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Image Laundry is a leading laundry company in Dubai. We offer laundry, dry cleaning, and steam ironing services for both individuals and corporate clients with free pickup and delivery services. We use innovative green technologies with fully automated washing, dry cleaning, ironing and automatic dosing units.

Top 5 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean. By Image Laundry Care for Fabric Despite putting your house clean, there might be unwanted germs spreading around that you are not aware of.

Top 5 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean

Carpets and rugs can accumulate germs quickly without your notice, so keeping them clean should be your top priority. Having children or pets at home can make your task difficult. Read below on how to keep your carpets clean. Keep children’s toys clean A more inconspicuous way of getting the germs on the carpet are uncleaned toys that your children play with. Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai. Premier Laundry Service in Dubai. Washing & Steam Ironing: We first observe your clothing completely and identify what fabric or material they are made of.

Premier Laundry Service in Dubai

Depending on our observation, we then pick the best cleaning method and material. Top 5 Tips to Preserve Your Clothes. Top 6 Laundry Tips For Your Sportswear. If you are a fitness freak, you need to either have a fair amount of sportswear or a routine to wash them thoroughly, ensuring it won’t damage or tear them.

Top 6 Laundry Tips For Your Sportswear

Nothing can be worse than grimy gym clothes and the sweat that comes along. Slow down before you chuck your shorts and tees in the wash. Take a little while and read the ultimate guide on wearing and washing them properly or paying a little extra at the laundry service in Dubai. 1. Wear the right clothesHitting the gym will leave you with a lot of sweat. Best Carpet Cleaning Laundry in Dubai.

Laundry Service in Motor City. Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Laundry. Articles.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Laundry

3 Tips to Wash Woollen at Home. Here are some quick and useful tips for you on how to wash woollen garments at home.

3 Tips to Wash Woollen at Home

Whenever you buy any woollen garment, it is mandatory to check the laundry care label and follow the instructions. You will find two signs on the label, which will give you an understanding of how to wash or dry clean your fabric. First sign: If the laundry label says- ‘No wash and no dry clean’, this indicates that the garment might get shrinked or release the colour if washed with water. Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Laundry. Most of us would be thinking, what is the difference between dry cleaning and traditional laundry?

Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Our most prized pieces can also look good as new with just dry cleaning? Most of us have no idea about how our clothes get cleaned, and so we are here to give you the difference between dry cleaning and laundry. Below are pointers to help you understand why certain clothes need the best dry cleaners in Dubai. Usage of solvents than water: Traditional laundry in Palm Jumeirah relies on detergent water to wash clothes. Whereas dry cleaners JLT use industry-standard processes to wash clothes. Removing stubborn stains: The best dry cleaners in Dubai can remove the most stubborn stains from the clothes with a pre-spotting process. Make your Life Easy with Best Laundry in Business Bay. Pre-Inspection: Once we pick-up your laundry, we give a thorough inspection and evaluate each fabric.

Make your Life Easy with Best Laundry in Business Bay

This step is performed by our experts where they check the colour bleeds, damages, and understand the material before proceeding ahead. Testing: Laundry in Business Bay starts after patch testing is completed on every garment that enters Image Laundry. For patch testing, prior approval of the customer is important. Decision: After getting customer’s approval and inspection process, our experts decide whether the laundry is to be done manually or by machine, depending on the material and fabric.

5 Tips to Remove the Smell of Smoke From Clothes. Easy to Take Care of Clothes with Laundry Service. 4 Tips to Remove the Fruit Stains. DUBAI, UAE - Oct. 28, 2020 - PRLog -- Enjoying and relaxing is incomplete without seasonal fruits on your plate.

4 Tips to Remove the Fruit Stains

Let it be a hot, warm or dry day a sumptuous fruit bowl is always a perfect way to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. Indulging into a healthy habit has always been a good idea during any season. However, juicy fruits like grapes, watermelon, strawberries, oranges, pomegranate, and blackberries, etc. can become an embarrassment if they leave a mark on your favourite clothes.

