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3.1 Forms of Government

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This page is a collection of resources to use when studying for the Civics EOC

Collaboration Page: Madmagz. World Governments. DemocracyA democracy is run by the people.

World Governments

Everyone has a say in the decisions of the government. The two types of democracies are direct and indirect. An indirect democracy runs by the people electing trusted representatives to make decisions. The U.S is an example of an indirect democracy. A direct democracy is when the people make ALL the decisions. Nearpod. Enter VEU7973 to play game on zz.ish. StoryMapJS: 3.1 Types of Government. EDpuzzle. Escambia County School District: Civics. Links do not open in a new window automatically.

Escambia County School District: Civics

Click the back button OR right click on the link & open in a new window. This website is free to all students, parents, and educators. Do NOT pay for the use of this website. If you are being asked to pay for the use of this website, please report your experience HERE. 3.1 Forms of Government Flashcards. 3.1. FLVS Civics: Going Global - Forms of Government.