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Hello, I'm Daisey Carter working as a blogger at Like A Diva. Like A Diva is an online clothing store for Indian ethnic fashion wear that includes Indian Asian suits, designer sarees, elegant & exquisite Anarkali suits, designer lehengas, gorgeous indo-western evening dresses and more styles of Indian Asian wear.

How You Can Take Care of Your Wedding Lehenga? How You Can Rock the Winter Weddings in Salwar Suits? Tips to Consider Before Buying a Salwar Suit. Trendy Anarkali Suits to Inspire. Bandhani Sarees, Our Very Own Tie-Dye Art. Bandhani work, also known as bandhej, is an ancient Indian tie-dye art that is widely practised in the Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and some parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Bandhani Sarees, Our Very Own Tie-Dye Art

Indian silk sarees are often found in vibrant hues with bandhej work to glam you up on any occasion. Bandhani is one of the oldest forms of tie and dye work that began around 5000 years back. History says that the first bandhej saree was worn during the time of Harshacharita in a royal marriage, as written by Bana Bhatta. Evidence of it is found in the Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra. The Khatri community of Gujarat started the Bandhani work in India. The Technique Involved in The Art-Form The creation of the art itself, as we see on Indian saris and other apparel, is very exciting. Once the piece of cloth is dyed completely, it is left in open air to dry. 9 Stunning Outfits for 9 Days of Navratri.

Posted by Like A Diva September 14, 2021 The festive season is just a month away, and it is the season of dressing up and having fun too.

9 Stunning Outfits for 9 Days of Navratri

Navratri is one of the most prominent and important festivals of Hindus that continues for nine days, and each day is devoted to an avatar of Maa Durga. On a similar note, each day also has a dedicated colour, and every colour resembles something. This year, Navratri will be celebrated from October 7 to 15, and we all are too excited to deck up in our finest, have delicious feasts and spend some quality time with our friends and family. Nine days, nine colours Let’s check out what are the colours, what they symbolise and what they can wear these days. Day 1: Yellow. Plus Size Indian Clothing Ideas for Different Occasions. Each one of us is beautiful in our own way, and it is high time that we learn to accept the beauty of a body, how amazing it can be, and fall in love with it.

Plus Size Indian Clothing Ideas for Different Occasions

Self-love and believing in oneself are always the most important. Body positivity is what we can see influencers and celebrities propagating everywhere, yet many websites still sell Indian ethnic dresses, available only up to a particular size. Tips to Take Care and Store Wedding Lehengas Properly. A nuptial bond is holy and extremely special for each one of us, and so are the outfits bought for the special occasion.

Tips to Take Care and Store Wedding Lehengas Properly

Indian wedding dresses, as we see, are usually very gorgeous, heavy and worked upon in details. The intricate thread work, embroideries or embellishments look so gorgeous on the luxe fabrics, which are also reasons behind the popularity of Indian lehengas and other Indian dresses across the globe. As soon as the D-Day gets over, one of the most important and valid reasons of anxiety of every bride is that how to take care and store the wedding lehenga rightly without spoiling any part of it. Tips to Take Care and Store Wedding Lehengas Properly. Indian Dresses That You Can Shop for Your D-Day. Most brides have a lot of plans and dreams for her wedding day as to what Indian dresses they would wear, how they would create the looks, which would be different from one another, the planning can go for days, months and years together.

Indian Dresses That You Can Shop for Your D-Day

All they want, is to look perfect. Indian Wedding Dresses to Choose for Your D-Day. A wedding is a holy occasion when two people start a new journey of marital bliss.

Indian Wedding Dresses to Choose for Your D-Day

Choosing the Best Indian Dresses. 40 Views Most women have dreams and plans for the D-Day as to how they will dress, what they will wear and so on, and the planning literally goes for days, months and even years.

Choosing the Best Indian Dresses

All they want is to look perfect, and different from the rest of the brides of the clan. Indian dresses have the wonderful blend of elegance, intricate handiwork and stunning designs that make the brides stand out. Indian brides can either drape a traditional Benarasi Silk saree or a designer, stylish modern one, or go for an embroidered or embellished Indian Lehenga. Anarkali Suits and designer sharara or palazzo suits for the other wedding events.

Indo-western gowns too give a mess-free look. Traditional D-Day Dresses That You Must Know About. Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe with these Printed Ethnic Wears - Like A Diva Editorial. Posted by Like A Diva March 16, 2020 If you are a minimalistic kinda person and have an enduring love for ethnic wear, we know the value of prints in your life.

Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe with these Printed Ethnic Wears - Like A Diva Editorial

Not just prints even the delicately small and pretty embellishments in ethnic wear are also some of the classiest ones. However, not all prints are made for all kinds of Indian ethnic wears. While abstract prints look good on indo-western wear and cotton salwar kameez, prints like florals suit lehengas and saree more. Floral Lehenga Choli The flowy flare of lehenga frames the best background to flaunt the opulent floral prints.

Polka Dot Saree Polka dots have been quite popular among the western wears since time immemorial, however Indian ethnic wear adopted this style quite recently and soon made it clear that the charm of this print will go perfectly well with other traditional prints as well. Block Prints Indian handblock print outfits are designed using carved wooden blocks immersed in colourful dyes. Best Indian Wedding Colour Palettes 2020. 5 Ways To Wear A Saree: A Step By Step Tutorial Guide - Like A Diva.