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Facebook Twitter : créez un site Web ou démarrez un blog gratuitement. Just another site. Let The Network Do The Work. Links to a Better World. A Taste of Systemics. A Special Integration Group (SIG) of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) originally SGSR, Society for General Systems Research.

A Taste of Systemics

By Bela Banathy The second half of the twentieth century is marked by massive changes affecting all aspects of our lives. We are experiencing the major societal TRANSFORMATION from the industrial machine age to the post-industrial information/knowledge age. Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies: Translation in Society - Sergey Tyulenev. Systemic competitiveness: a new challenge for firms and for government. What is a Social System?: Systemics Archive: Nagai Toshiya. How to improve the conceptual usability of. SISL: A Quiet Revolution Dr Neil Hawkes. A Quiet Revolution: placing positive values at the heart of the curriculum Dr Neil Hawkes Click here for a print version of this article.

SISL: A Quiet Revolution Dr Neil Hawkes

A society holds together through the quality of its shared values (virtues), which are produced through a shared conversation. (Sachs, 1997) What appears to be missing from many schools and society at large is a shared vocabulary, based on shared positive human values, which can provide a sense of direction and vision about how to create a stable moral society. The purpose of this paper is to argue that teaching about positive human values (e.g. respect, honesty, compassion, care, humility and responsibility) improves the quality of education in schools. A way of conceptualising education that places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of the educational process. Such teachers are authentic, meaning that they seek to achieve congruence between their thoughts, feelings and actions. Recommendations Dr. Berghof Peace Support. The Non-Linearity of Peace Processes – Theory and Practice of Systemic Conflict TransformationD.

Berghof Peace Support

V93R.pdf. Danny Burns - Institute of Development Studies. Danny Burns is Team Leader of the Participation, Power and Social Change team at IDS.

Danny Burns - Institute of Development Studies

His work focuses on participatory learning for social change with a strong emphasis on systems thinking and complexity. Between 2002 and 2010 he was Professor of Social & Organisational Learning at the University of the West of England (UWE). At UWE, he co-directed the SOLAR action research centre. Prior to this he was a lecturer, then senior lecturer, at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol. 8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day And How To Prevent Them. 12.3K Flares 12.3K Flares ×

8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day And How To Prevent Them

How We Will Read: Clay Shirky. This post is part of “How We Will Read,” an interview series exploring the future of books from the perspectives of publishers, writers, and intellectuals.

How We Will Read: Clay Shirky

Read our kickoff post with Steven Johnson here. And check out our new homepage, a captivating new way to explore Findings. This week, we were extremely honored to speak to Internet intellectual Clay Shirky, writer, teacher, and consultant on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. Clay is a professor at the renowned Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and author of two books, most recently Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age. Clay is one of the foremost minds studying the evolution of Internet culture.

Search Results contact : Academy for Systemic Change. Contact Roca Chosen to Lead Roca Chosen to Lead a First-in-the-Nation ‘Pay for Success’ Effort in Massachusetts Gov.

Search Results contact : Academy for Systemic Change

Patrick, State Leaders Hailed for Innovative Effort to Deliver Meaningful Outcomes August 1, 2012 Chelsea, MA – August 1, 2012 – Roca has been selected to help lead the nation’s first ever ‘pay for success’ effort, named by Governor Deval Patrick today as an initial successful bidder for two Social Innovation Financing (SIF) contract. “Roca is pleased to join the state, Third Sector, New Profit Inc., and […] Leadership for Sustainability Roca Founder Named Globe 100 Innovator by Boston Globe.

Agile & Systemic Coaching. By Sigi Kaltenecker & Bent Myllerup Over the last few years coaching has become a prominent issue in the agile world.

Agile & Systemic Coaching

There is a growing number of agile practitioners who call themselves agile coaches - and the Scrum Alliance even has a certification program for Scrum coaches. But are they really practicing coaching as it is defined by diverse professional coaching organizations? Or does their practice tend towards advising and mentoring? Agile & Systemic Coaching.

Academy for Systemic Change. Theories, definitions and principles. “It works in practice.

Theories, definitions and principles

But does it work in theory?” Check it out here! Choosing from the list alongside this page, we suggest you start with the fishtank metaphor, with the tank representing the organisation, and the fish as managers and other employees. Follow this by reading the short synopsis on systemic leadership. You’ll find more detail after that in the point-by-point overview. At a more practical level, at different times and to a different extent, managers need to be able both to manage and lead according to their position in the organisation. Those with a more academic interest can read how systemic leadership draws on the management discipline of systems thinking in basic principles of systems thinking as applied to management and leadership.

And if you are interested in how the discipline of systems thinking has developed and which aspects are particularly relevant to systemic leadership today, then read the historical link between systems thinking and leadership. European Systemic Risk Board. Systemic Competitiveness.