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Illustrado is a unique lifestyle-community magazine published in Dubai devoted to uplift the morale & the image of Filipinos in the Gulf. The slogan ‘Taas Noo, Filipino’ & the vision of ‘Helping the Filipino flourish - global vision, native soul’ define the substance, style & corporate ethos that has helped Illustrado gain respect & recognition in the region as a wholesome, positive, highly engaging & richly visual medium that has accorded due respect and recognition to the Filipino community.

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UAE Immigration Law. Filipino Travelers. Filipina Women. Christmas. Filipino Community. Pinoy News. Money. Spirituality: Bo Sanchez. Filipino Fashion Designers. Filipino in UAE. Features on Illustrado. Filipino Photographers. Filipino Entrepreneur. Places in Philippines.

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Happy Relationships Throw More Parties by Bo Sanchez. By Bo Sanchez dreamstime_6728047 Guy 1: Cecilia is so beautiful.

Happy Relationships Throw More Parties by Bo Sanchez

Guy 2: Oh yes. She looks like Demi Moore in Ghost. Filipino Designers: Festive Filipiniana. Photography: Filbert Kung (Blackfox Photography) Styling: Mike de Guzman & George Palmiano (MGP) Makeup: Lilian Yeung Hair: Mycke Arcano.

Filipino Designers: Festive Filipiniana

Christmas In Philippines: The “X” in Xmas - Illustrado Magazine. By Aby Yap Sure, they claim we have the merriest and longest Yuletide celebration.

Christmas In Philippines: The “X” in Xmas - Illustrado Magazine

We already know that! Ho-hum. Christmas Giving – Scrooge or Not? - Illustrado Magazine. By Sherry Tenorio Let’s face it.

Christmas Giving – Scrooge or Not? - Illustrado Magazine

It has become difficult to simply give love on Christmas Day – especially if the wishlist consists of an iPad, a Louis Vuitton bag, a DSLR camera, a sleek laptop, and so on. And the financial pressure escalates with the size of one’s family, circle of friends, or even neighborhood back home. This month, Illustrado explores the shopping carts of the Pinoys in the Middle East, to find out if, after all the economic difficulties in the past, we are still generous Santas geared to make our loved ones material wishes come true, or we’re sending out Hallmark cards with the words, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’

Beating the OF (Overseas Filipino) Christmas Blues - Illustrado Magazine. By Lalaine Chu-Benitez It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times… What could be bad about the best and most joyous part of the year – when everybody’s supposedly in high spirits and all around you are the dazzling signs of a holiday in full swing?

Beating the OF (Overseas Filipino) Christmas Blues - Illustrado Magazine

The Annie B. Chronicles 45: Dear Santa - Illustrado Magazine. Month of December: 5 Things to Do - Illustrado Magazine. By Sherry Tenorio When December comes, our lives are filled with activities that revolve around the word ‘celebrate.’

Month of December: 5 Things to Do - Illustrado Magazine

Back home, people have been busy shopping for the Christmas gifts, attending Christmas parties and thinking about sumptuous meals to whip up for Noche Buena. Here in far mid-east, we may not be able to feel exactly the same festive spirit, we know that we can still try to have a good time and enjoy the season. This month in Illustrado, we give you a lowdown on how to plan a merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Filipino Arts: Love at the Center Stage. By Shar Matingka Dark chocolate: a taste of decadence, a dance of inner bliss, a memory of clandestine moments, a faint trace of bitterness overpowered by sweet triumph and love.

Filipino Arts: Love at the Center Stage

It is the most fitting simile to performing arts couple, Jojo Mamangun and Kris-Belle Paclibar – young and exuding radiant passion for expressing the complexity of life, and the stories of epic fantasy, as well as abstract sensuality of desire through dance. Jojo and Kris-Belle have the uncanny ability to nourish our daydreams where we place ourselves on a stage fairly lit and only dance makes up for words unspoken. Nang Maghalo ang Balat sa Tinalupan. A Remarkably Relaxing Travel to Cape Town and the Winelands. A Remarkably Relaxing Travel to Cape Town and the Winelands from Illustrado By Al Manlangit Arrive airport – 09.30hrs.

A Remarkably Relaxing Travel to Cape Town and the Winelands

Filipino Habits and Beliefs: Strangely Pinoy. By Sherry Tenorio With over 7,000 islands comprising the Philippine archipelago, it would be safe to presume that Filipinos would be distinctly different in terms of regional and provincial customs and traditions.

Filipino Habits and Beliefs: Strangely Pinoy

Yet, there are utter instances wherein these ways of life have transcended into general and national level, influencing Filipinos shape strangely familiar habits and lifestyles. Oh Tukso….. Diligan Mo Ako - Illustrado Magazine. Saving Through Christmas and Beyond. I find it difficult not to be a “kill-Joy” in terms of spending for Christmas.

