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Don Black Linecasting - Letterpress, Hot Metal and Bindery Equip. Here’s How Your Press Works These pictures show the main points of printing.

Don Black Linecasting - Letterpress, Hot Metal and Bindery Equip

The Guide is written so that if you follow it, one step at time, you can do good printing. However, if you just can’t wait, you can open a package of type, put it in a case, and set up your name (as shown here). Place it in the chase (frame), also as per picture, put a dab of ink (no bigger than a good sized match head) on the ink table, smooth it out with one of the press rollers, and then take an impression on a piece of paper, turning up the screws on the back of the platen if necessary to make the printing show. The results this way may need considerable improvement, but they will show you that printing is no mysterious business. You can then go back to the beginning of this Guide, do your next job more slowly, and get first-class, professional results. Printing isn’t difficult. Here are some of them: Bodkin - Small pointed instrument, handy around type (like an awl). Line Gauge - Printer’s ruler. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Bixler Press & Letterfoundry. Our shop is devoted to the book arts, particularly the craft of fine letterpress printing and traditional book typography.

The Bixler Press & Letterfoundry

The typefaces and ornaments displayed throughout this website are cast in our shop foundry in a metal alloy of superior hardness, from 8- to 72-point, and represent the most extensive collection of classic English Monotype book faces in the United States, including over 7,000 accented matrices. In an age of computer excellence, our metal typefaces continue to remain unsurpassed aesthetically for the design and production of outstanding letterpress printing, from simple ephemera to large, hand-bound, limited edition books.

Work designed, set, printed, and bound in our shop is produced directly from our cast metal type on a variety of Vandercook and Heidelberg cylinder presses (maximum sheet size: 22 x 32 inches). Our Monotype composition and display typography is also available in repro proof or in metal for other letterpress printers. Common Press. Nick Sherman > Design > Intercut typeface. Taking all the ideas I had gathered in my research on Chromatic types, Reversed types, sectional die stamping, etc, I began thinking about my own project.

Nick Sherman > Design > Intercut typeface

The progressively multi-faceted aspects of many of these approaches to type design (for their time) inspired my experimentation process, ultimately resulting in my contemporary interpretation of 19th-century wood type design concepts. In Kelly's book I found a typeface which I chose to use as a base to start experimentation and design of my own alphabet. The fact that I started with an existing design has several significant implications. In terms of practicality, avoiding development of a design from scratch helped save valuable time which I was sure to need further down the road for the physical production of my blocks (remember that I originally was aiming to complete this project in one semester). The underlying typeface I chose to begin experimentation with is a simple yet historically representative Gothic.

A letterpress community. The Typophiles - Appreciation & Production of Fine Typograph. Frequently Asked Questions for letterpress. 1 Administrivia 1.1 What is this FAQ about?

Frequently Asked Questions for letterpress

It is about the art and craft of Letterpress printing, including the equipment we use, how to use it, what materials and supplies are necessary, and where to get it all. [Back to Table of Contents] [Back to Section 1 questions] 1.2 Who wrote it? It was compiled by David Macfarlane <> from material on the letterpress mailing list, as well as many other sources (noted where known). Please note that I'm naming the contributors (the people who wrote the messages to the Letterpress list) to give credit where credit is due. 1.3 How do I join the Letterpress mailing list (LETPRESS)?

To join the email list, send a message to with the following line: subscribe letpress your-first-name your-last-name Alternately, you can go to this web page and fill out the appropriate parts of the web page form. 1.4 How do I get off the Letterpress mailing list (LETPRESS)? Signoff letpress This list is available in digest form.