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Yelptini by msernst - Ingredients: Gin, Sour mix, Cranberry juice, Lime. Almost Heaven recipe. Lime Cordial Recipe at Epicurious. Screaming Orgasm Cocktail Recipe. Apple Martini (USA version) Cocktail Recipe. Fruit Liqueurs. Summer Cocktails - Fruit Cocktails. Cocktail recipes. How to Make Bartender Lime Mix. Bartenders use lime mix or a limeade concoction to prepare several varieties of mixed alcoholic drinks.

How to Make Bartender Lime Mix

Cooks that want to prepare mixed drinks at home can save themselves a step or two by learning how to make a classic bartender lime mix recipe. This mix is used in drink recipes such as T.G.I. Friday’s Ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri. Lime mix is also an ingredient in lime margaritas, caipirinhas, and mai tais.[1][2][3]