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Developed as a collaboration between Quayola & Sinigaglia, Dedalo is a collection of custom developed vvvv engines (and a toolkit) to generate, exchange and map data between a series of graphics modules and a rendering engine used for live performance and audiovisual concerts. The first project to utilise the toolkit was performed with Mira Calix and premiered in Moscow for the opening of Quayola’s solo show, then performed in LA at USC (video below). The project began as a collaboration in 2010 with the development of software called Partitura. The aim was to create an instrument for performance that would allow visualisation of sound in realtime. Since it’s first iteration, the project went through a number of different stages and projects (partitura-ligeti, partitura-ligeti-paris, cite-de-la-musique-paris, flexure), building on the original concepts but eventually resulting in a whole new system/framework, built from ground up and named Dedalo. Dedalo - An instrument by @Quayola & @NatanSinigaglia to 'see' the sound - CAN Feature Dedalo - An instrument by @Quayola & @NatanSinigaglia to 'see' the sound - CAN Feature
F.lux Help Computer Addicts Sleep Better F.lux Help Computer Addicts Sleep Better I discovered F.lux earlier this year, and it has changed how I work. F.lux is a program that sits quietly on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer removing the blue light emitted by your screen which can cause your body to subconsciously delay its natural timings — and adversely affect your sleep. In short, if you spend evenings (and early hours) sitting in front of a computer screen for any reason, F.lux will help you sleep better, by calibrating your screen’s brightness to the rise and fall of the sun in your location. The program (which is free to use) just got a massive update, its first for ‘a few years,’ which adds a bounty of new features to a piece of software that is already indispensable to many.
Real Monsters- Anxiety Art Print by Zestydoesthings
The Real Monsters are reborn! Upon getting so much attention for my previous designs, I wanted to redesign the monsters and develop the concept a little more. You’ll notice most of the monsters have subtle alterations and the descriptions have been changed to better reflect my original concepts. Over the coming weeks I will release more (never seen before) monsters and will also release concept sketches and developmental work for each monster shown here- So stay tuned! (They may also be little animations…) Disclaimer: The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical entities.

- The Real Monsters are reborn!  Upon getting so...

- The Real Monsters are reborn!  Upon getting so...
Watch: This Desk Knows When You Should Stand, Sit, Or Just Breathe | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Watch: This Desk Knows When You Should Stand, Sit, Or Just Breathe | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Perhaps you've heard: Sitting is the new smoking. For years, a growing body of research has shown sitting for extended periods of time, the way most of us do for 50 to 70 percent of our lives, can cause a host of issues from lower back pain to diabetes to an increased risk of death. Accordingly, various models of standing and adjustable-height desks have made their way to market, mostly targeting white-collar professionals who can spend upwards of eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer. The latest of these is the Stir Kinetic Desk, a desk that automatically and strategically adjusts between sitting and standing positions based on data it collects about your habits over time. The Stir Kinetic desk is the first product out of the Los Angeles startup Stir, whose employees include veterans from Apple, Ideo, NASA, and Disney.
Celebri film in salsa stradale
holykaw.alltop The cover of Enchantment has its own enchanting story. Illustrating the concept of “enchantment” is difficult, and I wanted to see what enchantment meant to many people and how they would graphically represent it. The straightest path to this goal was a design contest. holykaw.alltop
Ces, come ricaricare il cellulare camminando [foto LAS VEGAS - “ Un minuto di passeggiata equivale a un minuto di musica in più ascoltata con l’iPod. Tendenzialmente, potremmo pensare di uscir di casa con il lettore scarico e continuare a usarlo, a patto di restare sempre in movimento. Per apparecchi come l’iPhone, invece, il rapporto cambia, perché consumano di più”. Allo stand di Tremont Electric della Venetian Ballroom sono entusiasti del nuovo gingillo che presentano: l' nPower PEG è il primo caricabatterie manuale che cattura e ricicla l’energia cinetica dei tuoi movimenti. “ Oggi come oggi dipendiamo dai nostri accessori digitali, che siano smartphone, lettori mp3 o ricevitori gps. Ces, come ricaricare il cellulare camminando [foto
Print, Cut, Paste and Play Print, Cut, Paste and Play Moleskine is happy to share with all readers a little downloadable present to wish everyone a creative and exciting 2011: the Wise Dice. You download them, cut them, glue them and roll them. You can give them as a present or keep them for yourself. You just need a printer, a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, some glue or a tape, and a bit of cut&paste wizardry.
Liquid-cooled desk contains full-fledged PC, won't be sold at Ikea Liquid-cooled desk contains full-fledged PC, won't be sold at Ikea We've heard of productive work spaces, but this thing has feng shui written all over it. The geeks and gurus over at Popular Mechanics were able to mix their construction and PC building skills in order to create the rather astounding desk that you see above. Aside from serving a purpose as a desk, looking fantastic and being next to impossible to keep clean, it's also a full-fledged computer. Packed within is a half-gallon of glycol, twin 300GB VelociRaptor hard drives, a GeForce GTX 280 GPU, seven fans, a Sony Blu-ray drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 3GHz Core 2 Quad processor and copious amounts of "win." Check the read link for a how-to guide... if you dare. [Thanks, Jay]
30 more Hidden logos to treat your eyes -The Sequel
Costruiamo un ferma-fazzolettone | Fai da Te - Scout Costruiamo un ferma-fazzolettone - Build a woggle Carissimi lettori, sono Nicola, l’attuale capo sq. delle Pantere, vorrei rendere tutti capaci di farsi un semplice e carino portafazzolettone. Costruiamo un ferma-fazzolettone | Fai da Te - Scout