If you have faced such embarrassment, you surely know how difficult it is to remove such stains. 4 Ways to Remove Germs & Viruses using Dry Cleaning. Dry cleaning load is generally heat dried or heat pressed at up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit temperature which is hot enough to kill viruses and bacteria.

4 Ways to Remove Germs & Viruses using Dry Cleaning

If by rare chance hot water, soap, and disinfectant treatments fail to get rid of the germs, the final drying process will. Moreover, we are taking all the precautions to maintain hygiene and ensure safety at our laundry in Dubai Marina. Our staff wears gloves while handling the laundry which prevents the virus spread from our employees. In the process to keep the viruses and germs away, we do not use any harmful chemicals. Top 4 Benefits of Clean Uncanny Carpet. By Image Laundry Care for Fabric If you are a smart buyer, you will always look for the best value of the products you need to buy, but at the same time, it is also difficult to maintain them in your busy schedule.

Top 4 Benefits of Clean Uncanny Carpet

Let us study the spooky things that can be hidden in your carpet, and how to keep it clean. There are many carpet cleaning services in Dubai you can choose, and they can help you keep your home away from dirt. The Scariest things are hidden in your carpet. Extend the Life of Your Carpet with Best Carpet Cleaning Services. Excellent Laundry in Dubai Marina. Safety & Hygiene Protocols by Image Laundry Service. Image Laundry outbreaks how they are cautious about the health of customers. DUBAI, UAE - Aug. 25, 2020 - PRLog -- Covid-19 has deeply affected millions of people globally and there is no solution to save from it unless you take care of yourself. In this situation, Image Laundry being the best dry cleaners in Dubai has taken the utmost care of the health of its customers, employees, and community. They monitor the developments in Dubai and also follow the advice of officials like the Health Authority and the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE.

Top 4 Common Problems Faced during Laundry. 5 Tips to Keep Your Bedding & Linen Clean. Image Laundry, one of the best companies offering dry cleaning in Dubai shared useful tips to keep duvet, towel and sheets in good condition. Team Image Laundry said that people get a good sleep when they get a good bed with fresh and clean linen. They shared few amazing tips to keep duvet, sheets and towels in good condition. Mentioned below are the tips shared by Image Laundry last week. 1. Wash towels at higher temperature. Freshen your Carpet with Carpet Cleaning Service. 6 Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners. Affordable Laundry Service in Dubai. Top 5 Myths About Dry Cleaning. Dry Cleaning, although a popular term is mostly misunderstood by a lot of people.

People are not completely aware of the word. Even if some people are aware of the word, there is a good chance that they wouldn’t know much about it. This lack of information leads to many misconceptions and many people simply accept these as facts. 4 Tips to Clean Your Clothes During Covid-19. By Author: Image LaundryTotal Articles: 1Comment this article The lockdown has surely revealed the hidden talent of people excelling at their household chores. Locked in the house with no house help, we all are trying our hands-on different domestic chores. Be it washing clothes, cleaning the house, or cooking, this lockdown has made us do all of it.

Now, doing household work is not easy. You need to have some knowledge about how to do it. Cleaning and disinfecting everything have become very essential with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai. All in One Laundry Service Providers in Jumeirah. Different Types of Fabrics You Can Dry Clean. Make Your Life More Convenient with Laundry Service in Dubai. Cheap Dry Cleaning Service in Jumeirah Village Circle. Advice for How to Wash Your Towels and Bedsheets. Washing Advice for Bedsheets It is a surprising fact that we sweat a lot while being in deep sleep. That’s probably something you have never imagined would affect your bedsheet. An average adult is likely to perspire around 25 ml of sweat every hour. And if you sleep 8 hours a day, you can imagine the amount of sweat absorbed by your bedsheet. Now, this gives you perspective as to why should we wash our bedsheets more often than most of us generally do. In addition to this, oils released from our skin, natural skin shedding, and dust mites will be present on your bedsheets which makes it really filthy.

Best Ironing Service in Dubai. Ironing can often become a relentless burden.