Saving Through Christmas and Beyond

There are many ways of sharing which should be the whole concept of Christmas cheer. It does not have to mean spending more than normal. Filipino Entrepreneur: Franchising A Salon Business - Illustrado Magazine. By Bernadette Reyes Celestino “Les” Reyes had waited tables, filled up gas tanks, peddled vegetables and sold water filters, insurance and real estate.

Today, Les who used to be a gasoline boy, waiter and peddler is still in the business of selling, only this time, he is selling the Reyes Haircutters brand, mentoring successful entrepreneurs and providing livelihood to Filipinos. Les Reyes is the man behind the successful Reyes Haircutters chain of salons in the Philippines. How to Become a Superstar. How to Become a Superstar By Bo Sanchez This month, Illustrado focuses on Art and Education. Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. Filipino Entrepreneur: Another Look at Education. Image via Most parents assume that the best education is the most expensive one. Going to the higher tuition schools is almost always equated to high quality education. Graduating from such expensive institutions is taken as a guarantee for a good career and personal financial success. Indeed, education is an investment for one’s own future.

Filipino Photographer: Alexander Yee - Illustrado Magazine. My Pinoy Life In Provence France. A peek at the lives of Filipinos around the world. Since when have you been staying there? Can you recount briefly why you moved there? Filtrepreneur Franchise: Food Cart Business in the Philippines. By Bernadette Reyes With only PHP21,888 you could have your own food cart business with the equipment and inventory delivered right at your doorstep. You don’t even have to go to Manila to seal the deal which makes this an ideal business for Filipinos whether at home or overseas. Formerly known as Red Crikett Concept Inc., Filtrepreneur Franchise started with several food carts of My Pao in 2000, then later opened the business for franchise in a bid to promote and develop entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Filipinos in UAE: Getting Married 101. Dreaming of Unique Weddings. Filipino Entrepreneur: Outlandish Bags. Our Endless Summer. The Grandest of Them All: Bayanihan and Pagpapatulóy.

Philippines, the Fiesta Islands. Filipino Martial Arts: A Return to Being Maharlika. How Do I Start in Fast Food Business and Became Successful: Good Old Reliable Karinderya. Indulgence and Obsession: Single Malt Whisky from Scotland. Rocking “The Rock” - 10 exciting adventures that await you in Corregidor. Young Hot Trailblazers - Illustrado Magazine. Dubai Ghosts: Djinn - Creatures that go bump in the night - Illustrado Magazine. Trippin': Tagaytay Weekend. UAE Immigration: Visa, Deportation, Blacklist & Appeals. Travel to La Union - Bakasyon Grande: What's your La Union Style? Dubai Ghosts - Multo in the City: Spooky Stories from Dubai. Filipino Travelers visited Georgia : Lush and Full of Promise. Filipino in Micronesia: My Pinoy Life in Pohnpei. The Natural Wonders of Utah. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi: The Need for Speed. 10 Ways to Enjoy Honda Bay Palawan. Eskaya Resort in Bohol: The Escape within an Escape. Filipino Designers: Michael Cinco.

Filipino Abroad: My Pinoy Life in Brisbane, Australia. 81 Things to Do in Beautiful Philippines Before We Die. Filipinos in UAE: 12 Awesome Men. Filipino Designers: Francis “Izchka” Zeta and Yen AB. Filipino in UAE: It's What I Do. Filipino Fashion Designers: Leading a Fashion Revolution. Filipina Women: Strong is the New Beautiful. Filipino Abroad: My Pinoy Life in Tanzania. Art in the City of Pines: BenCab Museum. My Pinoy Life In: Kobe, Japan. Filipino Abroad: The Filipino Hollywood Mafia. Filipino Dubai: Les Poseurs - Of Fakers, Fabwhores, & Brand Victims. Keeping Up with the Kabataang Pinoy - Illustrado Life. Filipino in UAE: It's What I Do - Illustrado Life. My Pinoy Life In: Danang, Vietnam - Illustrado Life. J'adore L'Aunor (Nora Aunor) An In-Depth Interview with Michael Christian Martinez.

Filipina Empowerment: Women at the Top of their Game. Furne One Leaves the Dark Side. Angelita Castro-Kelly: NASA’s Fearless Filipina Diplomat. My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan. Meandering Around Lake Como. The Natural Wonders of Utah. Magallanes, Sorsogon: Paradise Undiscovered. Fe Ging Ging Hyde: Urian Best Actress, A True Woman of Substance. Fashion: The Men of Michael Cinco. PHP30 Each Day Can Grow to Millions.