots of friends from all around the world. New Life ESL is an independent recruitment agency started by a group of American expats living in Asia.

As an independent agency, we only work with schools that we have personally vetted and who we trust fully to take great care of the teachers that we send to them. We offer our services to you without any charge passed on to you. As a company run by travelers, for travelers, we look forward to welcoming you to China. Download free e-learning Case Studies, White Papers and E-Books. Plans & Pricing. GPA Teacher Features: Overview (Student and Parent Access, Classroom Management Software) Studio Suite. Busy Teacher's Store. Becoming an e-Tutor Online Tutor. Welcome to Knowledge HQ, eTutor - the educational website and virtual learning system for K-12 students. eTutor offers the best in educational content, as well as services for educators and parents. eTutor is an innovation in virtual learning that can be used anywhere there is Internet access.

Becoming an e-Tutor Online Tutor

We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a tutoring position using the eTutor program. Before you continue can you answer the following questions? Are you comfortable using the computer and internet applications? Have you used internet-based templates in the past? Are you creative and able to develop instructional content without aid? What makes eTutor different from other online learning programs? We believe it to be the only curriculum which embraces the assets of the Internet into the teaching learning process.

In that regard in order to be considered for a tutoring position with Knowledge HQ, applicants must provide the following: Education Experience. Become a Tutor: Work at Home, help students and earn extra income - Become tutor, tutor online, tutoring jobs, tutor jobs and tutoring online.