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How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes. Added on Mar 12, 2011 / Category : Misc / 17 Comments.

How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes

Interactive Human. Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids. BBC Bitesize - Home. Schools Ages 4-11 - Science Sites. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. Science. News Detail. Europeans are invited to participate in a new video competition, where they show the world how digital skills have helped them in their personal or professional lives.

News Detail

Videos can be submitted in one of the three categories by Saturday 31 October 2015, namely: Digital citizenship Digital entrepreneurship Most inspirational career campaigner This video competition is organised in the framework of the eSkills for Jobs awareness raising campaign. It is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate digital skills and literacy in Europe. The competition focuses on identifying concrete successful initiatives made possible by the use of ICT and the mastery of eSkills. Go-Lab activities. PBS LearningMedia. STEM to STEAM.


Science Resources. Physics. Biology. Chemistry. Nanotechnologies. Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home. Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram. Make one change in your #STEM class, #SPW8 teachers brainstorm at the Future Classroom Lab #FCL_EU @eu_schoolnet. GE Emoji Science. STEAM IT Up with the 8Cs.

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Resonance 1.01. Science.

Estonia - Science

Ilze sur Twitter : "My first Comix with @MakeBeliefs4U :) #science... Scutt Science sur Twitter : "Why teach/learn #science? #edchat... ThingLink Teacher Challenge Collect & Curate Incredible Content. This week the ThingLink Teacher Challenge is designed to help participants discover and collect great content to remix and reuse.

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Collect & Curate Incredible Content

At the same time, participants will be able to connect with like-minded educators to share the workload and get inspired. Week 2 is all about working with ThingLink Channels. Week 2 of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge What are Channels? Channels are collections of interactive images that are grouped together with the click of a button and assembled into a slideshow. Get Started with Channels The Life Sciences Channel is one of several I have created as group channels for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2015.

Participants can explore the channels to collect and curate your own channels of images for remixing and reuse, or you can add to the shared group channels. Locate the Group Channels The image below is interactive. Suggest a Channel Access Channels for the Teacher Challenge Follow a Channel Collect an Image and Add it to Your Own Channel ReMix Images 1. 2. 3. Host a Family STEM Night. Family game nights are popular.

Host a Family STEM Night

But, have you ever thought about changing your family game night to a Family STEM Night? There are plenty of activities that require participants to think like an engineer or a scientist to identify and solve problems. Groovy Lab in a Box. “Flying is the best possible thing for women.” — Baroness Raymonde de la Roche Although men were the first aviators, women quickly took to the air as well.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Most early flight schools did not accept female students, but determined women learned from friends or paid for private lessons. Since the early 19th century, women have been making strides in the field of aviation. Science. Resource: A Drop of Sea Water. With many educators constantly thinking of the next beach holiday, and the thought of splashing around in the sea, many will ignore what may lurk between the waves, but few will have considered what treasures a drop of sea water holds.

Resource: A Drop of Sea Water

Now, an image, captured by David Littschwager and explained in detail by Dive Shield shows a single drop of water magnified 25 times showing the micro organisms contained within. See more detailed analysis of each organism, including an explanation of each number, by visiting Dive Shield website here. A Science Mastery Curriculum by @Mr_Gillett. We are all aware that the upcoming changes to the science GCSE curriculum, and the move towards ‘life without levels’ is a big challenge for teachers.

A Science Mastery Curriculum by @Mr_Gillett

However, it is also a massive opportunity to improve how we deliver the curriculum. We are taking the chance to develop a new scheme of work for science to take students from year 7 to success in their GCSE exams by developing a science curriculum based on the concept of mastery. This is a re-blog post originally posted by Mark Gillett and published with kind permission. Teacher Resource Guides on Science Topics. Ultimate Science Series.

Teacher Resource Guides on Science Topics

Watch Best of Science's Vine "Wringing out a soaked washcloth in space. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield From YouTuber: canadianspaceagency" Session 173: Science Subject Special. Date: Thursday 17th October 2013.

Session 173: Science Subject Special

Hosted by @UKEdChat & the Science Teaching Community. Supported by the forum – Click here. Rather than summarise the session in our usual format, for these subject specials we are creating infographs of the session. If you click on the image, it should open the resource in PDF format, where all the images link to the tweet or the resource highlighted.

Science Subject Special Summary Infograph. Interactive games. Free Technology for Teachers: Science Video Portal and Interactives. In the K-12 Classroom. Wolfram Demonstrations Project. COMPASS PROJECT. Dabaszinātnes un matemātika. Interaktīvie materiāli pašmācībai ir izstrādāti ActivInspire vidē.

Dabaszinātnes un matemātika

Lai sekmīgi šos materiālus izmantotu, ir jāveic datora sagatavošana darbam:Datorā jāinstalē ActivInspire programmatūra. Lai veiktu programmas instalāciju, Jums ir nepieciešamas datora administratora tiesības! Šīs programmatūras brīvpieejas versiju varat atrastPromethean mājas lapā ( Kopš 8.septembra kļūda Promethean mājas lapā ir novērsta, un ir pieejama arī programmas instalācija latviešu valodā.

Shaping the future of maths and science education with inGenious - ECB. Home - Scientix.