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Filipino in UAE

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The slogan ‘Taas Noo, Filipino’ and the vision of ‘Helping the Filipino flourish - global vision, native soul’ define the substance, style and corporate ethos...

Meet Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes, Dubai in UAE. By Rav de Castro Hon.

Meet Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes, Dubai in UAE

Paul Raymond Cortez – Consul General, PCG Dubai & the Northern Emirates; Photo by Eros Goze Hon. Paul Raymond Cortes, the Consul General of the Philippines in the United Arab Emirates, did not dream of working in the Foreign Service. In fact, as a graduate of Computer Science from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University, he thought he would be working in the IT industry. Two decades later, having earned a Master’s Degree in Public Management from the University of the Philippines, taking the Foreign Service Officers’ and the Career Ministers’ Examinations and postings that have taken him and his family to live in Europe and in the USA, Consul General Cortes has become accustomed to a life of travel, wherever his job takes him. Science and the Art of Seeing. By Kristine Abante – Dubai I always had this fascination with space and the great beyond.

Science and the Art of Seeing

I spent my elementary years in an all-girl Catholic school; after that, I received this strange piece of news that I got accepted into my own version of Hogwarts— Manila Science High School. I never wanted to talk about my geeky past, and I have always been denying it. It’s maybe because I never really felt that I was special, or one of them. At first, it was all very strange to me because it was a co-ed high school, which meant that there were boys. Credit Cards and Loans: Your Rights and Responsibilities. Did you know that banks are not allowed to take blank cheques as a condition for your loan approval?

Credit Cards and Loans: Your Rights and Responsibilities

This is provided for under Article 15 (b) of the UAE Central Bank Regulations No 29/2011 regarding bank loans and services offered to individual customers. Learn about the regulations of the UAE Central Bank pertaining to credit cards, personal loans, top-up loans, car loans and overdraft facilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of banks and their customers. Credit Cards Article 5 (a) of the Regulations defines credit cards as plastic cards linked to an electronic network, containing details and credit limit of the card holder. Banks and finance companies issuing such cards must abide by the following: Provide these cards to persons whose annual income equal or exceeds AED60,000.

These cards may be provided against a pledged deposit of value not less than AED60,000. Personal Loan Car Loan The maximum period for repayment of the loan shall be 60 months. Filipino in Middle East: It's What I Do. Filipino in UAE: Mary Grace Canlas-Santos Team Head (Social Media) – Dnata Customer Care Center (Emirates Group) Dubai My job I was only 22 years old when I came to the UAE to work in Emirates Group.

Filipino in Middle East: It's What I Do

I was hired in the Philippines after enduring a long queue of hopeful Filipinos who couldn’t wait for the opportunity to work abroad. I got lucky enough to be selected with my work experience being nonetheless limited to admin, and HR positions. Reservations and Sales Agent, and managed to receive 3 promotions during my 7- year tenure in the company. Being a part of the Social media team is very exciting. My work day Although my hands are full throughout the week, I still manage to schedule enough time with my family.

Dubai Marathon: New Year’s Race-solution. New Year’s Race-solution By Ion Gonzaga – Dubai There’s this one unpleasant comment many of us OFWs commonly receive when returning home and meeting old friends and families…”Tumaba ka ah!”

Dubai Marathon: New Year’s Race-solution

The assumption that many Filipinos in Dubai go back home with “extra baggage” has become common. Well, it probably shows. But the growing popularity of recent running events in the emirates could prove this notion wrong. Last month at the #WeRunDXB 10K race, Filipinos formed a huge chunk of the eight thousand strong crowd. The primary reason I joined the run is to introduce sustainable physical activity and to bring balance to my otherwise, very hectic lifestyle. 10 Things to do in Dubai this 2015. By Sherry Tenorio Start the year right by being active and social.

10 Things to do in Dubai this 2015

Looking for fun activities to add to your good vibes? Check this list, try one or two things, and enjoy the beginning of your 2015 here in Dubai. Immerse yourself in Arabic culture Music is one way to appreciate different cultures. Get fascinated with traditional wear Back by popular demand is the abaya and traditional wear show ‘Abbati’ following its phenomenal launch during DSF’s 19th edition in 2014. Check out celebrity pop-up shop Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic – stars of the Giuliana and Bill American reality television series has a unique Celebrity Pop Up Shop at The Beach opposite Jumeirah Beach Road.

Think Market Outside The Box (Market OTB) Treat your kids to Smurfs show One of the main attractions of DSF 2015, the world premiere of Smurfs Live on Stage will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Visit the Ripe Food & Craft Market. 10 Things To Do this Summer in Dubai. UAE Law: Avoiding a Debt Sentence. Snapshots of the Vital Points of UAE Law Every Pinoy Expat Should Know Every month, our in-house lawyer, Atty.

UAE Law: Avoiding a Debt Sentence

Barney Almazar will explain legal concepts affecting the lives of Filipino expatriates across the emirates. This New Year, he explains how to avoid being in a downward credit card spiral which could get you to court or worse, put you behind the bars. No Debt Sentence this 2014 By Barney Almazar, Esq.So you’ve done your holiday shopping, hit the malls for that iPhone 5s or designer purse, but before you think about taking out that credit card and swiping it for another purchase this year, read Article 401 of the UAE Penal code first:“A punishment of confinement of one month to three years, or a fine of a minimum of AED1,000 shall be inflicted on any person who, in bad faith draws a cheque with no existing or drawable provision.”

Read full article about "UAE Law: Avoiding a Debt Sentence" Drinking Alcohol In UAE: Why Intoxication Is A Serious Crime.