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Power Horse Energy Drink South Africa..Have an event?Lets Sponsor it ! Ivory Barn Pty Limited, the sole agent and distributors of Power Horse accepts requests for sponsorship from different organizations and social societies seeking sponsorship for events of different kinds.

Power Horse Energy Drink South Africa..Have an event?Lets Sponsor it !

The Evaluation and Review Process Evaluation: Ivory Barn Pty Limited evaluates all sponsorships. This process can take up to four weeks (depending on the size of the sponsorship) during which time you may be asked for further information or to attend a meeting. Confirmation: Ivory Barn Pty Limited will contact you in writing to advise the outcome of your proposal. If successful, you will require approval if you wish to use the Power Horse or any product logos in any promotional form (i.e.: printing, advertising, and signage). Review: Events should generate awareness of Power Horse products and create a lasting impression.

The post-event review is a process to ensure the future long-term success of the sponsored event. In Summary Promotions and Special Events Co-ordinator Postal Address. 28+ Best Premium WordPress Directory Themes Collection 2013. Today we have composed a latest post including all the preeminent and best directory WordPress themes present from all theme developers.

28+ Best Premium WordPress Directory Themes Collection 2013

These kind of themes are specifically designed to create directory websites similar to those of Yelp, Yellow Pages, Grotal or others where users can find a complete list of the things or services they are looking for. Since all these themes are WordPress based, it is extremely straightforward to create a new site instantly. All you have to do is upload the theme files to your new server, and your new directory website will be set up.

Such sites allow you to invite users to upload their listings or you can do this on your own as well. You can use these themes to easily create a business directory, shop directory, classified ads websites and service listing sites. You may also fancy these theme collections: SponsorPitch. Benefits of Professional Membership: • Sound smart: extensively research brand sponsorship activity. • Act quick: discover qualified prospects, rule out those that aren't a fit. • Customize with 1 million+ different sponsor search permutations. • Analyze spending patterns by deal genre, locations activated and more. • Learn from members who have previous work experience with a brand. • Validate your standing in the industry, then access decision makers. • Access new career opportunities with SponsorPitch's jobs board.

"The beauty of SponsorPitch is its ability to bring together people from both sides of the equation, in real-time, by offering relevant information and feedback. 10 essential steps to create a winning sponsorship proposal - Practical Sponsorship Ideas. One of the fundamental keys to getting sponsored is your ability to create a winning sponsorship proposal.

10 essential steps to create a winning sponsorship proposal - Practical Sponsorship Ideas

It’s an important document in the process of going from sponsorship seeker to marketing partner. It can literally make or break the deal. Creating an effective sponsorship proposal is probably one of the most asked for yet misunderstood facets of the whole sponsorship process. Through personal experience, research and similarities to business proposals in general, I’ve come up with 10 essential steps to create a winning sponsorship proposal. It’s easy to follow, methodical and will greatly improve your chances of getting sponsored.

So let’s get started…

Sponsorship proposal planning

7 Reasons You Should Want Multi-Year Sponsorship Contracts. I see too many one-year proposals.

7 Reasons You Should Want Multi-Year Sponsorship Contracts

Way too many. For many, it seems to be a flow on effect from annual budgeting. And some sponsorship seekers seem to be under the impression that it will be easier for a sponsor to say “yes” to the lower commitment of a one-year deal. In reality, sponsors say “yes” to offers that fit their target markets and brand and offer creative ideas for leverage.

Of course, if what you’re selling is only happening once, it makes perfect sense to do a short-term proposal, but the majority of opportunities out there don’t fit into that category. I also see way too many sponsors who commit to single years. So, in an effort to shift both sponsors and sponsorship seekers away from this short-term thinking, I’m outlining some of the best reasons you should all want multi-year deals. Reasons sponsors should want multi-year deals… Creates consistency Your brand has a personality and a voice. Sponsorship Pricing Basics. I get more questions about sponsorship pricing than any other aspect of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

I wish there were an easy answer – a magic wand I could wave – that would make the right number appear out of thin air, but I’m afraid it’s just not that simple. That said, it’s not rocket science, either, and there are some definite rights and wrongs. The First Sponsor Meeting (And How Not to Make an Idiot of Yourself) You’ve done the homework and you’re on the cusp of actually talking to the sponsor.

The First Sponsor Meeting (And How Not to Make an Idiot of Yourself)

What to do… what to do… Well, what most sponsorship seekers do is totally lose their mind. They get so excited about actually getting an audience with a sponsor that the first thing they do is launch into an extended, hyperactive tirade about how great the property is. They totally miss that the sponsor’s eyes glazed over after about thirty seconds. How to Find Out Who to Contact for Corporate Sponsorship.

I get queries about this at least a couple of times a week, and while I’ve alluded to this subject in a number of blogs, I’ve never addressed it directly, so this blog is probably overdue.

How to Find Out Who to Contact for Corporate Sponsorship

Who to target The first consideration is who you should target for your offer, and there are definitely roles you should avoid and roles that will be much more productive.